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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • TekMrk
    TekMrk Posts: 9 ✭✭

    Hi Esther,

    I've spent considerable time reviewing this forum (including reading the 11 minute document: "Thank you for playing fair") because my problem is similar to other people's problems, however it is NOT, AND I repeat NOT the "commercial use suspected" (CUS -I'll abbreviated it) issue any longer. I promise you it is different than that. I had that issue in July 2019 and it was resolved as directed. NOW, or I should say, Back in December 2020, after submitting my form, I received the email saying that my ID was reset...GREAT!!! What happens now is I am disconnected by a couple seconds shy of ONE MINUTE (I timed it several times now for over a month) and there is ZERO messages as to why before, during, or after my session. I am certain that it is a different issue than CUS and I can give a number of reasons why:

    #1...No dialog box message --"commercial use suspected" (I'll call CUS) gave messages but now I receive nothing at all.

    #2...It happens in under one minute --CUS was about 5 minutes.

    #3...happens over the Internet only NOT on my home network PC-to-PC --CUS happened on both LAN or WAN.

    Please help us all Esther. And thanks in advance for NOT mis-categorizing my message as "commercial use suspected" which it is not.

  • carbonbasedbiped
    carbonbasedbiped Posts: 1 Newbie

    So it appears that my posts are being deleted by just asking about how to address my personal account that keeps getting flagged as commercial. If I got an answer instead, that would be nicer

    I sent in the documentation to claim the account as personal yet it still just times out and makes me reconnect, then times out, and so on.

    What should I do about this?

  • carbonbasedbiped
    carbonbasedbiped Posts: 1 Newbie

    Anyone have any insight to fixing a personal use account that has been flagged as commercial. I submitted my paperwork but it's still timing me out when I try to help my dad. I only use the app like 2 times a month, if that.

    I have not heard from anyone with feedback saying why or if it was rejected. Also, this is the fourth post, that just gets deleted. No reason given or even know if it's intentional etc.

    Looking for advice.

  • OctavioMasomenos
    OctavioMasomenos Posts: 0
    edited January 2021

    After I connect to a remote host, I get kicked out after approx 30 seconds and a message pops up saying something like there's a limited duration for my account type. (30 seconds?!) If I try to reconnect, it tells me I won't be able to reconnect until [time] - which is like 1 minute. But it won't let me reconnect at that time. I have to wait 5-10 minutes. Then when I reconnect, I get kicked out again after 30 seconds. VERY FRUSTRATING. Anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

    I'm using TeamViewer version 15.13.6 (so was the remote host) but this was happening on the previous version I had (15.9.?) My OS is Linux Mint 20 (Xfce 64 bit)

  • SuperMC
    SuperMC Posts: 1

    I am having the same experience.

  • In the last few months, I cannot access my wife's computer in the next room. What has changed?

  • I keep getting that message

  • LoriOrtonville
    LoriOrtonville Posts: 0
    edited January 2021

    I have the free version and only use it 3-4 times a year. Today it would not let me connect and giving a message my license is expired

  • SSSteven4
    SSSteven4 Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I have been using teamviewer for a long time, and it works great. However lately my connections are cut off in about 1-2 minutes and then I get a message saying i cannot reconnect.

    Why does the program cut me off, what can I do to fix it?

    I get an error message that says your teamviewer session has timed out and will be closed"

    I was only connected 1 minute.

    The next screen says " This was a free session sponsored by . Teamviewer sessions are free of charge for personal use. Thank you for playing fair!"

    Well i am using this completely for personal use so I don't understand what's going on.

  • Bluejanis
    Bluejanis Posts: 5 ✭✭

    TekMrk summarized the situation pretty well.

    I want to add 2 more details. Even when you close the teamviewer session yourself before getting kicked, you get a temporary ban for no reason.

    I recently changed time zones and encountered the problem afterwards. Maybe teamviewer saves this info wrong and now got hickups?

  • b_broody1
    b_broody1 Posts: 2

    I have asked several times and have not received an answer I use Team Viewer for personal use only with 1 friend. When I sign on within 2 minutes I am shut down. Months ago I got the commercial use message and took the necessary steps and that was corrected, but since then I can not use team view at all.

  • TekMrk
    TekMrk Posts: 9 ✭✭

    Wow Bluejanis! I think that you may be on to something. I believe that my issue had started around the time when daylight savings time changed. Maybe something to look into.

  • ShiTai
    ShiTai Posts: 1

    I have not used TeamViewer for several years, but due to the pandemic and the inability to physically reach pc's, I would like to ask a few questions:

    Is my TeamViewer account still valid?

    Is there a limit on the number of computers for non-commercial use?

    (Assumes use on about 10 computers - home computers at home and computers of my parents and wife's parents).

    What to do if I receive a message that I use the TeamViewer for commercial purposes, but in fact use it only for non-commercial purposes - i.e. without making a profit (helping parents and relatives)?

    (I had bad experience before)

    Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.

  • Farmer_Doug_
    Farmer_Doug_ Posts: 1
    edited January 2021

    Hello JeanK

    Sorry for the long delay - I thought I would (somehow) receive an email that my question had a response.

    Anyway, "My" TeamViewer connects with the other computer and all is well - for about a minute or so, then it times out

    Screen shot also shows second monitor - sorry about that. I have had no problem in the past, this is a recent phenomenon.

    I do help several older (mostly older than I, and I am 74) friends, but it is a volunteer situation, not a paid service.

