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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • I only have this problem on my laptop. I usually connect with no problem, but suddenly I am getting blocked. No messsage to inform me I was blocked


  • Skillz
    Skillz Posts: 6

    Mine keeps saying

    "WE ARE SORRY FOR INTERRUPTION! | Your connection has been blocked because of very high activity level. If this activity level is intentional, please subscribe to a license plan to continue the usage."

    Which makes no sense as I hardly ever connect to my computers. Although I do sometimes leave the connection open, especially on my NAS, because why not? My computer is beyond capable of handling an always open TV connection and not disrupt anything else I am doing on the computer including gaming.

    I have filled out the PDF three times now and submitted it. Each time I get an email telling me they reset my account back to personal/private use, but I get that message above immediately when I try to connect to one of the remote computers of mine.

  • Josette
    Josette Posts: 15

    I see thousands of us having the same issue, but no responce on how to fix their error. I went through the paperwork and got the email confirmation of private usage, but still get timed out after 30 seconds. I envy those of you that last 5 minutes. I have tried logging out. I've restarted my computer. I have read through the knowledge base. I tried submitting a ticket, but it just brings me back to the knowledge base. All my computers are in the same house. I would just like to access my emails and documents that reside on my desktop, while I'm in the kitchen or bedroom. 

  • I have the same issue.  I got the email saying it was reset but nothing I do will fix the issue.

  • I use TeamViewer on my home computers. These are the computers my Wife, kids and I use for entertainment and school. I have an IT background, so I am the one who fixes issues for the family computers. Today, my 13yo daughter called from a friend's house. They wanted to watch a movie on Amazon Prime. Since I do not give our kids our password, for good reason, I tried to log in to her computer, via TeamViewer, to type in the password for her. Instead, I got a message, “We are sorry for the interruption. Your connection has been blocked because of very high activity level.”

    I have been using TeamVeiwer for a long, long time, at least 14 years. I have always used it at home, non-comercially and have used it commercially, years ago, through a company I worked for that had their own account.
    I am perplexed as to how I have somehow been deemed “high activity” since, in the past 6 months, I have maybe used it a dozen times, and the last time was several days ago, logging into my 8yo’s computer to set up his browser for school. How am I highly active? Is it because I didn’t set up separate accounts on all of our computers? I just don’t understand.


  • I don't have this exact issue. I have a issue that I have been blocked, but not for commercial, instead, for high activity, what ever that means. I posted about it on the board, but I don't understand, I uses it once in a while on my home computers, maybe a dozen times in the past 6 months.


  • bazbsg
    bazbsg Posts: 103 ✭✭

    @Skillz I know that if you use TV on a Windows Server OS or connect to a computer that uses one, TV considers that commercial. Is your NAS a Server OS? That might be it. Never mind that non-commercial users might have reason to use a Server OS without making money from it.

  • bazbsg
    bazbsg Posts: 103 ✭✭

    @Sentinel73 Maybe TV hasn't had enough free users drop out or convert to a commercial license, so they have come up with a new trick??? Maybe TV could provide a link that shows this new policy???

  • Same issues here. They have decided to monitize as much as the can. New license policy a bit suspiring. $50 a month from free to connect to my home PC's to help with kids homework. I get similar messages when trying to connect.

    In COVID, I would think something more reasonable might be established. Looks like windows remote desktop connections for me is a solution. Seems like something they could have figured out. I would have been willing to pay a nominal fee for that. Surprising that a company with such a rich, and diverse user base would make such a broad decision. Good luck with that. Kind of like AOL asking customers to pay for something that Netscape had for free. History repeats.

  • You have made great software and connections

    @vedette-diana wrote:

    You can't submit a ticket unless you are logged in to an account that has a paid/commercial/corporate license.  The only way to get help for issues with free/personal accounts is on this message board.  There is a sticky post on this message board regarding the commercial-use/5-minute problem.

    irrelvenent. Good luck!

  • Your internet speed has nothing to do with it. They have made an aggressive switch to monitize existing users. Many have been shut down.

  • Launce
    Launce Posts: 3

    Hi, I've used the free version for many years.  A week ago, my sessions started timing out after 1 minute. 

    No change in the connected computers (my laptop and my desktop).

    I don't get the commercial use popup message, and I've had my ID's reset. 

    It's not an idle-session timeout (which I have turned off anyway). 

    Both computers are "trusted devices."  Both computers are running latest build.

    Did a recent update cause this?

    Edit:  This is the only message I receive:

    Screenshot 2020-10-14 101016.jpg


  • I am having the same problem.

