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    I have the latest version of TeamViewer installed on all my systems.

    I'm a disabled Veteran that uses TV to access multiple computers in my own house instead of having to physically move between them. There is NO commercial use.

    This is the third day in a row where I connect to my iMac from my (Windows) laptop and after about 1 minute I get kicked out with the usual "Thanks for playing fair" screen. When I close this box there's one behind it that says the session has been timed out and closed. If I try to reconnect I get an error message (shown in the image) and the error always shows 1 minute after the current time.

    I have to wait a minimum of 10 minutes to not get this screen and when I do manage to reconnect, it times out again after about a minute.

    I've used TeamViewer for many years and have recommended it to a lot of people, but if I can no longer use it the way I used to, I may have to start looking elsewhere because this is ridiculous.


    Now, even waiting over 10 minutes to reconnect, I can't even get 1 minute of use from the system before getting booted back out.

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    Same here! "Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnections are blocked".

    I used TeamViewer to help my elderly parents. I can't use it anymore.....

    Is TeamViewer now paid for a personal usage?

  • OldMoldy
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    I think this is the result of a bad TeamViewer update. I am having a similar problem. In the past, for years, I have used TV free version successfully to help friends and neighbors with computer problems and this timeout message just appeared for me yesterday.

  • Archigos
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    That's kind of what I thought. They better update and put out a fix soon if that's the case.

  • Archigos
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    View this thread for the information you need to reset your account.

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    Same here, trying to connect to my Dad's PC, to help with windows update, but I get kicked off right away.

    I just have a personal License. Is it a bug, or is TV changing to paid version only regardless if it's business or personal?

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    Please activate my ID **Do Not Post TeamViewer IDs**.I use for personal **Do Not Post TeamViewer IDs**

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    If you are stating your account was mistakenly flagged for non-commercial use. Read the following thread that will give you the information you need to fix your account. Otherwise, I recommend you edit your post and don't include you ID # as that's not something you want public.

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    They wrote on Twitter this morning that they had connectivity and system issues but they were resolved. I don't know why we're still getting kicked off on personal usage

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    I've been using TV to support my family and friends, as well as to access some workstations inside the house - 8 Connections total.

    In fact I use more RDP via Remmina on my Linux Mint than TeamViewer, so I'm 99% sure this is not a account flag issue - I really use very little.

    Today I've tried to connect to a friend's computer and got: License limits the maximum session duration to a partner and was disconnected. When trying to re-connect I have to wait a minute or so due to the disconnection triggering that requirement.

    Just for fun, tried other computers with the same results.

    What is going on? Is this a reported bug?

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    Still having same problem. The link received from Jean from Teamviewer leads to a 404 page.

    I don't understand why I was warned, I was asking for some help.

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    Everything keeps leading me to this thread. My problem, like many other users, is that TeamViewer doesn't show anything regarding "Commercial Use". Mine simply says that the session has timed out and that my license "limits" the amount of time I can be connected. I use the free license to connect with other family members' computers. The TeamViewer website shows that there are "no time limits" for the free license. So why am I getting disconnected due to the session being timed out within less than one minute of use?

    Free For Personal Use - TeamViewer

  • tayfunciray
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    Friends, I'm a non-commercial home user. I've been using it like this for years. Once a year they lock my account. I also ask them to write and open the report a problem section. It opens a day later. We have repeated the same ritual this year, but it is still not opened. Anyone have a suggestion? Thank you.

  • Bob_N6RW
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    This has been very irritating - especially since the TeamViewer support people aren't responding to all these new time-out complaints to let us know if the problem is at their end and will be fixed or not. I'm just using TeamViewer to temporarily control a remote amateur radio station from my house. I only get 50 seconds of usage before I get shut out for several minutes (not just two minutes). That's not enough time to download and install a different remote control app. Now it looks as though I'm going to have to drive around 800 miles, round trip, to switch the remote computer over to **Third Party Product** or **Third Party Product**.

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    I am having the same problem. Even after uninstalling and removing %appdata, I still had the same problem after downloading a new version.

  • Hello:
    I use Teamviewer only from pc to pc not for business and now when I use it it takes me out to the minute what can I do

  • Archigos
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    It seems like a bug either in their backend or in the newer versions of it. Sadly I think we're all just kind of stuck until they release either a fix or a new version of the software.

