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    what do you suggest in place of teamviewer.....

    **Third Party Product** is your best solution for leaving Teamviewer.


    They want to filter **bleep** n here. 

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    High activityHigh activity


    I am free personal account license.

    All this is happening on One Machine in my account. When I move to a second machine, all works as expected.

    First I was getting timeouts after 1 minute of use. Not I get "We are sorry for the interrupion, Your connection has been blocked for a High Level of Activity"

    There has not been any high level, matter of fact, I have not been on Teamviewer on this machine for a few days....


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    Go here and plead your case...

    Did that and the PDF way last week, so far, now reply back.

    I think I've seen others that had this happen as well.

    Either something in TV broke and they need to fix it and it will take time (if so, why not tell us that) or they are trying to maximize profits as they've probably had an uptick in users due to the Pandemic and think a large percentage of FREE users are now running a business helping others they might have visited before?

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    Thousands of us have done this. We receive an email stating that our ID's are reset, yet nothing changes.

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    @Skillz wrote:

    **Third Party Product** is your best solution for leaving Teamviewer.


    I got it down, tested it and I like it. However in the past there have been some reports that it has been 'infected'. Some, yes, are old, but I guess one should only get it from the true source.


    90 seconds of use before being permanently cut off with an accusation of "COMMERCIAL USE DETECTED", during strictly personal use accessing my other computer in the bedroom from my laptop on my living room couch, is not "Free for personal use".  Obviously you've permanently lost a user, but as a parting suggestion, you should stop lying and pretending you still offer free use for personal use, since you no longer do, and stop falsely accusing personal users of "COMMERCIAL USE" as an excuse to prevent free personal use. Nobody is obligating you to offer a free option, but since you don't anymore, you should not advertise that you do. Users dislike companies that lie.


    Lying that we will get 5 minutes of use when we in fact only get seconds before being cut off makes the situation worse. 


    Furthermore, an honest explanation of what is happening, rather than wasting users' time and frustrating them with repeated messages that they will be able to connect again at a certain time, only to perpetually tell them when that time arrives that they now much wait longer again, and never actually let them connect again. Intentionally providing a frustrating UX has cost you a user.


    Apparently TeamViewer understands nothing about user experience. I'm really shocked after this many years that you've opted for such an unprofessional, amateurish, dishonest way of terminating your longtime free  personal use offer. Ok, message received. I'm sorry you chose to go about it this way. 

    I would have considered subscribing, but because of the horrible way you handled this, I've subscribed to your competitor **Third Party Product** instead. Goodbye, TeamViewer, you've sacrificed potential customer loyalty apparently for no reason whatsoever. Dishonesty and frustrating user experience is no way to try to get potential customers to subscribe. 

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    Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any help here. You are in the same boat as thousands of us. There is no responce from TV at all. There are some alternatives out there, but I hear many have bugs. I downloaded **Third Party Product** [removed per Community Guidelines]

  • Hah, they actually censored the name of the competitor. Truly, TeamViewer has adopted despicable tactics on all parts of their operation. Obviously they know customers are fleeing, and instead of offering better service than competitors, they just try to hide the names of competitors. What an awful company you've become. Goodbye forever. 

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    @IrvSp This has nothing to do with covid. THis has been going on for years befor ethe pandemic started.

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    @greguva By TV's definition, you ARE a commercial user. 

  • Its getting old. every time I connect to a windows PC from my IPAD teamviewer app it seems to kick off a "commercial use" detected... it's really getting old.  All i am doing is connecting to a windows 7 or windows 10 laptop...

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    have the same error, trying to reset the usage, downloaded the form then tried to submit the form but their site **bleep**, Teamviewe just became a fraud company.

  • I started useing remove control via **Third Party Product**. it's fine. did like teamviewer better. but i'm done having to contack them each year to make it private again. it's just so stupid that I have to do so when i clearly the first time they claimed I used it for comercial use. explaine what I was useing to for. and they unlocked it. from that point on they should just have winged we for private use. but no the locked my account 4 times. and this time I can't get it opened again since you can't sumit a ticket anymore.

