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  • Same here, Teamviewer. FIX YOUR **bleep** ALGORITHM!

  • Same problem here! Trying to use TV on my personal Machine at home and it has suspected me for commercial use and now I am unable to stay connected to my machine for more than a few seconds. This is very frustrating, and I am considering moving to a different provider for remote access if this is not resolved soon. This is not the first time this has happened. 

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    Same problem  here. Not the first time it has happened.


    Thinking of trying other solutions now.

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    Hi @lasseb7,

    Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.

    TeamViewer is free for personal use, for commercial use a license is required. The reason why you receive this message is the option of Company/Commercial use or Both of the above was chosen upon installation to classify the intended usage. You can find all information regarding this topic here: Why do I see TeamViewer trial - 'Your trial period has expired'? 

    I hope it helps.

    Kind regards,


  • Cannot connect to another PC from this laptop using TeamViewer and a free account.

    Have already submitted declarations of personal use and received emails that these IDs have been reset, but still getting both of the offending messages. 
    It's quite absurd really, as a few attempts per day to connecct qualifies as "very high activity"?

    Only started recently, so I suspect some change was made.20201011-Teamviewer_Blocked.png20201011-Teamviewer_Blocked2.png

  • Using TV for personal use only. Been using for a long time with not problem. Today started getting: 

    Connection blocked after timeout

    Your license limits the maximum session duration to a prarter....."

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    Switch to **Third Party Product**... I did... much more functional and the service is much better! TEAMVIEWER *bleep* their service *bleep*! USELESS!!!!

  • Good afternoon, I have a personal free account and it keeps "timing out" after only being logged in for a few seconds. I log into my sister's computer everyday to check her high school work online and not it doesnt allow me to be in there for more than a few seconds. whats going on?


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    I use TeamViewer for exactly two reasons: to help my isolated, elderly mother with computer problems, and to log in to computers at my university to do coursework. At no point have I used TV commercially, and do not receive compensation for activities done while using TV. I am studying from home, 2,400 miles from my mother and 500 miles from my university, and without TeamViewer, I cannot do any of the things I need to to stay productive during the global pandemic.

    I've tried filling out the online form affirming that I do not use TV commercially, but the response was that they couldn't verify my claim and that I need to print a form, sign it, and send it to them. I do not have a printer. What can I do, aside from look for alternative software?

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    I sent my pdf form in and I still cannot get connected to my parents and other family workstations.

    As an aside when you scan into a pdf on a Brother device it saves it with an upper case file extension of .PDF.  The Teamviewer website incorrectly rejects the file upload because of case.

    The message board also incorrectly detects "message flooding" after correcting errors.

  • Same problem.  No changes in my configuration of laptop on ethernet to desktop to show photos.  Both versions of Teamviewer are the latest and both say Free License to me.

    After about 30 seconds, there is a timeout error and the sessions closes, It puts up a new screen with a woman frowning saying to buy a license.  The log file seems to close the connection at:

    2020/10/12 20:55:18.706 4160 6056 S0! UdpConnection[15]: Lost Heartbeat
    2020/10/12 20:55:18.706 4160 6056 S0 ConnectionGuard: incoming remote control in sessions: 1(1)
    2020/10/12 20:55:18.706 4160 6056 S0 ShowSponsoredSessionDialog: duration=1, usedLicense=10000, outgoing=0, established=1
    2020/10/12 20:55:18.706 4160 6056 S0 IPCHandler[6]::ShowSponsoredSessionDialog(): Try to show SponsoredSession

  • Even after all 3 of my IDs getting "Reset" for personal use I still get this message.

    I have already gone through the reset management pdf and they sent back that I was good for private use.

    And my session only lasts about 1 minute.  What do I need to do to show that I am only using this program within my network and not for work?

    licensed for.png

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    I just started receiving this message, subject line, when I connect to a remote computer, my Aunt.  I get disconnected almost immediately and then when I try to reconnect this message pops up.  I am using the free license since I only help out a couple people who need assistance every now and then.  

    I can't find any instance of this message in the knowlege base, unless i'm just a poor searcher.  Anyone have any ideas?

    Complete message: Connection blocked after timeout.  Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked.  Please try later or upgrade your license.   Connections will be blocked until XX:XX.



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    Does TeamViewer ever respond here? I see thousands of us having the same issue, but no responce on how to fix their error. I went through the paperwork and got the email confirmation of private usage, but still get timed out after 30 seconds. I envy those of you that last 5 minutes. 

  • I'm in the same boat. I have 2 computers, my 3 kids have 4 computers, my mom and my dad, and a couple friends in Arizona...and I've been using it for years and now all of a sudden it says "trial expired" ...but I clearly have the free version installed. So what's going on all of a sudden?

