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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • zippolino
    zippolino Posts: 0 Newbie

    I use teamviewer not in a commercial manner.

  • JorgeL
    JorgeL Posts: 0 Newbie

    Got exactly the same problem since last night... after 15sec

  • IstvanSz
    IstvanSz Posts: 1 Newbie

    Now mine closes right away, and I didn't use it in a commercial manner either.

    When I try to connect it tells me to connect after 1 minute. When I connect after one minute it tells me immediately to connect after another minute.

    There are other weird messages also, about my account type changed, my password changed by an administrator.

  • JorgeL
    JorgeL Posts: 0 Newbie

    Same thing here.

    They're Team sent me a link for ''detection of commercial'' use but i am sure it's not that... since it doesn't say anything about this.

  • Efe
    Efe Posts: 6 Newbie

    I didn't receive any commercial usage warning, yet this happens

  • c_ertal
    c_ertal Posts: 0

    I got this

    "Connection blocked after timeout.

    Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked. Please try later or upgrade your license.

    Connections to this partner will be blocked until 19: 31 ."

  • JorgeL
    JorgeL Posts: 0 Newbie

    It's very annoying. It seems like the bug is fixed to people who have a subscription but for others like us(free version, personnal) they don't find a solution...

  • JorgeL
    JorgeL Posts: 0 Newbie

    Hopefully they find a solution for this asap

  • GRAmcs
    GRAmcs Posts: 0 Newbie
    edited February 2021

    I am able to connect using **Third Party Product**, quick assist but no teamviewer.

  • Herve77
    Herve77 Posts: 1


    I'm using TV from time to time and it worked but now the connection last a few seconds.

    Why and can you solve the problem ?

    I don't use it for professionnal use but only personal.

  • seta
    seta Posts: 1
    after the update on 02/25, I can't connect because there is some limit !!! both computers have been updated to the latest version.if you manage to connect, the connection ends after several seconds !! I use teamviever privately, not commercially.

  • Betelgeuse
    Betelgeuse Posts: 8 ✭✭

    Suddenly TV times out after 10 - 20 seconds.

    I am using TV free version, to 95% only among computers in my home. The other 5% is for friends and relatives.

    I have updated to latest version (15.15.5)

    Is this a temporary error, or are you making TV free version worthless?

  • Betelgeuse
    Betelgeuse Posts: 8 ✭✭

    Suddenly TV times out after 10 - 20 seconds.

    I am using TV free version, to 95% only among computers in my home. The other 5% is for friends and relatives.

    I have updated to latest version (15.15.5)

    Is this a temporary error, or are you making TV free version worthless?

  • mohammedWafa
    mohammedWafa Posts: 0 Newbie

    The same thing here!.

  • Lucaslive
    Lucaslive Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited February 2021

    I ask support to update my account **Please do not post email addresses** and remove the arisen limitation! I only use the teamviewer for personal purposes - to help relatives and friends!!! Thanks for understanding! Or tell me please what i have to do to fix that issue?

  • my connection times out after 1min saying the connection to a partner is limited. I used the partner ID to connect , not my user and password.

  • Courior
    Courior Posts: 0 Newbie

    I am having the same problem. From my mobile it works fine, but when i try from my desktop it gives me 1 session for 55 secs then says i need to wait for 1 more minute.. but it never connects again.

  • asdsdfsdfsdfsd
    asdsdfsdfsdfsd Posts: 1 Newbie


    It started yesterday and suddenly i was kicked out of my remote connection after 30 seconds saying that my license has limited remote whatever it was... i am using teamviewer for like 10 years now, doing what i was always doing, connecting to a couple of PCs i have at home, and now suddenly "suspecting commercial use"?


    Any ideas?

    many thanks in advance,


  • netbids
    netbids Posts: 0

    Listen up everyone! There are hundreds of posts here about the "commercial use detected" issue that has prevented us all from using the free version of Teamviewer. Unfortunately, posting such comments here is a total waste of time. So, please STOP! But what's an even worse waste of time is submitting the official form to the support team at Teamviewer with a request for them to reset your account back to "non-commercial use." I know this is a waste of time because I did this way back in September of last year after Teamviewer started giving me the "commercial use detected" messages and prevented me from using Teamviewer for more than a minute at a time. When Teamviewer declined my request---even though I had explained to them that I only use Teamviewer to provide occasional computer assistance to my 83-year old mother who lives 2000 miles away from me and also to occasionally connect to another personal computer on my home network---I even went to the trouble of printing, filling out, and emailing Teamviewer's "Private Use" form to them last November but STILL haven't heard back from them with notice informing me that my account is no longer in the "commercial use detected" category. So, I don't know what the problem is with Teamviewer's support team, but it's looking more and more like they are being very hypocritical about their claim that Teamviewer is free for personal use.

  • smile_at_me
    smile_at_me Posts: 0

    I see no point in asking us to stop posting here about the misbehaviour of the TeamViewer free license. I thought this thread was created for that purpose?

  • BenLomax
    BenLomax Posts: 2

    Hello there,

    Same for me, i'm using free account for family support from ages via TW, and first time see this messages.


  • DeCodeR
    DeCodeR Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited February 2021

    Dear sir or madam, 

    After update to version 15.15 on my MacBook switched on 5min. time limit sessions am use long time Teamviewer only for my 2 laptop in my private house, please come back my non-commercial license

    My ID: **Do not post TeamViewer IDs**

    email: **Please do not post email addresses**

    Best regards, Hennadii

  • realserega
    realserega Posts: 0 Newbie
    edited February 2021

    my friend id **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**

  • Betelgeuse
    Betelgeuse Posts: 8 ✭✭

    This is NOT a question of "commercial use detected"!!

    Please read what people are writing before enter stupid posts!

  • netbids
    netbids Posts: 0

    Did you read the OP on page one of this entire discussion? Here's a quote from that post from the person who created this forum topic:

    "Please be aware that this is NOT an issue that can be resolved in the community. Posting messages about commercial usage will not help to get the reset. For getting a reset you need to fill out the form."

  • netbids
    netbids Posts: 0

    Really? Did you read the title of this thread? I don't care what people are writing. I've read dozens of their posts already, and most of them say the same thing and make the same complaints. I have an even bigger complaint that I explained in my post, which is that the TV support team is not doing its job to reset accounts that are being incorrectly flagged as "commercial use" as mine was last August.

  • mbacklund
    mbacklund Posts: 9 ✭✭

    They have merged two threads to this one. The other one was titled commercial use and the other one was this connection timeout.

  • Zorkiii
    Zorkiii Posts: 1

    what should I do if the system believes that I am using the program for commercial purposes? I've been using it for a long time mostly connecting to my home PC

  • Efe
    Efe Posts: 6 Newbie

    latest timeout problem isn't related to commercial usage FFS! and they migrated those to this thread lmao, I'm done, gonna use another program for my home network

  • Battousai124
    Battousai124 Posts: 4 ✭✭
    edited April 2021

    I don't even have a message that says "Commercial use detected", I just get the **bleep** timeout after about a minute, then telling me I cant reconnect, with absolutely no recourse, solution or even a hint of a hint of a reason why...