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  • ChrisS_319
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    I am connecting to a computer that I have connected to for years. Now within seconds after connection it disconnects and says the time of usage is up and I can sign back in after a few minutes. But it continues to happen after a few seconds of connecting.

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    i have the free version to assess clients but once i connect,it boots me off

  • depperly
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    This happens to me also but only for one computer. The other computer is fine.

  • Yuri_T
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    Hi @Витал,

    Thank you for your post 🙌

    In order to understand your issue, could you please translate the error message into English?

    It would be great if you could share more details about the issue as well.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,


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    I sign in and before i can do anything, i get timed out

  • gtspejl
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    I only use Team Viewer for personal use. I have used it for over a year But now says I am a business user and I keep getting timed out

  • moot4hn
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    I posted the same problem 1/30/2021... When I checked today it was removed by ???

    I put in a ticket request regarding 'Was commercial use detected on your TeamViewer ID?' and am waiting for a response.

    Below is what I submitted to, and basically what I posted in my 'lost post'...

    I'm using TeamViewer for personal use only and you have received the messages 'Commercial use suspected' or 'Commercial use detected'. Since a resent update I've been getting the messages on my HP Pavilion 23 AIO computer. I have been using this computer for a number of years. I purchased this computer from Staples (they were closing a store), it was a display model with Windows 8 (first version) and was reset to factory defaults. Since then I have upgraded from Windows 8 to my current version of Windows 10.

    I am over 72 years old, retired, and have never worked for or been associated with the Hewlett-Packard Company. I have posted on the --- for some reason, my post just disappeared!

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make 'em think...

  • davidpollock

    My sessions time out after 5 seconds. I fill in the form at '' and after I supply name, address etc. I press the Generate PDF" button, but nothing happens. How may I use the product

  • bradoneill
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    Having the same problem getting kicked out after 1 minute on one of my computers. NOT a suspected commercial use issue. It's also apparently not just a Windows 10 Pro issue. I have Windows 10 Pro on my desktop computer and can access my other TV computers without a time limit.

  • eus7
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    I am using the free version of TV for personal use on occasion between my laptop and desktop. As of a few weeks ago I get disconnected after approximately one minute of use.

    I get a message on the screen that states " Your Team Viewer Session has timed out and will be closed"

    Updated both computers to 15.4.5

  • Esther
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    Did you all fill out the form on the reset page? Even though a message does not explicitly state "Commercial Use suspected" it can be connected. I replied in this thread already earlier. You might want to scroll back to find the link again 👍

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  • _KITT_
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    Been using teamviewer for 6+ years for personal use. For some reason now it says "Commercial use detected" and lets me use my home PC for 1 minute only. "Contact us" option redirects to the community forum, submitting a ticket link also does that. And on this page in "Service" tab you can see that submitting a ticket requires a licensed account. That's a dead loop.

    What should i do?

    Thanks in advance

  • fernandogallo3d

    Hi, I have a personal Teamviewer account only to access my personal computers and acces my parent computers to help them out. However one of the computers (only) autometically disconnects after less than a minute of remote connection. Why is this happening and how to solve this?

  • nduchessi
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    This is happening to me too!

  • Marisela_Velazquez5

    No commercial should be free but somehow my computer has been blocked for no reason.

  • dknappert
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    I rarely use team viewer, but when I do it's to connect to my personal computers, or a family member, or a small local non-profit to help. It's supposed to be free for personal use, and support unlocked my usage last time but now it says I'm doing commercial stuff again and locked me out. I cannot get anyone on support to help. Is there any solution? I can't pay $600 a year to help my grandma and a local charity...

  • mark003
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    why does my remote connection "time out" in less than one minute then blocks me for several minutes.

  • AlanN
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    I have a free account and have submitted a form to reset my account from being detected as being commercial usage 3 times since November 2020. I attempted to call for support who does not have any ability to support the free accounts. Nothing has changed with my account being able to log in to computers on my account to last over 1 minute. What does it take to fix this issue with Teamviewer?

  • Tabatha
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    I am having the same issue! I have been cut off VERY fast. And do not use this in a commercial way or receive money for using it at all.

  • AlanN
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    Even if you submit the form to reset for commercial use, there are no updates or changes to your account.

  • AlanN
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    I keep getting alerts that my use is marked as commercial usage and I cannot stay connect to any family member computer for over a minute.

    Where is the Teamviewer support for this?

    I have added the same question but a moderator is merging into another existing, older and unanswered question. Please do not merge.

  • Ruddman20
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    I have a free account and maybe 9-10 machines added(friends and family I help with issues). I'm constantly flagged for commercial use or suspected use and it kicks me off remote or only allows me on for 1 minute. Why am I being flagged?? This restriction needs to be removed. I'm under the allowed machines added on my save list and I only use the service when needed.

  • MarkHaaseth
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    Same here. I lost my security code too.

    I need help!!!

  • MarkHaaseth
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    I need help!

    It keeps thinking I have a commercial license so I can't even use it anymore.

    I use it for my parents, my Aunt and a couple friends.


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    For the third or fourth time, one of my computers has been wrongly flagged with "commercial use detected." I work in Canada and have an apartment here. My permanent home is in Georgia, I have a house there and computers there. When I am in one place, I often log into the other to check on things, make changes, send/receive files etc. My son and I also help each other out on computer issues. I am not now, have not ever and will not ever use this for commercial use. It is all personal, home use!!! Can you please help me with this? It is so aggravating! I need to do something on a remote computer that would likely only take me a few minutes but with Team Viewer kicking me out after a few seconds, it is impossible and so very irritating. Effectively useless. Please help! You detection system is set far, far, far too sensitive that this keeps happening over and over, not only to me, but from what I am reading in online groups, many others as well.

    Thank you for your help.


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  • Raman2021
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    Dear Sirs I'd like to claim that my TeamViewer account is suspected as Commercial, however I'm using it only to access a couple of my own devices and my parents' PCs. I can prove it by providing all the necessary data about each device. Waiting for your comments. Thank You!

  • dtrcorp
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    When I remote control another computer, the session only lasts 45 seconds then times out. When trying to reconnect I get the following message:

    Connection blocked after timeout. Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked. Please try later or upgrade your license.

    I am using FREE ver. 15.14.5

    Any idea what is happening? It never did this before.

    DAVLISLE Posts: 0

    My account has been intructed to acquire paid license. Is this required for only local household network use on max 3 computers?

    What activity might have triggered this "commercial activity" designation.

  • TE5LA
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    Is TeamViewer no longer free for non-commercial use? I use it mainly to connect to my own server in my home instead of having to physically move to that computer. Sometimes I use it to help a friend who is not very computer literate. I have not been able to use TV for several months now. It times out after 10 seconds and disconnects, telling me I must buy a license.

    I have previously submitted a ticket about this but nothing was ever done to solve it. I want to know in case I need to dump TV and find another alternative.