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    I am having the same issue and the won't allow me to generate the PDF to complete the form. I have tried IE11, Edge, FireFox and Chrome to no avail.   

    Not sure what to do to complete the reset form and appreciate any guidance.  I would like to submit my case for an account reset but so far am unable to.

    All support greatly appreciated.

  • jonathanhiron
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    I forgot to mention that on the reset form it doesn't allow me to enter my full teamviewer ID.  My ID is 13 characters and it only allows me to enter 12.  I have tried logging in with just the 12 characters and that fails.  I can only log in with my 13 character ID but the reset form only allows 12.

    As well, I may have forgotten to mention the other problem with the form is that it won't generate a PDF.  As indicated, have tried various browsers to no avail.  

    So I have 2 issues with the reset form.  

    1) not being able to enter my 13 character teamviewer ID

    2) not being able to generate the PDF so that I may upload it in the next step

    Appreciate all advice on how to successfully submit my reset form.

  • Josette
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    Unfortunately, even when you send them the PDF and they email back that your IDs have been reset, it still doesn't work. They are really resetting anything. I've done it 8 times and it makes no difference. They also are not responding on the boards or answering the phone.

  • I have a free version and I suddenly changed from free to commercial use.  I help family remotely in their homes - no charge, so I am not commercial.  I have not installed the Win 10 20H October update.  Rebootint both systems did not resolve the problem.

  • I am using teamviewer from Starbucks internet and connecting to my home computer. I am only using it for personal use but it keeps terminating my session and doesn't let me log in. I am not using it for commercial only for my personal use. Please help on how I can fix this.

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    I did and I love it.  I'm ust trying to get TV to 'do the right thing'.  They have gone completely bonkers.

  • TeamViewer works great so I can check my home pc but all of a sudden  it some how thinks I'm using it commercially and kills connection after 5 minutes kinda annoying is there a fix for this?

  • I'm unable to fill out a second reset request form after having the first one approved. It displays this message:

    "Your request has already been submitted and is pending further review. Thank you for your patience as we process your request."

    I'm using the instructions I received in my first request's approval, which say we can do this if another personal computer is incorrectly detected as commercial:

    "repeat the process and fill out an additional form for this/these TeamViewer ID(s)"

  • Josette
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    Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how many times you send in the reset form. It still doesn't work. I did it 6 times to no avail. There are thousands of us who aren't getting any support with this problem. It looks like they have discontinued the Free Version and haven't bothered to tell us.

  • Josette
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    Support will not respond. They have done this to every one of us on the Free Version. It looks like they discontinued the Free Version and didn't bother to take a moment to inform everyone. Instead they have us on a hamster wheel continuously submitting reset forms that never do anything.   

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    @Josette wrote:

    Support will not respond. They have done this to every used of the Free Version. It looks like they discontinued the Free Version and didn't bother to take a moment to inform everyone. Instead they have us on a hamster wheel continuously submitting reset forms that never do anything.   

    yep.  time to google Teamviewer Review and let everyon know

  • Josette
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    YES and on Twitter @TeamViewer and @TeamViewer_help.

  • I updated one of my computers to the Win 10 20H2 version two days ago, and not when I tried to connect to that computer I'm given a pop-up of suspected commercial use and am limited to only a 5 min connection with no re-connect possible. ??? Nothing else has changed. I previously had a Business account, and I'm wondering if my free account via another email is being linked to my former account that was closed this Summer (at least, as far as I know! That account was paid for by a non-profit that I supported for about three years until they got a grant to hire an internal, local IT person.)

  • I'm not going to get into it again here.  There is a thread with 5400+ posts already about this topic. I'm just posting this to say it's pretty lousy that 5400+ posts later this is STILL HAPPENING.  

    I'm done with teamviewer.  You guys can continue to ignore the forms I sent in 2 weeks ago if you like, I've deleted the software and moved on.  I would like to point out that this is one of the worst "customer service" experiences I've had with a software company though, and will make sure everyone I talk to knows it.

  • MarkThomas
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    The form at
    IS NOT WORKING.. I have tried Firefox, Chrome and IE, and none of them will "Generate the PDF you have to Generate, in order to upload your request to have your "Commercial Use" evaluated..

    I am not a Commercial user.. I only access PC's on my own local Private At Home Network...
    But, I can not submit the form, because, the "Generate PDF" to upload is not working...
    I would like to Prove I am not a commercial user and continue to use the "Personal Version" , and continue to recommend Team Viewer to anyone I meet who uses programs like this...

  • JoshP
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    Hello @MarkThomas 

    Thanks for your post.

    I was unable to replicate any issue with the Generate PDF button - once all requested info was entered, the button responded and proceeded to the next page, to download and re-upload the PDF. This was done in Firefox, as well as Chrome.

    Please verify the boxes in the form, make sure there is no error shown, and try again. If there is an issue with the data entered, the error should appear right below the text box containing the error.

    Josh P.

    Senior Community Moderator


  • JNSpradlin
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    I am having this issue today as well. I also had this issue exactly a year ago. What is going on?