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    I have a free account I use to help my family and I cannot connect to any of the systems from my laptop. I'm getting an error

    "A connection could not be established. There seems there might be a licensing problem with your connection partner. Connecting to this device requires a valid Teamviewer license."

    This was working perfectly as of the 18th of March 2021. Today I go to use it and I get this error. It does seem to work on two other computers though. A Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit with latest Teamviewer and a Macbook Air with latest Teamviewer.

    Just this Lenovo X1 Carbon, Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit 20H2 won't let me connect.

    I've removed and re-installed. Rebooted. Restarted the Teamviewer services, logged out of my free account to not being logged in at all, no go. Log into free account, no go.

    I do have a logon through NinjaRMM as we use that integration. That still works perfectly for my business side of things.

    But for personal family use, I no longer can log into their systems.

    This computer is NOT located on a domain whatsoever. When used for business it's logged in using the business account and 2FA. Completely separate from the personal "free" use for my family.

    Any thoughts? This only seemed to have happened after the outage on the 22nd. Dunno if this is a coincidence.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Im having the same issues trying to manage my own personal devices and my daughters whos in collage and I need to access her pc and can not to assist her with some updates for windows. Is TeamViewer doing anything to help resolve this issue for us or is this their way to push users to the paid service? Help please!

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    I'm also getting kicked from my connections after about 1-2 mins for no reason. Both are updated to newest version and timeout was off on both, I changed to 1 hour and still getting timeout after 1-2 minutes

  • DataGeek
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    same for me... both computers on latest version...

  • DataGeek
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    I tried filling out and sending in the "I am not using TV for commercial purposes" form, still no change....

  • JavaJoe96
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    Have you been told you are blocked? Mine says free account and recently only letting me connect for 1-2 minutes before saying connection timeout. It is making me think this might be a wider problem.

  • M_S_R
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    How can i change teamviewer ID when requesting for reset my account as it has been detected as a commercial user but its actually not.

  • lvfbutch
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    I have been using the free version for months, actually years. It just quit and I cannot get anyone to email me back to re-set it. It says I have the free version but it is treating it like the commercial version. I sure need it to work again. I did download an iphone update maybe that had something to do with it.

  • garycase
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    I've had the same issue since about October ... connects fine, but within 30 to 40 seconds it times out and shuts down, so it's useless.

    I've tried reinstalling; using a different computer; etc. and nothing helps.

    Here's what happens after 30 to 40 seconds ...

  • DataGeek
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    I can see many folks complaining about this issue, some merges, thought I would add my observations. Love the product (until this current Bug), I have two local win10 pc's, both fail connecting to my dads (remote) win10 pc. The Teamviewer session connects for about 30 seconds, then drops. If I try to reconnect, I get a message that TeamViewer cannot reconnect for a few minutes into the future. If I wait a period of time, the same scenario occurs. I tried to connect to my local second win10 pc without an issue. All three devices are running the latest teamviewer app ver. 15.15.5. I have my local log files saved, see lots of apparent issues, but need smarter folks to analyze. I tried sending the "non commercial use form" in case that was related, but np apparent changes to issue.

    [PDF has been removed as per the community guidelines.]

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    Ok I see we all have the same **bleep** problem. Is their a Fix..... yes or no?

  • garycase
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    Note: I am NOT getting the "commercial use suspected" message (which the warning message above seems to imply). The system works fine in terms of connecting another computer -- it's simply useless as it disconnects within less than a minute (as shown in the messages I get).

    I did, nevertheless, submit the form suggested in the warning post, as it seems to be the only way to generate a ticket with Teamviewer ... trying to do it through the Support links simply brings me back to the community forum with no way to generate a support ticket.

    One other thought -- this issue happened around Oct or Nov. I didn't think about it when I first had the issue, but this may have started around the same time I upgraded to v20h2. I'm running the latest version of Teamviewer (and have uninstalled/reinstalled several times trying to get this to work).

  • T_Myers
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    I've been TeamViewer for years (free license) from time to time when my parents need help with their computer. All of a sudden, I get disconnected after a few min and it will not let me back in stating I've passed my time limit.

    As something changed?