Commercial use - Connection time out



  • GM0VGI-D
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    I have the free licence for TV15 running on 5 PC's on Windows 10 pro (latest version)

    This afternoon, one of my PC's, Surface Pro 3, starter timing out as described above

    My other 4 PC's all working fine. All PC's connected in my home via my one and only router.

    Any help in resolving this issue appreciated

  • mrbigfoot76
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    I am not using teamviewer for commercial use i am a trucker and i like to checkin on my home commputers while on the road so please stop cutting me off.

  • mrbigfoot76
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    I like the free service and i use for myself

  • Mykeehu
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    Dear support,

    I connected to my friend for help, and after connection I get timeout error, and TV dropped my connection, and I cannot reconnect again. I can't help to my friend.

    Your servers have too high traffic in home office? Or why cannot connect to other PC for help with free account?

  • files777
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    Hello. When connecting from a mobile phone to my home computer, I got a message - commercial use was detected and now I cannot use the program for personal purposes as provided for by the free version, subject to the terms of use.

    What should I do?

  • Pupkin79
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    Hey TeamViewers,

    Had this issue before (resolved back in March 2020), went through the process to prove that I have TW for private use, everything worked fine until today cannot remote onto the same computer I connected yesterday and earlier today

    Here's reply when licence use has been reset:


    Dear User,

    Thank you very much for sending your self-declaration of personal use to us.

    We have successfully reset the TeamViewer ID you submitted via the form provided earlier, and we acknowledge that you are using TeamViewer for personal use only.

    With your signed declaration, we took additional steps to make sure your TeamViewer ID remains reset.

    The reset has been applied within the last five business days.

    Please note that if your usage pattern changes and your connections are deemed to be Commercial in nature, your reset may be reverted at any time.

    Furthermore, please keep in mind that a TeamViewer connection always involves two devices (TeamViewer IDs) and the pop-up might be displayed because of the remote side.

    Have fun with TeamViewer and enjoy your day.


    We look forward to hearing from you.


    Best Regards,

    Your TeamViewer Team.


  • Karel_H
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    Good day,

    I wanted to connect to one ID today (March 18, 2021), where I was over 3-4 hours yesterday (March 17, 2021). However, the program told me something to the effect that my license limits the maximum length of a partner when instant reconnections are blocked. I have to try again later or upgrade the license. There is a minute interval where I have to wait and then it resumes, but the connection only takes 50 seconds and then blocks me again for a minute.

    How do I handle this? The connection is for private / personal purposes, not commercial.

    Thank you, KH

  • DavidCallizaya
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    I am having the same problem, teamviewer dropped my connection after a few seconds. Maybe..., I have stored about 12 connections but most of them are very old connections (from about 2 o 3 years) I removed most of them but still having then same problem. I use the connections to help my family and some friends.

  • EV607797
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    What can be done to stop the continuing "commercial use detected" messages and subsequent restrictions on my account? I've filled out the form several times and been granted access again, but eventually it expires. I assure you that I have NO knowledge of computers to be offering any kind of commercial services. I use TeamViewer to assist my elderly parents, my sisters, brothers and occasionally myself. I am disabled and often have to refer to my other PC for access to files. Please let me know what can be done to stop this. I"m only helping my family and can't afford the subscription fee on a fixed disability income, unless maybe there's a less-expensive plan available.

  • JamesR14
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    I had the same problem for a really long time. Took me a while to figure out how to fix it.

    The fix that worked for me was to download [Third party product] and never use TeamViewer again.

  • fernandolira
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    What can be done to stop the continuing "commercial use detected" messages and subsequent restrictions on my account?.


  • Bonzadog
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    Google is something I very much tend to avoid..they save your search data and then also to which computers you, not for me..

  • KunjanChauhan
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    [removed per Community Guidelines] It's a shane TeamViewer has gone downhill ever since the change of CEO/management a couple of years back.

