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  • Syart
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    In my laptop I have problem with timed out, after I access to my friend to help something after 15-20 seconds closes Team viewer and notification from Team Viewer is:

    After that I try to log in and the notification from Team Viewer is:

    This is my problem and I will wait for your support to fix this problem.

    Best regards

    Syart Rrahmani

  • NN0316
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    I am having same issue on macos ... catalina version yesterday worked perfctly but today from 5 hrs i am tryig to use it.. 1 min and kick me off

  • pauluspla
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    I've got two devices "reset" and no one works.

    It seems that for free users is impossible to contact directly TV, so I can't explain what is happening to anybody.

    Ok, there are more fishes in the sea. [removed per Community Guidelines] So, Teamviewer... Goodbye!

  • Ruwen
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    I'm not sure what they've discovered, and besides, I wonder what they can and can't track?! Privacy?

    I only use teamviewer privately with my friends and family.... I let my mom watch me build a CNC machine in Fusion 360 and some other stuff. 

    Does it look like I need to switch to another program? ** Third Party Product **, ** Third Party Product **, etc.?

    Sure, teamviewer has some nice features.... but, I use fusion 360 for private, teamviewer for private, years ago I used cinema4d, phpstorm and photoshop in a school license, since I switched to a commercial type of this software, I pay for it. But in the case of teamviewer, fusion360 or others I never intended to use any of these software commercially.

    But in the private case, you want to be sure that you can access your personal data at home at any time. Or to help your mother with her PC problems, to switch to your brother's PC and see what he has in his inventory when you play a game together....

    Commercial use detected... what are you tracking? Is the use of any particular software prohibited?

    Would like to know more to use Teamviewer privately without getting in trouble with locked access to my computer.

  • pontijas
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    i've been using as a personal user your Teamviewer product on windows 10 and i have some issues now since 15 days to have proper connections, i explain

    i can only log 2 minutes of connexion so i can not manage my distant equipements... that is not fair to me.

    i've reinstaled twice and it does not change .

    can you tell me if it's a bug please and how can we resolve.

    some of my computers are in spain and i live on france.

    best regards

  • reginotto
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    Hi, I use TV from many years with free license, but now, in just one pc I can't connect to him because TV say's that my use it's not private.

    How do I can resolve this situation?

    I want just be private!!!

  • nicolas3
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    Team viewer It is used for personal purposes only, Why does he disconnect me and say it's used for commercial purposes.

  • Carin1964
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    March 11

    Hello Esther

    Declarations of prived use.

    I filled in that form in 2019 and never had any problems again and so now I have the same problem.

    Not even a minute and team viewer is canceled and immediately blocked for a few minutes HELP PLEASE I have a copy of the form that I filled out in 2019

    best regards Carin

  • heitor
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    hello, good morning. Can anybody help me?

    a message appears saying, connection blocked after timeout.

    your license limits the maximum session duration for a partner and new calls are immediately blocked.

    try later or update your licens

  • Lith
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    Resetting your account might work, no guarantees tho. Some users report that it works and some claims it doesnt help at all. My desktop for example, worked to reset. But my laptop still gets timeouts after between 30seconds - 2minutes even tho i reset it.

  • Plg
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    Had the same problem after 10 seconds. Netherlands, Free license.

  • Fredrikhenning
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    I am experiencing the same problem as everyone else, that the session is timed out after only 1-2 mins despite I only use TeamViewer to help my 89 year old dad with his computer and application issues from time to time.

    It is very sad TeamViewer is doing so, hence I only use TV for strictly non-commercial use.

    Please advice what to do!

  • Robin_Baur
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    Since a week my free TeamViewer sessions are killed after 1 minute and I can't reconnect. I'm using Teamviewer 1-3 times per week on my private PC with the free license. I don't think that this is abusive usage. I also use Teamviewer from my business PC with a paid license. Could this be a Problem if the connections are established from the same WAN-IP?

  • Robin_Baur
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  • LurchUSA
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    "We'd like to invite you to join us on March 17th for 45 minutes where you'll see live demos from our technical experts on newly launched products and solutions from TeamViewer."

    Well I would, but you pricks banned me accusing me of using my home connection as a business user. So **bleep**!

  • Lith
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    First tip for you, read the thread. Just above your post, ive written something that "might" help you...or it wont. No guarantee´s. GL.

  • Dyslexia
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    Hi all,

    Is it just me, or are there others with the same view/issue?