    Does TeamViewer "think" I am using this for commercial use? If so, how do I reset my version to "free, non-commercial" use?

    I will try to remember how I got here, or my email is **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**.


  • When using Teamviewer on iOS to connect to my home computer, the connection times out after about a minute. When I try to re-connect, I get an error saying that I have to wait. When I do wait the specified time, I get the same error message saying I have to wait more time. If I tap the "More info" option, I get another message saying "Thank you for your purchase." I'm confused on that, since I've entered no payment information.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled and no change.

  • perryking
    perryking Posts: 1

    Same problem here - Using latest version of Windows 10.

  • I am disconnected from the remote system after about 50 seconds using TeamViewer Free Licence - no notice that I am being suspected of commercial use (which I am not doing). Both system have 15.13.6 version - uninstalled and reinstalled

    Support not allowing us an easy method to provide a notification of this problem is poor - enough people seem to have the problem to warrant them looking into the situation.

    TXJPC Posts: 1

    I have been having the same time-out problem and I think I just found the answer. I have four(4) PCs (3 Laptops and 1 desktop) my main PC is a laptop that has Windows 10 PRO, my other PCs are Windows 10 home. I just realized, after many uninstalls and re-installs that the Windows 10 home PCs will connect with each other without the timeout problem, it is only when I try to use my Windows 10 Pro PC that I get the timeout problem. I have uninstalled and re-installed on the Pro PC a couple of times but the same result, I even uninstalled TV and then went thru the Registry and deleted every instance for Teamviewer and rebooted and re-installed TV and that did not work.

    Is there something about Win 10 PRO that is causing this problem???

  • keep getting messages I am using for commercial purpose and am not why?

  • TekMrk
    TekMrk Posts: 9 ✭✭

    Interesting, after going through the TV "reset" process they told me of my 10 TV PCs (6 of which are mine other 4 are friends and family) that 2 of them had the issue and that all I needed to have reset was those 2, (not all 10 as I had done only a month ago in December 2020) of those two one was Windows 10 Professional. Interesting. I'm aware that Windows server cannot be considered a Personal Use TV installation. I think in some circumstances Windows Professional editions sometimes can be confused for Windows Server edition. Could this be what's happening in this case?

  • 3ATS
    3ATS Posts: 1

    I’ve been getting multiple commercial use violation notices from TeamViewer. I am have been helping my cousin who is developmentally disabled out of state and my mother who is 80+ years old. I do not use it very often. Normally they respond and reset my use. The 8th of November beginning of December as my disabled cousin went on to hospice, I got another commercial violation and want me to help my mother. We are now the middle end of January and I have not heard anything back from team viewer. Does anyone have any recommendations of other programs that do not cost $600 a year to be able to help one person is 80+ years old. I keep getting emails about the Service that I can not use. If they will not reconnect , is it possible to stop getting these emails. The bottom says you can’t unsubscribe.

  • AlexRecl
    AlexRecl Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I think they don't care about free license users.

  • SoCalStephen
    SoCalStephen Posts: 1

    WHY won't TeamViewer provide an answer to this????

  • Strangetrip
    Strangetrip Posts: 0

    What is the recourse for private non profit users getting flagged as commercial users?

  • Grandview
    Grandview Posts: 1

    I have a family farm. Soon after I signed up with Teamviewer I called them to see if I needed to buy a commercial license. They told me I didn't. Now I always receive a message saying that commercial use is detected and then it just kicks me out. It is of no use to me now. How can this be changed?

  • The same thing is happening to me. I am a student. Please fix.

  • My wife and I are volunteer archivists at a small, all volunteer museum, which is closed due to COVID. We have been using Teamviewer to work on cataloging our collection from home. Last year we got flagged as commercial users. I wrote a protest and my wife got reinstated, but my account never did. I can log in and connect for about two minutes before I get kicked out.

    I have tried emailing the company repeatedly over the past few months, but have never gotten a response. What can I do to get access again?

  • dondd
    dondd Posts: 0 Newbie

    A few months ago, trying to assist my brother, I tried connecting to his PC but got the msg that your system thinks I made too many remote connections and blocked my connection. I'm not sure how that is possible, as I'm not on Team Viewer for months at a time, but when I have a friend or relative with a problem, I may connect 2 or 3 times to resolve their issue.

    Today I got an email from Team Viewer indicating that their legal stuff has been updated. In the process of signing in, I got an alert that the system doesn't recognize this device. Strange, as this device is my main computer and I use it 99% of the time. So they sent a confirmation link to "trust" this device. And is how I'm able to ask this question. The only possible reason I may be blocked is that occasionally I use my VPN, and they got an IP that maybe has been used by someone with Team Viewer. Otherwise, I use this very little, and only connect to about 10 friends and relatives sparsely.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated! And if possible, remove the block.

    Thanks, dondd

  • User2358945321
    User2358945321 Posts: 6 ✭✭

    Is there any resolution for not being able to get connected? This started before Christmas and I keep getting a time out then unable to reconnect for a time period.

    I only use it with my parents and it worked for years until recently.

    I have tried to contact Team viewer for help but never received a response.


  • I have the same issue, started about the same time, have had the same results. I use it to help my brother with his "techno-phobia" Have been a user for years without issue.... but now they seem to think I am a commercial user. That is NOT the case. It is a shame... This really helped me keep my elderly brother in the 21st century.