  • Flam3
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    I have been using Teamviewer (the free version) for sometime now - within the terms and condition. Today I keep getting session timed out. Looking on the forms it would appear that I am flag as using Teamviewer for commerical purposes (which I am not). I also understand that one can actually reactive the free account by explaining what you have been using Teamviewer for by going to this this URL: and following the steps (which I did). So I generate the the signed PDF (as part of the step), which is only 65Kb in size. Then I'm told to upload the pdf as long as it is under 3MB (which it clearly is).


    So, when trying to upload the pdf to Teamviewer website it gives me a error that I can only upload pdf's. Wait...what??? I have double check the file extension (it says "PDF" and the size which is under 3MB (65.5kb to be exact). So I am to upload a pdf to the Teamviewer website that does not accept PDFs? Please advise Teamviewer. I tried to call your support, but it appears support is unwilling to help free users. Any advise to reset my account would be much appreciated. Thank you

  • Bebbspoke
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    Yes, I too have suffered a multiplicity of (false) "Commercial Use" detections. However - I persevere with Teamviewer as I object to the privacy infringements and the tracking policies of the likes of Google.

    Time was when the "Free for privat use" of Teamviewer allowed bidrectional screen swapping - it is a great shame that such is now only available in the paid version.

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    Oh were do I find the german community? I am german myself

  • jellyatt
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    You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links.:(

  • jellyatt
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    This is a Teamviewer problem and they should fix it. It all worked before - so come on support fix it and stop sending messages to fill in the form !!

  • jellyatt
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    I have now been warned twice :((

  • Miko_tas
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    No the problems is still there, with no feedback from the TeamViewer team.

    Installation of the software did not help either. I am thinking to give up using TeamViewer....

    Best regards,


  • ThördurLogi
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    Dear TeamViewer Team,

    I'm very grateful for you offering your excellent product to private users for free. It allows me to remotely help my over 80 years old parents to cope with today's computer technology as well as hooking into my wife's and our kids' computers to make sure home schooling runs technically smooth. Thank you for all this.

    Unfortunately though, today I have noticed that connections are being terminated after about 30 to 60 seconds. Reconnecting after 1 minute as suggested fails. Please help!  

    All the best and thanks!

  • jellyatt
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    My problem is exactly the same - no help from support :((

  • jellyatt
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    I got this message , so it seems they are working on it :)

    "We already reported this to our platform provider to change it, but they are still working on it."

  • Midjet76
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    I would think that if you use it too much this is what happens. Leave it a few weeks and you will probably be able to login for longer.

    As I hardly use TV due to them not replying to my application for Commercial use to be reviewed and removed I can now use it on the rare occasion I need it.

    I doubt it, this is nothing new....

  • User_One
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    I am a seldom user of Teamviewer free edition, all my own machines (Laptop, Tablet, 2 Desktop PCs)

    My latest session ended after 60 seconds and I could not reconnect even after waiting the one or two minutes that the mesage mentioned.

    Is a free use not possible anymore?


  • Hi I'm trying to fill out your page but it seems like the submit button is failing to call a javascript library

    Action -> Generate PDF

    Page -> "Can I get my TeamViewer ID reactivated?"

    URL ->

    Error -> DevTools failed to load SourceMap: Could not load content for HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE


  • vragec111
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    I have the same problem. I use really rarely, and I have opened it up now, only to connect to my PC upstairs.


    I had this problem previously, teamviewer people unblocked it for me, but i forgot what was the procedure, happened last summer.

    But i am getting tired of this.

    I think i will just switch to the nuissance called windows Remote Desktop Connection

  • Mako313
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    Hi all,

    I'm using the free version of Teamviewer to check up every now and then on my personal computer at work.

    However, lately I'm having issues with connecting. After a couple of minutes/seconds I get kicked out with a pop-up that the session timed out. When trying to reconnect it gets refused because I have to wait a couple of minutes because of the free license.

    Any advise here? I never had this issue before. For info: both computers are running the latest version.



  • i have the same problem.