  • MarkThomas
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    I'm not sure why, but, after you checked it, I was able to complete the task...  It logged me out for some reason between generating the PDF and downloading it the first time, but, when I logged back in, it brought me to the download screen, I was on before and I was able to download and upload it..  If it was anything on my part, the 2000 character limit would have been the issue..  When I clicked the submit button, nothing happened,, but, when I tried it the last time, there was a red box around the comment and the message about the 2000 characters did pop up..  I did a screen recording of it, but, it worked without incident, other than, it did not log me in using the "Previously entered ID and password" that I had previously used and Google saved, At that time, the Captcha would not re-appear on screen, so, I closed and started again and was able to get it to work..  Thank you for checking on it, or resetting it.. Either way, it worked this time..  Thank you..  I really like the software, and I only use it to access my old computers on my One Private/Network,, and no Outside computers are accessed,, or,, very rarely have.. I can only remember twice accessing someone elses computer to help them.. Once per my 82 year old Mothers request because she emailed some photos to a friend and then friend could not figure out how to look at them, and once or twice to help my girlfriend set up a better file system, that I use to save files and easily back them up..  All other Teamviewer use is from my Desktop computher that I use constantly to access my other computers that I have some old programs/files and external drives, so, I have more than one backup, in case either computer or external HDD fails.. Since I have been doing this, I have not lost a single file in any failures, that I had backed up for safe keeping, and I have a lot of files/photos/vidoes, etc,, that I save across my old computers...  Thank you... 

  • I just tried to logon to a friends PC and I got a message on my side saying it looks like I am using it for commercial use.  I hardly use Teamviewer and in the last year or so I believe I only have logged onto 3 PCs (a friend, my daughetr and my wife).  All use is for totally non commercial use.


    Can you help me resolve this issue so I can continue using Teamviewer?

  • Same here.... Popup said it would limit to 5 minutes. I tried and it stopped within 5 seconds, not minutes. I help my mom and a few friends, when something happens. I don't charge, I'm disabled and only help a few friends and my mom who is almost 80, HOpefully this isn't a change. I couldn't afford to purchase.
    Maybe they changed the detection programming ? Raising false flags ? I have been on maybe 4 to 6 times in the last year is all. Can't be considered commercial use I wouldn't think.

  • Commercial use detected, appealed and got accepted, now no connection to my XP PC, says route not found, if I try to reverse connect it says my laptop doesn't accept connections but there are no settings page to call up, are TeamViewer stopping my access or is there a solution, I use it to check one PC that runs home security and nothing else so cannot justify the monthly fee. 

  • ACEkin
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    I have been using TeamViewer for years to help family and friends and it worked very well for all of us. However, recently I was blocked because the software detected "commercial use" by some standard. Most of the time, I connect to a nearby friend to help him with his Photoshop or Lightroom questions. I did some searching and found a form to fill out and then submitted the PDF file. The next day, I got a message back from TeamViewer that my account was unblocked.

    For some reason, my copy did not recognize that and blocked me out again. I filled out the form once more and submitted the new PDF file once more. This morning, I got the good news that my account was unblocked. Alas! I still cannot even start the application without getting a warning. This time "high level of activity dete3cted" even though I have not been able to use it even once in the last ten days or so.

    It will be great to know if TeamViewer will eventually help us all get back to normal especially in the days of high levels of isolation. I could walk into my friend's house and help him but these days that is not possible, especially for us in the "Geezer Class!"

    Please help us to continue helping each other. There is no commercial use, and our use is mostly a few sessions every month lasting about 5-10 minutes or so. If this will not be possible, also let us know so that we may search for other solutions.

    Thank you,


  • I just had this problem for the first time, accessing my home computer to find a photo for my ex mother-in-law.  Clearly personal use, and it's the first time I've used Teamviewer in several weeks.  It was supposed to allow me to log in for only 15 minutes, but it wouldn't connect and told me my time had been exceeded.  I filled out the personal use form just a few moments ago.

    I understand Teamviewer's need to police its usage and I have always appreciated that Teamviewer is available for free for personal use because it has always been by far the best remote connection software I've experienced.  It'd be unfortunate if it were no longer available!

  • My Mac computer was flagged as being used in a commerical use when connecting to my desktop that is at home. I submitted the commerical use pdf with all the ID's on my account except my Mac. I don't know how I didn't put the ID that I use all the time and was having the problem on the form in the first place. So I submitted a second one with just my Mac TV ID on it and got the response that it was reset. 

    EXCEPT it wasn't I was still getting the same pop-up and per the webpage it says that you might have to submit it again. So I did and the response that I got said that it could not be done because of high activity and I can fill out a form and send it in or purchase a license. 

    I have been using teamviewer for a log time and I use it to access my desktop a lot while I am 3.5 hours away at school. I want to know why all the other ID's were reset but when I sent just the Mac's ID the second time they said they can't do it. I am extremely frustrated that this isnt resolved. 

    Please help!!

  • i am having similar issue. need a solution asap.


  • Teamviewer start doing the same thing for the third time since I use Teamviewer to help my family and friends with the computer problems. 

    Could you please reset my account so I could help my family?

    Thanks and take care.

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    @esuarezcabrera Wow, that's a new twist on this drama. How did they get your credit card information to charge you and upgrade you? I use the free version only and they never asked me for a credit card. I did have to go through the process of declaring I'm not using TV commercially after being accused of that.

  • bazbsg
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    I just checked and this thread is four years old now. First post was on Oct 26, 2016. There are 110 pages containing 5,473 posts, not counting the ones that got deleted by the censors. That's just this thread that's four years old. There are other threads talking about the same issue and some of them may be older and longer and have more posts for all I know.

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    The mods keep moving any new posts into this thread. They are artificially making the boards look clean and hiding the help requests.

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    @Josette Too bad the management doesn't authorize the moderators to spend time to help solve the problem instead of tidying up the message board.