Commercial use - Connection time out



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    Having the exact same issue.

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    Same here

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    Well it looks like I'm not the only with this issue. Ok, teamviewer experts, tell us what we need to do. Please!

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    Using free edition, non-commercial . . . exact same problem this morning after not using TeamViewer for over a month or two.😟

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    Hmm hopefully it might just be a glitch today and they will fix it. But after reading other complaints it looks like they are just trying to make us buy it. I have been using this non-commercial for years now. I have no need to pay out the **bleep** when I don't even use it all the time just not worth it. It was great while it lasted. If they are just trying to make us pay at least say tell us that. If it is just a glitch fix it for crying out load. PS: Teamviewer your customer support **bleep**

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    Well hopefully it is just a glitch for today. I’ve been using team viewer for several years and this is the first time I’ve had any problems. I use the free version also.

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    I've been using TV for years, but it has recently started dropping my connection after about a minute. Has the company changed there policy regarding the free license?

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    The reset page does not work. I put in my ID and it is more than 8 but less than 11 letters but it just highlights that field in red like I have it wrong. I have OCD and it takes me 30-60 minutes to leave for work because I keep having to go back and check the stove, etc. With teamviewer I can just leave OBS up connected to my cameras and TV in to my pc to verify that no, my house is not on fire. It also allows me to view my emotional support animal. You think this is no big deal but it causes me a ton of anxiety. And I cannot even put in a ticket or chat/call/email with a real human being to get this resolved. Did some awful company buy teamviewer? You used to be the best but this is just a massive swerve downhill.

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    Recently I have tried to connect with another one of my computers and after about 2 minutes I get blocked and the mesaage that I have exceeded maximum duration. I only use TEAM Viewer about once every month or less and have had no blocks so far yet now I am getting this message and issue?

    What is going on??

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    Seriously - I cannot connect to anything, why am i being penalised for not paying for a FREE account?

  • I have also just started getting this problem. While connecting my Mac to my Ubuntu computer.

    Connecting from my phone to my Mac seems to work and doesn't time out. So I don't think this is an account or licensing problem.

    I reinstalled Teamviewer on mac and my Ubuntu machines. Still getting the same error.

    This is what I get when trying to reconnect:

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    I recently summited a request to get my ID rest as I was flagged I use teamviewer to connect to my church computer to organize I do this on my own time and I'm not paid. This is very frustrating. I would love to talk to anyone on phone just give me a number. NOT HAPPY

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    I am travelling and trying to remote to my home PC but teamviewer keeps timing out over and over. How can I fix this? I am using the free version. Thanks!

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    Just save yourself a headache with these **bleep** **bleep** and switch to **Third Party Product**. You're welcome!

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    I'm trying to connect to my Father's computer to get some files to help him file his taxes.

    I haven't connected to this computer in a while.

    I connect on to his computer and in about a minute or so. I get kicked out and I try to reconnect and get this:

    Connection blocked after timeout.

    Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked. Please try later or upgrade your license

    Connections to this partner will be blocked until 21:35

    I'm using version 15.16.8 (32-bit)

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    I am having the exact same issue. All I am trying to do is assist my friend with some computer issues that he is having; however, I don't stay connected for more than thirty seconds, and I am kicked out. I do not use this software for financial gain, only to help my friends and family when they need computer assistance, be it macOS, Windows, Linux, etc. When I visit the TeamViewer site and on the application itself, it states that I am using the free account. I am using version 15.16.8 64 bit and the behavior is the same on macOS, Windows 10 build 20H2v2 and Linux. Please assist us, TeamViewer! Thank you.

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    Hello, I am Sunhee.

    Recently I have been blocked when I was using Teamviewer.

    The program said I need a commercial license.

    But I am in the academic field and used TeamViewer with my friend for coding the program or R.

    Could you permit my Teamviewer access?


  • Hi,

    I have been using Teamviewer for a long time around 8 years. I have three PC's at my home that all have it installed. One of them is using a VPN and has no screen. I use this PC for my Onedrive storage and media. Anytime I connect to this PC for remote control after a minute TV kicks me out and won't let me reconnect for a certain period. Why is this? How do I fix it?



  • lazza79
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    I have 4 PCs in my TeamViewer account and recently I am being kicked out after about one minute.

    Could you please help?

    I have a free license and I don't use the PC for commercial purposes.

    Thank you!

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    I'm in the same boat today trying to help my 81-year-old dad. Constantly disconnected and then timeout messages.

  • lazza79
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    I have the same issue.

    Please help!

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    Had this appear a few weeks ago. submitted a request to have it 'unblocked' (not for the first time either) and it worked for a couple of weeks. now its re-appeared. I gave up the convenience of using if for a homelab connection a while ago too.

    This really is becoming a pain in the proverbial.

    I'm probably being over cynical but it seems like crass move to force users into purchasing when they need it most.

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    This is happening to me too. I connect to my home pc, then it closes and tells me I have to wait. When I try again it does the same thing.

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    It's been happening to a lot of people since yesterday.

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    Well, I see we are all in this boat. I don't see TV either attempting a resolution or letting us know they are attempting a resolution. It is free, so I guess I am getting what I paid for, anyway.

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    This is so frustrating and really not endearing me to TeamViewer.

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    Before I continue. I only use Teamviewer to support my family that lives in a different country as me. I do not receive any compensation for helping them.


    There are many posts on the internet mentioning that Teamviewer will detect connections over VPNs as commercial use. Currently I am using a well known VPN service that can be used to tunnel internet data through any country of choice (For privacy purposes). Teamviewer has not detected any connections over this VPN as commercial use. Neither has any of my friends ever reported that their Teamviewer has been marked for commercial use when connecting through one of these commonly used VPN services.

    In addition to the VPN software service I just mentioned, I want to install a second Free VPN program (Free for personal use up to 5 PCs) that will allow me to access my fathers PC via a fixed IP in the created VPN network so I can synchronize his personal files to me for backup purposes.

    How do I know if the second VPN program will be considered as commercial use, or if it will be treated as just another personal use VPN program like the first VPN package that I mentioned?

    Can someone please provide more detailed info as to what type of VPN is considered as commercial use and which type is considered as personal use?

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    I'm not a company or anything, I'm just a dad who connects daily to my son's computer and teaches him! He is only 9 years old, and he's is struggling with his online schooling, so I have to connect daily to his computer and help him study because unfortunately, I don't live with him. I connected once to my daughter's computer at the same house, but it's always my son, every day. Now, TeamViewer closes after 1 minute and won't let me stay longer and also won't reconnect immediately. This is a disaster for me because my son needs me and all other remote software isn't that efficient. Please, can you lift this limitation? Thank You

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    Same issue, no idea what this is about. I have not used my TeamViewer all week. Seems a little shady on Teamviewers side.