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    Free user!  Getting message "Unable to connect. Connection blocked after timeout. Your license limits the maximum session duration ..... Try later or upgrade your license."    Connection only stays open for a few minutes before this message appears.

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    I had a pop up saying I was using teamviewer for commercial use.  I contacted support and they gave me a form to sign for a declaration of private use, which I signed and emailed back to them the same day or the day after.  I have since replied to the same email twice asking for confirmation of receipt of the document and I haven't heard anything back.  I submitted the form on October 8th, and emailed again on October 12th.

    Not sure how long this is supposed to take but I'm a bit crippled trying to help friends and family with computer issues without teamviewer for almost a month.  Any guidance would be helpful. 

    Thank you

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    We use Teamviewer so 2 of the 3 volunteers at a small radio station can do the content programming for the station.  I, the IT guy for the station, also use it for system support.  We are extremely hampered by this problem:

    Teamviewer has been working for some time and the configuration (below) has not changed.   We are getting the "upgrade to current" message even though we are as current as out platform allows but we are still enduring the 5 minute session timeout "motivator".  Today, our primary user was *successfully connected*, then he had the session time out, and when tried to immediately reconnect but now gets "unable to connect (unknown reason)".

    None of the other devices I use to connect are successful either with slightly different wording.

    I rebooted the remote system and checked for internet capability.  Teamviewer does not work for me with the same kinds of messages.  It doesn't work even when I am on the same wifi subnet as the remote machine.

    The one computer that the 2 volunteers remotely connect to is a Windows XP system.  Recall that I said it was working through a session earlier today.  We get the "you must upgrade to the current version" (for our platform) and we get the message that "your version of Teamviewer is the most current" -- so there is no newer version (for Windows XP).

    The clients that fail are Mac, a Windows 7 PC, 2 different Android tablets, and an Android smartphone.

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    Really? In the middle of this virus???Really? In the middle of this virus???


    Still happening!!

    I have been using this application to support family members for years and now in the middle of this Virus this starts happening?


  • A number of days ago I went to do some updates to my home PCs and started getting the commercial use message, causing my connection to abort after a minute of use.  10-15 connections later I was finally able to finish the updates.  I then filled out the 'usage reset' form to have the commercial flag cleared, which was successful.   2 days later I attempted to connect to my PC again and received a Connection Blocked "Your connection has been blocked because of very high activity level" response.  2 days after that message first appeared (with obviously no usage, since TV won't let me connect) I'm trying to connect again and still getting the same error.

    I filled out the 'commercial reset' form after the first occurrence, just in case, to no avail.  (I've received the reset confirmation email both times I submitted the reset PDF)

    I've logged in to the web UI and cleared out all listed sessions (prompting my computer to log back in), as well as cleared all trusts, except for the system I'm trying to connect to.  The issue still exists.

    Has anyone else ran into this, and does anyone know how to clear this (or connect to an actual support rep that can)?

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    Hi Esther,

    I use TV exclusively to help my 89 year old Dad in Poland, about twice a week. After getting the "commercial use suspected" message I diligently followed the support instructions and completed the Declaration of Private Use form. It was submitted a whole month ago and there has been absolutely no response from support since. I've trawled the knowledge base and community posts for means of contacting support by phone but this seems impossible for users of the free version of TV so what else can I do to get a response from support to my submission please?

    The case number for my submission is TV:**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs** in case that helps to get it moved forward.

    Your help or advice would  be greatly appreciated as in these Covid times my Dad is extremely isolated without my ability to help him remotely.

    Thanks and warmest regards.

    Dr George Zolkiewski CEng, FIMechE

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    @George1957 wrote:

    After getting the "commercial use suspected" message I diligently followed the support instructions and completed the Declaration of Private Use form.

    Well, I did too, first the ON-LINE RESET and then the FORM. Both came back as RESET, but I still can't use it...

