Commercial use - Connection time out



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    I'm having the same problem after restarting my computer recently.

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    Apart from the right complaints, is there a response from the team?

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    Same here. Had to use **Third Party Product**.

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    Same problem here! I'm not using this for any commercial purpose; I'm a student using a remote PC. I'm using the same local machine and same remote machine as always, and this problem only appeared today. TeamViewer, what's going on?

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    My connection timed out after a few minutes for months, and now is every minute.

    So, where is the answer for this problem.

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    I have a free account, 30 seconds for logging in to the second computer and disconnecting informing me about the end of the session. I have this software for private use and Do you know any ideas for fixing this software?

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    Same for me. I use TeamViewer to transfer files between laptops in my home. Doesn't work any more. Guess I'll have to look for an alternative like a data stick and walking to the study! Still, it saves me having to buy a subscription, which I was about to do. Narrow escape!!!

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    Hi all,

    Is there way to fix this issue? I have been using TW since it became available. I use it to help my mom, my sister, a friend ( all of them in a different country ) and my girlfriend and her sister.

    I do not know why their system decided I have been using it for commercial purposes, which I have not.

    Without it my mom is fu....d.

    Is there a way to contact the TW team to get it fixed? I don't want to use a different solution.



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    I have been using Teamviewer for some years successfully to help friends and neighbors and today, for the first time, I received the timeout message and I can't connect to help a friend for more than a few seconds. This is not a good testimony for service or support

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    I'm receiving the same error and disconnect using the free version. Did something change regarding the licensing? I just use this to remote connect to my father's pc.

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    Same for me. i came here for that as well.. 1 minute and I'm disconnected.

    I'm simply using it to connect to my ARK gaming server on my LAN so I don't need to have a screen/keyboard/mouse connected to it...

    But now it's almost impossible to make anything

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    I am seeing the same. Getting an error that commecial use is detected. Given I use it in the house for connection to 2 linux laptops for a hobby of mine, I am wondering where the commercial aspect it!

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    It seems to be happening to everyone at the moment. Same here.

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    Same here. Use it for my mom to help her mow and then. Also use it for myself as sometimes I'm too lazy to walk downstairs. Lol. Frustrating.

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    I had the same problem today as well, cannot get it to work. I dropped all the firewalls and vpn and still same results. Times out in 30 sec and cannot get back connected for after 5 minutes. Once connected works great again for 30 secs. What is up with that. Both computers have the latest teamviewer.

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    So what happened is the 'free license' on your account is expired, email them (if you can find their **bleep** email) and ask them to renew it, they will.

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    I'm getting the same issue on Mac Os Big Sur, no mention of commercial use just connection blocked after timeout try again in 1 min. Now it won't let me login via my account or another free account. i can however still log on and use from phone and other computers.🤷

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    Good Evening. I do not use Teamviewer for commercial access. I use it to connect to a PC in my home. I connect to my home PC from outside of my home so maybe thats why it thinks i need a commercial license? How can i get back to the free version?

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    I am using TeamViewer for a personal case for connecting to my PC located somewhere else using my laptop. Starting today, I am getting a time out error massage which disconnects me after a few minutes of remote connection.

    Please let me know how to fix this issue. I tried contacting TeamViewer's support but could not figure it out and decided to ask a question here.

    Thank you

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    For about a week now, I am CONSTANTLY getting "Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked. Please try later or upgrade your license." IMMEDIATELY upon connecting to a remote computer that has worked via TeamViewer for years. Basically, I get 0 seconds of connectivity befoe being kicked off. Yeah, not very useful at all. How do I regain access to this "partner" when all my other "partners" are working just fine? I am a personal user. I have had to repeatedly prove myself as a non-commerical user over the years, and I'm getting very tired of this! What is TeamViewer's best competitor? Time to give them a call.

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    I used teamviewer only for myself , not for business.When I connected to other device for 1 min, then it interrupted and described connect timeout after forbidden.

    forbidden time will continue to %H:%M. like the below picture

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    Just put in the reset request so hope that fixes it. I have used my phone to access my home PC mainly on gaming purposes etc. Only thing different i now done is i noticed team viewer works actually on browser too so i started to use it on computer at work to access my home PC. Maybe the work PC triggered the commercial use? Still i only use one way connection to my gaming pc at home and its the only computer i ever connect to as i do not have anything else added and never need to add.

    Just so frustrating timing as there is a new game i could play at work via teamviewer the commercial usage popped up on the first day i was gonna try to play that one. I been using teamviewer for several years without any issues until yesterday.

    Also i did check out some subscription stuff but there really is nothing for private use and only commercial with insane monthly prices. Not really worth for the rare cases i actually got time to play at work for those prices.

  • Sergei_Esyakov
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    When connecting, the phone - PC connection was established, some error occurred. Now when I try to connect, I get an error exceeding the time limit for my license. I use the non-commercial version of the program. Do I really have some kind of time limit per month? And how do I remove the lock from my account?It also says that I use the commercial version. Maybe I clicked the wrong button from my phone by mistake and now I have this problem. Please help us with its solution.

  • TranceAddictFoX

    Well I put in a reset request even though I'm not getting the "Commercial use suspected' / 'Commercial use detected" as post #1 mentions. I'll reply when something happens. (says in 2 business days)

    The reset link is in the first post of this thread fyi to anyone reading

  • TranceAddictFoX

    I can report that this works as a work around if what you're remoting into is on the same network. I've been connected over 5 minutes no without issue.

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    Hello Teamviewer,

    I have been using teamviewer for personal use only all these years.

    I don't understand, why I keep getting messages that I am using it commercially?

    I use it to check my family and friend computers and I am not a company, I am Individual, so there is no commercial use.

    What can we do about it?

    Kind regards,

    Peteris Dovgvillo

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    Since 21/03/2021 immediately when I establish a connection I get the message:

    "Your Team viewer connection has timed out and will close"

    I an a free user, Teamviewer is up to date on both computers.

    Please can someone help me or ask support to contact me?

    Best regards