  • I only have this problem on my laptop. I usually connect with no problem, but suddenly I am getting blocked. No messsage to inform me I was blocked


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    Mine keeps saying

    "WE ARE SORRY FOR INTERRUPTION! | Your connection has been blocked because of very high activity level. If this activity level is intentional, please subscribe to a license plan to continue the usage."

    Which makes no sense as I hardly ever connect to my computers. Although I do sometimes leave the connection open, especially on my NAS, because why not? My computer is beyond capable of handling an always open TV connection and not disrupt anything else I am doing on the computer including gaming.

    I have filled out the PDF three times now and submitted it. Each time I get an email telling me they reset my account back to personal/private use, but I get that message above immediately when I try to connect to one of the remote computers of mine.

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    I see thousands of us having the same issue, but no responce on how to fix their error. I went through the paperwork and got the email confirmation of private usage, but still get timed out after 30 seconds. I envy those of you that last 5 minutes. I have tried logging out. I've restarted my computer. I have read through the knowledge base. I tried submitting a ticket, but it just brings me back to the knowledge base. All my computers are in the same house. I would just like to access my emails and documents that reside on my desktop, while I'm in the kitchen or bedroom. 

  • I have the same issue.  I got the email saying it was reset but nothing I do will fix the issue.

  • I use TeamViewer on my home computers. These are the computers my Wife, kids and I use for entertainment and school. I have an IT background, so I am the one who fixes issues for the family computers. Today, my 13yo daughter called from a friend's house. They wanted to watch a movie on Amazon Prime. Since I do not give our kids our password, for good reason, I tried to log in to her computer, via TeamViewer, to type in the password for her. Instead, I got a message, “We are sorry for the interruption. Your connection has been blocked because of very high activity level.”

    I have been using TeamVeiwer for a long, long time, at least 14 years. I have always used it at home, non-comercially and have used it commercially, years ago, through a company I worked for that had their own account.
    I am perplexed as to how I have somehow been deemed “high activity” since, in the past 6 months, I have maybe used it a dozen times, and the last time was several days ago, logging into my 8yo’s computer to set up his browser for school. How am I highly active? Is it because I didn’t set up separate accounts on all of our computers? I just don’t understand.


  • I don't have this exact issue. I have a issue that I have been blocked, but not for commercial, instead, for high activity, what ever that means. I posted about it on the board, but I don't understand, I uses it once in a while on my home computers, maybe a dozen times in the past 6 months.


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    @Skillz I know that if you use TV on a Windows Server OS or connect to a computer that uses one, TV considers that commercial. Is your NAS a Server OS? That might be it. Never mind that non-commercial users might have reason to use a Server OS without making money from it.

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    @Sentinel73 Maybe TV hasn't had enough free users drop out or convert to a commercial license, so they have come up with a new trick??? Maybe TV could provide a link that shows this new policy???

  • Same issues here. They have decided to monitize as much as the can. New license policy a bit suspiring. $50 a month from free to connect to my home PC's to help with kids homework. I get similar messages when trying to connect.

    In COVID, I would think something more reasonable might be established. Looks like windows remote desktop connections for me is a solution. Seems like something they could have figured out. I would have been willing to pay a nominal fee for that. Surprising that a company with such a rich, and diverse user base would make such a broad decision. Good luck with that. Kind of like AOL asking customers to pay for something that Netscape had for free. History repeats.

  • You have made great software and connections

    @vedette-diana wrote:

    You can't submit a ticket unless you are logged in to an account that has a paid/commercial/corporate license.  The only way to get help for issues with free/personal accounts is on this message board.  There is a sticky post on this message board regarding the commercial-use/5-minute problem.

    irrelvenent. Good luck!

  • Your internet speed has nothing to do with it. They have made an aggressive switch to monitize existing users. Many have been shut down.

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    Hi, I've used the free version for many years.  A week ago, my sessions started timing out after 1 minute. 

    No change in the connected computers (my laptop and my desktop).

    I don't get the commercial use popup message, and I've had my ID's reset. 

    It's not an idle-session timeout (which I have turned off anyway). 

    Both computers are "trusted devices."  Both computers are running latest build.

    Did a recent update cause this?

    Edit:  This is the only message I receive:

    Screenshot 2020-10-14 101016.jpg


  • I am having the same problem.

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    hi, i was flagged as a commerical user again, i didnt change anything at all, i have ONLY been connecting to the computers and phones in my house to help family, i can EASILY PROVE this by video chatting your support team and having them connect to my devices, that way you can see its actually my devices in my house and im not at a buisness or anything, hope to get this resolved within 4 months (thats how long it took last time!) my elderly, computer illiterate parents and me would really appriciate it.