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    HI @Deejay,

    Thanks for your post.

    To clarify the Community is for users to help users, which may be why you have not received a response to your question.

    In the case of your TeamViewer saying it is a "trial" or "commercial" version, please view the following link to get help with your question.

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  • I've been using the program for years, and have several computers that I keep remote access to. When I connect to one of them, I connect to only one and not all at once.

    For some odd reason the Program hands out the message of "COMMERCIAL USE SUSPECTED", when I do not use it as such..


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    Hi teamviewer community, by mistake I install teamviewer for comercial use, now i can't access to teamviewer because of that. I want to use as non-comercial but the licence expires. Who can help me with this issue, thanks

  • My company was trialing TeamViewer to see if it would meet our environment's needs. We ended up taking a pass on it, but now I can't remote into my home computer from work. 

    I use my TeamViewer exclusively for personal use to remote into my home PCs at lunch time or after hours. 

    Tried uninstalling rebooting and reinstalling. Still no go. The account I used to trial for work is a different e-mail from the account I use for home use. It seems to have tied TeamViewer licensing to my work computer itself. 

    Called for support and told that they couldn't help me. I'm getting very frustrated with this process. Was told to come here and DM as moderator, or make a post. So here I am. 

  • I got flaged for commercial use by mistake.

    I have teamviewer for 2 years and I have it for supporting my family members' pc's.

    Recently it shows that I am doing a commercial use but that is not true at all.

    How can i fix it please??


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    I provide free remote help to our 500+ users on our IRCD. Recently I been getting Commercial use suspected. I don't make any profit from using it. It says I can connect for 5 minutes and that would be enough, but it disconnects me around 30 seconds after I connect. What's the deal?

  • As of today i am getting the commercial use suspected as well, everyone is saying submit a ticket, i went to the ticket submission page and that now says you can only submit a ticket and ask for help if your a paid licensee!!!

    So it looks like its time to find something new, TV shut down all free use of their program and is shutting down the free users by disabling them with the commercial use suspected.  I got over 30 emails today from friends and family saying theirs is doing the same thing so it seems to be system wide.  Pay or dont use anymore.

  • You can't.  It started saying it for me and a couple dozen other people i know that use it non-commercially.  And if you go to the ticket submission to fix it now that web page says they are only allowing ticket submission by paid licensees.  Looks like they are shutting down free users by locking them out.

  • I was using Teamviewer to connect my laptop to my desktop at home, just for displaying my laptop to a larger screen, and this message showed up ......

  • I was using it to connect to my HTPC computer, it sits all the time connected to my main television without any peripherals other then a remote, so when i need to make big changes i just use TV to go into it, when i did that i got the commercial use suspected.  Now i can connect but i can't do anything, i see the desktop but i can't click on anything then a few seconds later it drops the connection.  

    There isn't any way to send them a ticket to get it reset anymore, and the only email i could find is their sales email.  I sent them an email asking about whats going on because a couple months ago i submitted a ticket about another problem, so that page changed recently to licensees only.

    Looks like TV is trying to shut out the free users now.  I used Chrome Remote Desktop for the first time today, not bad, works better from my phone then TV did.  So i might just drop TV altogether now.

  • i have the same issue. uploaded logs.   no reply, still getting the stupid error. not using it for commercial.


  • I uninstalled TV off my home computers and put **Third Party Product** on them, really quite easy, install the **Third Party Product** server on each computer and the **Third Party Product** viewer on my main desktop, log them all into my account and done.  It actually connects and loads the desktop faster then TV ever did i like it.  So i guess if nothing else i have them to thank for pushing me to a better program!!


  • same message

  • Same here, I don'e even use it more than a few times per months, mainly to help my mum or her neighbors with stuff they want to do on their PC and can't, or to connect to my own PCs when I am in the hospital every month. But since 2 days ago I am constantly getting the "commercial use suspected" message.

  • I need help with my account because I can only be on one Teamviewer computer/phone/tablet for 5 minutes and then I have to wait 2 minutes. I NEED MY ACCOUNT TEAMVIEWER IDs TO BE WHITELISTED. All I'm doing is helping out my friends and family across the country.

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    Looks as if this was pointless. :P What a waiste of time..

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    Hello Everybody,
    i'm using teamviewer always in private matters, but often out of my network of my job and this network is using a proxy. So now i become the message, that it seems i'd use teamviewer in a commercial way. Had this problem two years ago and contacted the support and they reseted my ip.adress, but now, the support told my contacting the community. Can someone help my please? thank u so much...Greets Fez

  • I have noticed that fresh install on new machine never gives 5 minutes warning immediately so I have created virtual machine and I'm running it as a snapshot, after it boots it also randomizes network card mac and windows installation ID just in case. Haven't had a problem afted I did all that.

  • Yes Please I would also like to know WHY, and HOW teamviewer decides if my usage is "commercial"

    As I understand it helping friends and family are supposed to be "FREE". And that is how I use it.

    BUT NOOOOOOO. Now I'm suspected of commercial use.

  • Hello,

    I started using TeamViewer about 2 - 3 months ago. I went through the setup quite quickly (as we all do at some point) and accidentally selected Both when choosing whether it was corporate or private use. Now, my account is locked pending purchase and I'm unable to submit a support ticket because I'm not a paying customer.

    I find this to be quite a pain since that is what all the forums say to do, yet when I sent in my support ticket I got a generic reply stating that I was not a subscriber and therefore I needed to visit the forums.

    Can someone please assist me in setting my usage to Private instead of Both?

  • Hello,

    I have at the moment the same problem. Is there a way to disable this message again and extend the session time of 5 minutes again?

    I use this software only privately with my friends and my family members.


  • Thanks. However, the popup appeared on my phone that I used during my monthly hospital stay to connect to my PC at home. Am I supposed to fill out this form with my home PC Teamviewer ID or with my phone teamviewer ID or do I need to submit a form for every machine I have Teamviewer installed on? I have multiple PC, a phone, a tablet, a laptop, they all have Teamviewer although I rarely use it on them. I really really cannot imagine which obscure algorithm could possibly flag teamviewer on my phone as commercially used, because I have never used it to connect to anything else but several PC in my home (which of course will all have had the same IP because they all are connected through my own private internet connection). Also the form wants you to submit a usage log and I have no idea how I would do that for my phone (or tablet). Does anyone have experience with that form?

  • I have been having this exact same issue!!! I have been emailing back and forth with a guy, and it is extremely frustrating. He doesn't offer help or any solutions to try and fix my problem, it's like I'm talking to a brick wall. UGH! I've used TV for almost ten years and love it, and to get stabbed like this is super frustrating. I just want my software to work...

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    My co worker installs Teamviewer wrong way, so commercial use onto this PC and he leave.

    But I need use teamviewer with free licence by this PC.

    I already got the message your trial is expired.

    How can I use teamviewer with free licence without commercial use?

  • I loaded the commercial version by error, 

    I need Team viewr on;ly once  every 2 months, 

    hom can I get the personnel version, 


  • Can anyone assist me on how to put my teamviewer back to free user?

  • Hello, I have the same proiblem, every time, TeamViewer udpates to new version go to trial and it switches to commercial every time. But I am only using free version, I do no need commercial, please help? This is not normal behavier.