  • OP_AMP
    OP_AMP Posts: 6 ✭✭

    hi, i was flagged as a commerical user again, i didnt change anything at all, i have ONLY been connecting to the computers and phones in my house to help family, i can EASILY PROVE this by video chatting your support team and having them connect to my devices, that way you can see its actually my devices in my house and im not at a buisness or anything, hope to get this resolved within 4 months (thats how long it took last time!) my elderly, computer illiterate parents and me would really appriciate it. 

  • IrvSp
    IrvSp Posts: 7

    Me too, annoying... With Covid-10 the only way I'd help my friends and family.

    No way to contact them either!!!

  • OP_AMP
    OP_AMP Posts: 6 ✭✭

    im starting to think they dont care, and the process to even make a post about it is soooooooooo frustrating and hidden i think its all intentional, i think TV is trying to force us to pay for a license, you guys might check out google remote desktop or something,

  • Now I cannot connect at all?  High activity?  For what? 

    Please help

    Screenshot 2020-10-15 091120.png

  • BRN169
    BRN169 Posts: 1

    So I've been using TeamViewer for the better part of 8 years.  I found the product while working for a security integrator who used it commercially and fell in love with it.  I can think of at lest 10 companies using the product today due to my praise and recomendation including the company I currently work for.  I use TV personally to access my home PCs while at work and to assist my kids and elderly parents who live on the opposite ends of the state.  The company I work for has a commercial account and every PC they have has a TV client installed on it.  I typically log into the client on my work laptop with my personal account and use it to remote into my PC at home while at work, always the same PC.  Today my wife needed some help getting the printer to work and when I remoted in TV decided after 8 years of the same pattern of personal use today was the day to act the fool and flag my account.  So the five minute limit that is more like 90 seconds is utterly useless.  I had to spend time and use resorces at work to print out the account review request form and scan it to get this addressed but hours latter I'm still waiting for it to be resolved.  And now I find myself having to leave work early so I can drive home to assist my wife.  Hoping TV gets the **bleep** straightened out soon or I'll need to find an alternate solution with less **bleep** to navigate.

    Not happy and rethinking my praise for your product...


  • af89
    af89 Posts: 1


    The lady has a different dressing here on my device.

    Is there really a need to change the dressing?Is there really a need to change the dressing?

    It looks they are serious this time...

    I request a reset on my account, and got approved; but when I wanted to start a connection, this lady showed up again...I submitted a second request, and waiting for their reply now. If this wouldn't work, I'm thinking to convert to other remote softwares.


  • How to submit a ticket to have account unflagged for commercial activity?

  • mikee
    mikee Posts: 21 ✭✭
    Same thing happened to me. Surprisingly when only using the local network to connect to in home PCs. I didn't even bother with the form as it never works and still takes months. I used some program such as TVtools AlterID which reset the teamviewer ID, which worked right away.
  • I got the same issue... don't understand how it perceives what I am doing as "commercial"... I only use Teamviewer to have access to my desktop computer from my laptop, especially to control my music, in the same exact room I'm sitting in...

  • Skillz
    Skillz Posts: 6

    Thanks for the insight, but the NAS is running Windows 7 Pro. I can't stand the Windows Server variants so I stick with the regular desktop versions.

  • RedShift
    RedShift Posts: 6 ✭✭

    I literally just connected to my home PC from my android and I got disconnected with the popup out of the blue. It then said I can reconnect a minute from now but every time I would try it would extend it another minute. I only have a few devices on my account.

  • Skillz
    Skillz Posts: 6

    Well here is a bit of information.

    On my new to me desktop (bought it used from a friend) I can not use Teamviewer to connect to any of my remote computers. This includes my HTPC and my NAS. I get a message about being blocked because of high activity or something along those lines.

    Today, I got on my HTPC and opened Teamviewer. Tried to establish a TV connection from my HTPC to my NAS and it worked, without issue.

    So why can I use my HTPC to connect to my NAS, but I can't use my new gaming rig/main desktop computer to connect to my NAS?

  • aaronbmoss
    aaronbmoss Posts: 1

    My connection is being blocked and the error message is "WE ARE SORRY FOR INTERRUPTION!  Your connection has been blocked because of very high activity level.  If this activity is intentional, please subscribe to a license plan to continue the usage."

    I've never seen this message before and it is confusing.  This isn't saying commercial use is expected.  A couple of weeks ago I had the commercial use is expected message and I submitted a request to fix it.  They removed the commercial use issue and then a few days later I had this message.  This first appeared while I was attempting to connect to one of my parent's computers while in a car (someone else was driving) and hotspotting my connection to my laptop.  I was coming in and out of cell service and don't know if that was the initial cause.

    Can anyone tell me how this was triggered and how I can fix it.  I had just been cleared from commercial use and already submitted the request again but nothing has happened yet.