    Something else is happening here to stop us I suspect?

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    @MikeyGee wrote:

    Go here and plead your case...

    WASTE of time! I did both the form and on-line reset request. Today I got the last one back. Both said my ID was RESET. After each reply of a RESET I tried using TV. Failed with the same error message each time.

    They either can't reset it, there is something else in the TV network stopping it, or there are other steps I must take to make it work.

    Looking for other free alternative and did find one that seems it could be used. Still, I don't understand why TV doesn't work after a RESET they claim they did?

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    I saw in e-mail a post to me was made. Can't access it, they are 'censoring' this thread I guess.

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

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    Hello, I have a problem with one of my PC's using TeamViewer Free. Its a win 10 Enterprise and i cant really use it for long because it sees it as a commercial PC but it is not. The PC is my personal computer. The pc came with enterprise installed. How can i fix this with out changing the windows addition?

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    Hello, it looks like my situation is quite common with this remote application. I never realized this untill I saw the many other posts. Also seems like many of the free users are not receiving resolutions in a timely manner.

    In any event, I have also fallen victum of this. I'm not able to log onto my personal home computer anymore using teamviewer. I have a few computers at home belonging to several of our family members. My children and spouse including mine.

    Using teamviewer to log onto our personal home computers have been helpful. Up untill yesterday, one of my computers is not allowing me to log onto that device using team viewer. I keep recieving the following error message;

    "It seems there might be a licensing problem with your connection partner. Connecting to this device requires a valid Teamviewer license for your connection partner".

    This device that I'm connecting to is not a commercially used computer but rather our personal home computer. Not sure why the system would detect this as such and inadvertantly flag our system as being anything other than personal home use.

    Nonetheless, I would appreciatte any assitance towards having this resloved. It seems as if the device I'm unable to connect to now has been blacklisted or disabled by teamviewer. So it seems.

    There are many other free option alternatives out there however I have used this application for some time now and enjoyed the ease of use it has offered in terms of being able to remotly connect to our personal home computers and or transfer random files as necessary.

    Hope to hear back from some support personal that can further assist me with this stituation. Thanks again in advance.


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    After being censored for offering suggestions for other software out there, I managed to get a MOD in PM. I passed on how I, like all of us, have:

    1. Suddenly been told that I am using TM commecialy.

    2. Told that I have been flagged for hours, so I must be using TM commercially.

    3. Filled out their form to reset.

    4. Included all my I.D.s.

    5. Received a confirmation email that I am using TV for personal use and that my I.D. have been reset.

    6. Three seconds later go to TV and received the same Commercial Use messge.

    After five days of back and forth, and reitterating that I already told her that I did what she suggested, I received this below. We are all on our own. TV is a thing of the past and we all need to use other software. They don't want or care about us.

    "Hi Josette,

    I understand your frustration and I am sorry for any inconvenience.

    The forms are the only route we can offer you as we do not have any access to unblock you. It can only be done by a specific team who only responds to those forms.
    There is no alternate contact method for this issue.

    However, please note that you need to make sure you submit all relevant ID's as if you only submit one and the other device is detected, even if one is unblocked, connections to another blocked device is not possible.

    You need to make sure you submit all ID's:
    This is the best advice we can provide.

    I am sorry but I cannot discuss such a case in a private message. If you have any other questions, please feel free to post in the community so you can get ideas from users.

    Best regards,



  • I  use my free account to watch my son in remote learning since he has learned how to not focus on virtual learning due to distraction on the PC.  I got a pop up that said I am using the account commercially and it auto enrolled me to a commercial account.  The account is stuck saying thank you for upgrading.  I am not using my free account commercially.  How can I regain access to my free account and reverse the payment

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    Yes, indeed. It's an unashamed attempt to move us all to paid licenses, otherwise they'd have taken notice of the hundreds of clearly personal users who have posted about this issue :-(

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    Hooray! Your lovely reply has made mine.

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    Same here.  Filled out the declaration and signed it and emailed it back.  Not a word since.