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    the program began to accuse me of commercial use and the connection was broken. This is not true. I have a mining farm. How to solve a problem. Thank you

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    Same problem and screen as trd13 from a few messages above.

    I use to help my mother (85yrs) from a distance, but TV is closing with the same message within seconds.

    So, now it's March 2021 and the problem exists. This happens since last Sunday (7-3-21/ March 7-21)

    I don't think helping my mother, and two other elderly people in the "dangerzone" from corona/Covid-19 is assumed commercial use. But this is very frustrating for me.

    Do I really have to search for another program for free using for non-commercial goals? Or is there a solution ready?


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    Hey everyone,

    I am using Teamviewer (free License) only for personal usages. Yet for about 2-3 weeks whenever I am connected to another PC (one of my Family members) I am running into a timeout after a couple of minutes.

    When I then try to reconnect to the PC I get an error message

    Is there any way to fix this? It's not my internet connection or my dad's that's causing the timeout, and I am using TV according to the license agreement (as far as I know). It's working fine for another PC in the same household as my dads PC (e.g. my moms Mac)

    Best regards

    Andy S.

  • BoPC
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    Sadly I queue up to the comments, it's frustrating having to deal with a stubborn issue when trying to help family memebers with their issue.

    Hope the issue will get a fix, I always liked and promoted TV, but seems like this time I'll have to switch to something else more reliable.

  • Zanna
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    Hey! been using teamviewer from years to manage house computer and parent's ones, now with pandemic it's obviously more frequent than before but these **bleep** doesn't seems to understand.. so today for the first time in years i had the same issue but luckily i've found a solution!

    Use **Third Party Product** and **bleep** TeamViewer.

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    Hello. I think there are many more others like me. I have some old computers, very old like from 2004, and i am still using them for different task, personal tasks. The best way to manage them is by using teamviewer host. The best way - as it says it is free for personal use!

    Since 2 weeks ago, every time i try to connect to one of them - i get the stupid message that i am using them for commercial use. I think i am not the only one, as i read per forum here and there.

    So, let`s get together and form a group and sue Teamviewer.

    First - for promoting Teamviewer free for personal use. - AND we see it is not the case.

    Second - for violating every GDPR and every privacy law there is. They say they detect commercial use! **bleep**, how is that? The only way to do that is by actively measuring and observing the things you do. There is no other way to observe if it is for personal or commercial use. There were rumours in the past, guess they are true!

    So, who`s in it? Maybe this is the next dieselGate!

  • AdamPopowicz
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    My partner, who has TeamVeiewer licence, is giving me acces to one of his computers, for which I pay. The teamviewer now cuts the time to several seconds and says that I can not use it longer times. What's going on ? If I use it for my personal, non-commercial purpose. Why it stopped working (it worked for some time, and stopped when I logged from my phone).

  • galhalperin1
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    hi i try to help my grandmother with her computer and get always this error messege. i use teamviewer for personal use and not for corporate or business. should i re install the teamviewer on their computer ?

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    So after a week with 1 minute connections and no fix I activated remote access built in to Windows to manage my private server.

    Thanks Teamviewer, I will put you on the "if I get a commercial need I will NOT purchase your services because of this" place.

  • niki_van_eetvelde
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    I keep getting the message: your licence reaches the max time of the session with a patner and connecting again is blocked. Try again later or upgrade your licence.

    Does it think that i am using it in a commercial way? Because i don't get that message...

    I use teamviewer for connecting between the computer at home and the one at work.

    Thank you!

  • niki_van_eetvelde
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    I have the same problem!

  • H3GE
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    Same here, and after more than 10 years of TeamViewer commercial and free usage (free only on my private computer for family support) I'm DONE with TeamViewer.

    Commercially, you are pushed into upgrades or additional packages with intrusive advertising.

    And the free version of TeamViewer is no longer usable due to **bleep** limitations.

  • Nyo69
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    Hello, sorry for the disturb.