    I'm trying to get into contact with what's generally considered a companies support department.

    For some reason Teamviewer company seems to have chosen to NOT have any link on their website (at least that I could find!), that enables also 'Free-users' to get some decent, authoritive support with issues, other than all the roadsigns pointing to and ending up in 'the community for answers. Not implying that there are no knowledgeable people on the community forum because there seem to been many of them, but they are (AFAIK) NOT Teamviewer personnel with definite authorities to resolve issues within the systems.

    All pointers/links I could find are ending up in the 'sales-department' with the only choises "to buy a license plan".

    The rare instance that mentions something like a 'form to be filled in', never ends up providing you a link to it, let alone the form itself to be filled in.

    It's almost like:

    "Yes, we'd looove to take your money, but we're not really interested in helping you, free user, to use our product in a decent and satisfactory manner, even if you are using it according within the confines of our 'free-use' restrictions."

    So if anyone has proper working links to contact support, please share.



  • cecigj
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    I am in similar circumstances: Free non-commecial license, not using for working. I have reset the Id, and not fixed.

    I would like to know if it is definitive or a temporal problem.

    Thank you.

  • BernardWG
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    I use for years Teamviewer in a private capacity. I log in to my remote server/computer for software updates. The remote is used for viewing private software information online within my private network.

    I now cannot use TV anymore since you block me after 5 minutes. How can I convince you I am a private user?


  • André_Voskamp
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    I have the same problem

    André Voskamp

  • Fredrikhenning
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    Hi everyone,

    To solve the issue, I found out that you have to go here to verify your private use only.

    Good Luck!

    p.s. my application is in the process and I am awaiting their response within 2 business days.😀

  • Hello, im using TeamViewer trough my phone to control my computer at home when im at home too..

    Actully im just sitting on the bed when im controlling the computer trough the phone just becasue im lazy.

    Im watching tv trough the computer and using TeamViewer for the sake of staying in bed and not need to get up from the bed to the computer every time.. its just much more comfortable.

    Now, its says that i detected as a commecail account god knows why and doesnt let me to be connected for more than 2 min..

    What can i do? please help, im not using this account for commecail purposes!

  • Miko_tas
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    Hello Community,

    I am using a TeamViewer with a free license. For one wee or so, my free sessions last no longer than a minute seconds. Upon establishing a new connection this message pops up :

    "Connection blocked after timeout.

    Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner , immediate reconnects are blocked ....


    Is such a behavior normal?

    Best wishes,


  • Proton68
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    I have the same behaviour on one notebook, free sessions do get disconnected after 1 minute and the same message popups.

    on another notebook, no problem, I can connect to my pc at home without problem... :-(

  • NNZ
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    Hello Community,

    I am using a TeamViewer with a free license for personal use.

    Just like Mykola, my free sessions also last no longer than a minute. Upon establishing a new connection this message pops up :

    "Connection blocked after a timeout.

    Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked ...

    Do you what's happening here?

    Best regards,


  • costy
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    Hello Community,

    I am using a TeamViewer with a free license. tToday, my free sessions only last 1 minute.When I try to reconnect, I see:

    "Connection blocked after timeout.

    Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner , immediate reconnects are blocked ....

    I can see no message of suspect commercial use on my screen, do I have to submit for reset or is this something different from suspect of commercial use? I only use it for personal reasons.

    Thank you

  • amlinor
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    I am outside USA and trying to connect to my Laptop at home (USA).

    Some weeks ago it was working properly but since some days ago, the connection only works around 50 seconds.

    I reinstalled the team viewer but the problem remain the same.

    May yo help me.


    [email protected]

  • gusalomao
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    I'm with the same problem on my Team Viewer, from Brazil.

  • amlinor
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    Did you solve the problem ??

    I reported several times the problem to team viewer with no answer.

  • Andreas65498746546
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    Hi there,

    I am using TeamViewer commercial and private. For private usage I have a free account.

    Connecting to a computer with my free account via ID and Password starts the session as usual. But after some seconds - less than a minute - the session is ended by TeamViewer with the following dialog:


    This was a free session, sponsored by teamviewer... blabla.

    I then try to reconnect but TeamViewer says...:


    Connection after timeout locked. Your license limit the maximum connection time. Reconnections are blocked. Next connection to this partner is possible ar 16:38.

    I don't understand why this happens. I thought the free account has a timeout or 3 hours or so.

    I hope someone can help :-)