Commercial use - Connection time out



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    jonathon, support is not replying to tickets on this subject.


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    Thats a good workaround, i tried that today to so i could connect to some family members computers and install **Third Party Product** instead without having to drive there or talk them through it on the phone.  I loaded up a virtual machine of Win10 and installed TV on that, i got two computers done and when i went to remove TV and install **Third Party Product** on the third one i got the commercial use suspected, so i rebooted the virtual machine and it came back up and no message and was able to get the last one done.  Goodbye TV... What a lying sack of %^$#@ this company is.

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    Where can I find the "Private use form?"

    Thank you.

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    Hi I use teamviewer all 10 years for my own computers and today I suddenly get the idea that I use it for commercial use the case is my question is what can I do about it?
    and can only work for 5 minutes at a distanceCapture.PNG

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    Bei mir wurde eine Kommerziellenutzung festgestellt. Was aber nicht stimmt. Ich habe keine Firma und kein Geschäft. Ich nutze TeamViewer privat und nicht Kommerziell. Ich bitte das diese Sperre aufgehoben wird!

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    I'm in the same boat - my one personal computer is on a work-network but it is my personal computer....I have computers set up at my in-laws, my parents, my grandparents, so I have several locations...but it is all personal use.  Please help!

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    I am having the same issue. I use my laptop to connect to a pair of desktops in the attic and am being told I am using it commerically and need a license.

  • Bookstore-Bill

    Getting the same problem, was just trying to set up a remote login so my wife couldacces her computer when we were on vacation.  I have never made a dime of of Teamviewer, I do not even have a piad job, I am retired.

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  • Generallew-III

    I'm getting the same thing. Just finished switching a few computers around and reuploading wintdows/unbuntu. Now I'm getting this prompt saying I'm on a business network?! What's going on over there at teamviewer? Did they change something? This is my home network and I've only got about 12 computers total that I monitor. Is there a limit to how big a account can get? Some support is needed and would be appreciated. Don't want to get band or forced to pay. Teamviewer has been a vital part of my home computting for around 5-6 years now. Please let me know. Thanks 

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    I am an Arch Linux I3WM user. I use Teamviewer 13 for free. But, in the last few days, I have encountered an error.

    I tried with different versions of Teamviewer, tried changing the Mac address. But the result has not changed.

    Can you find me a solution? I want to continue using it for free. It perceives me as a commercial user.

    I also requested support for Teamviewer.


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    im only useing it  for personal use and i keep getting kicked out saying that theres commercial use going on how do i fix this 

  • Charlie13
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    im only useing it  for personal use and i keep getting kicked out saying that theres commercial use going on how do i fix this.

    If  you can help me ?

    I have 5 computers registerd, for my family.

    Thanks a lot

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    Came here for the same thing, suddenly every connection gets me the commercial notice, I've never had an issue before, now suddenly it's like every single one gets nailed. I use exactly 1 connection outside of my home, the rest are just for convience. 


  • Cnabinger
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    While I'm probably not a normal user, I have about 20 PC's currently registered with Teamviewer, I have a large number of laptops where I play with different linux distributions, as well as a couple PC's setup around my house.  Suddenly these are all getting flagged by TV as commercial use, I use exactly 1 computer outside of my home network to connect to teamviewer, however my linux computer, and now my son's computer have now gotten this flag, It's gotten much more agressive, can I just submit all my ID's to have them whitelisted? or will I have to file individual ones every time? 

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    also experiencing this issue. tried completely removing and reinstalling on my PC's but no luck resolving this. is this possibly a bug?

  • davmax
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    A created a ticket on 2nd Feb 2018. Requesting that a 5 minute time limit be removed during my Teamviewer support sessions. It has been imposed because of suspected commercial use. This suspicion has occurred about three times over the many years of using Teamviewer. I am 82 years old, retired and support friends and family for no charge. Previous bans have been lifted promptly following my explanation of position. This time I have even followed up with an urgent email but no response after 10 days. Hope for better with a response and action.

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    I use Teamviewer for personal uses only. I use it to help remote to my friends PCs to help them install games and such. Everything that Teamview is used for personal things only. Nothing will ever nor has ever been used for any sales or anything that voids the Terms and agreements for a personal non commercial usage. 


    Recently I have been flagged with using personal services as a way to get around commercial usage for free. WHICH IS NOT TRUE. 


    I remote to my own desktop at home through teamviewer every day for about 6-8 hours. I remote from my work to my home. Now the things I do on my home computer are things such as watching netflix, installing mods and monitoring my game communities. I also use my home desktop to go on Amazon and do personal things that I do not want on my work desktop. Nothing has EVER been used for commercial usage...


    I am afraid to keep using teamviewer because my work teamview has been flagged... I only use it to remote to my personal phone and personal desktop to do things for personal usages. But because it sees the internet provider as a business line... The heavy usage of teamview to my personal desktop... It flagged me... 


    I need help... What should I do? I don't want legal action taken against me for still using it... Even though I only use it for personal usage... 

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    Same for me. Use it for friends and family, no money out of it !

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    same for me but is not true. i will speak with teamviever mager for show my problem

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    Same problem here.  I use TV to access my plex server, my AD server, my mining system, my wife's system and my two daughter's systems.  I also use TV on my Android.  I run a domain at home using active directory to enforce policies across the network including stricter policies on my daughters' systems.  The only case that can be remotely considered commercial, is when I use TV to remote home from work.  Nothing business related.

    Is this new detection method assuming that if there is a domain, then its a business?  Use of domains or Active Directory is not business or academia exclusive.  If neccessary, I will go back to Windows Remote Desktop or a **Third Party Product** app.  I will be limited to my LAN at home, but it's not the end of the world I can't remote home from work for non-commercial reasons.

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    i too am being told that i am using TV commercially. I use TV to save many kilometers of travel several times a week. I am a volunteer at a community radio station. Volunteer means never receive remuneration for my efforts. I live35km each way from the station. I remote in to load spoken programs which we play daily and specific to the day. 6 hours worth of 15 and 30 minute programs. we have no other volunteers to do this so its me who loads and dates or we dont run the programs. if i lose TV access then ill be forced to resign my voluntary position after 23 years of doing it. i cannot afford the fuel for several runs a week to do it. come on mr teamviewer recognise some people are unpaid volunteers who appreciate the functionality that TV brings and use it to help others. The station is a Christian Community station. We gain funding to keep it on air from several on air appeals each year and thats only just enough.

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    Dear Mam/Sir

    I am private user of your teamviewer product. From two to three days i am receiving a message stating that commercial use suspected. But i am using your product for personal use only. Im using your product from * email id. We have 4 pc in my home and one is at outstation. This is for your kind information. Please solve this problem.


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    I have a problem with my account. I connected one day and by mistake I forgot about it for several hours connected and now tells me that commercial use was found while it is not commercial. can anything happen? because I need it once a week for 10 minutes at most.
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    I started to get this same commercial use message today. **bleep**? I use this for personal use only, at no time am I using it for montetary gain, or anything that would cause it to be flagged as "commercial."

    I've used TV for years, this is ridiculous.

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    Why does the free personal version kick me off after 5 minutes?  Is this the pain of using the free version or does mine have an issue?