    I have a problem with my computer connection, from about 1 week, every time I get connection with my computer, I get always this message after max 1 minute and this close my connection. The stranger thing is that I have this problem with a specific pc... I don't understand, why this problem now? this computer IS the same that I connecting every day from a long time, and this is for my personal use, not commercial. What am I wrong?

    Team viewer is the only software that I always used for connecting with my pc, and I ALWAYS used T.W. only for personal use. Is this a mistake or am I wrong in something?

    Best regards

  • I'm not using TeamViewer for business purposes. I'm just connecting to my own computer and sometimes to my families computer. I can understand that you guys want to limit abuse on the free version but you are breaking our licenses too. Im not using it for business purposes. I just want to check my pc. I'm far away from it and i have to check it daily. Now i can't even connect to it. I trusted your program, installed it and i tho i can connect to it when i'm away. But now i can't pls fix this issue. Thanks for the nice program

  • RafRaf
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    Hi all,

    I had issues of connection timeouts - I was getting thrown out from the connections after few seconds.

    As I understood - the software suspects that I was using it commercially.

    The solution which solved me the problem was to do request procedure which will reset my account for private use.

    The link for this procedure is:

    (*) remove all the blanks and use it as a link (I tried to override limitation)

    You need to fill your details and explanation for this request, then it produce PDF file which you upload it for the request.

    After few days the issue is being solved and you can connect again using the software.

    Hope this will assist you !

    Best regards,

    Rafi G.

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    Нow do i prove i'm using a non-commercial connection?

  • Inguwa
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    why my account was blocked on TeamViewer

  • Fiona_G
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    Hi @Inguwa,

    Thank you for your post.

    Could you please explain in more detail? Did you encounter an error message, and if so, what did it say? Looking forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,

  • tonyno
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    Is there an email to quick help NON commercial?


  • MrJiang6
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    I use my phone want to control my PC,but it shows that I've been detected for commercial use.I just want use this good app to control my PC and my phone.Please remove my commercial use,thank you all.

  • nckersh
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    My free TeamViewer keeps timing out seconds after I open it. I've re-installed the software, but the same thing happens. Anyone...?


  • teamfuat555
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    My teamwiwer account that I have used has been limited to 5 minutes, I do not have any commercial use, please I will be glad if you remove the time limit in this regard.

  • teamfuat555
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    My teamwiwer account that I have used has been limited to 5 minutes, I do not have any commercial use, please I will be glad if you remove the time limit in this regard.

  • galamarco
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    If I connect to my home computer from my office network connection (but from my laptop), I get disconnected after 1 minute. To be clear, I connect to my home computer to support parents at home alone, not for work purposes.

    It is absurd because in the office there are other computers with TeamViewer, covered by the TeamViewer license, and it seems doubly a joke.

    It is evident that 1 minute of connection renders the software unusable and therefore leads to sifting through alternatives.

    Is it possible to solve or not?

    Best regards,


  • teamfuat555
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    I use the program personally, there is no commercial activity, please review it, you will understand I would be glad if you remove the 5-minute limit

  • Kriggs
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    My session quit after 1mn, i use teamviewer on non commercial version.


  • Emillien
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    I have problem with non-commercial TeamViewer. Any session i try to establish with my other PC, or my family's pcs lasts less than 30 second, and then disconnects. With new attempt there is an information saying about 5 minute cooldown, after 5 minutes new information about 5 minutes cooldown is issued. Connection can't be established. I already proceeded declaration of non commercial use to TeamViewer, and they acknowledged it. What can I do to have at least 5 minute sessions?

  • Lith
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    Well, this doesnt solve the issue at all. Stop spreading false info.

    Ive used that form to reset my both ID´s, still get the timeout over and over.

    The solution you are suggesting is only for "suspected comercial use detected",

    it does not resolve the "timout 1 minute issue".

  • Pls fix this this

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    I filled out the form for a non-commercial license a few months ago. Since then I am using the free version for 3 devices. Those are my parents computers and mine. My problem is that every time I connect, I get a timeout after 57 seconds and afterwards I have to wait 30 minutes for a reconnection. Can anyone help me with this issue?

    I am using Version 15.15.5.