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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • dhw
    dhw Posts: 3

    After a reconnect the disconnect timeout is vastly shortened and eventually you will not be able to reconnect but must wait for a certain amount of time before reconnecting.

    Also I don't know how long it takes before you can reconnect for another 3 hour free period.

    I will keep you posted as I find out more

  • Please Help.

    I can't remote partner ID teamviewer, because my licenses was expired.

    i have re installed team viewer and chose type personal (non commercial use), but my team viewer didn't work, still the licences was expired.

    need your help.


  • Having right now the same issue plus a "commercial use" - which is not the case at all, only a big family with PC and smartphones - message that keeps popping up.


  • Scott___
    Scott___ Posts: 1

    I'm also getting this message - I submitted a form 2 weeks ago - no response at all yet.

  • Smash
    Smash Posts: 1

    Start using alternatives.

    I talked to support today and they said use the forums and good luck.

  • ed1980
    ed1980 Posts: 1

    Please need your support.

    By mistake was set up the corporate version of TeamViewer instead of personal.

    I've tried to uninstall and set up again, but it doesn't help.

    How can I get free version back again?

    Thanks for help beforehand


  • Michra
    Michra Posts: 1

    i have the same Problem.


  • gww466
    gww466 Posts: 1

    Hi - I'm having the same exact issue. Is there any solution? I've tried re-installing numerous times. Thank you. 

  • gkble
    gkble Posts: 1

    So I accidently installed the trial version of TeamViewer on two of my family’s computers when I meant to install the free version to help them. Now I am getting the message that “The Trial License of your partner has expired”. How can I install the free version now? Tried to uninstall TeamViewer and install free version but still get this message. I tried to find information on the Knowledgebase but not finding anything to help me resolve my issue. Please advise. Thanks.

  • kodansha
    kodansha Posts: 6

    I am also experiencing this issue as of 3/27/2018. Tried both Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers and both result in the same error page after the form is submitted:

    Edge errorEdge errorChrome errorChrome error



  • kodansha
    kodansha Posts: 6

    Form error still persists as of 3/28/2018. Tried Chrome again and even Internet Explorer 11. Same issue occurs in both browsers.

    IE 11 form error

  • htyoung
    htyoung Posts: 1

    I use the free version to connect to my mom's computer a couple times a year to help her out.  But the stupid client suggests I need a pro license and then only lets me stay connected for a short time.  Sometimes 1 min, sometimes 5 mins.  Then it disconnects and it will tell me I disconnected too often and won't let me reconnect.  Mind you I have connected once and got disconnected once.  Then I have to wait a couple minutes before I can get connected again.  Some times it tells me I can't use custom clients or company logos when connecting so I have to upgrade.  Keep in mind both computers have the free version installed and they say free license on them.  And the support site is pretty useless.  Please help.  I can't be the only one seeing this

  • decroft
    decroft Posts: 1

    For some reason you keep thinking I am using Teamviewer commercially.  I barely use it.  In the past you said I was using a HOST and a logo.  I don't know what a host or logo is.  I help my wife, sister , mother  and daughter when they mess up their computer, so I have no idea why you keep asking me to buy a license.

  • First I have the Free-personal version.  I have about 15 friends on my list.  I sometimes remote in and fix stuff for them.  

    Im getting this message that it appears I’m using TV for commercial use.  I AM NOT!  

    I cant find a email address to contact support directly.  I need my account fixed please


  • I use team viewer in my house to access a few desktops i have in my house, i help my husbands laptop, my daughters computer who does not live with me and my friends computer.  Lately I am getting a message saying my teamviewer needs to convert to a commercial account. why? i am using it for personal reason.  I can't find a number to call where I can speak to someone about this and I can't find anything online.


  • ngocvan
    ngocvan Posts: 2

    Dear Support Teamviewer,
    I use Teamview do support my friends
    I have mistake setup Teamviewer version 13 Company on my laptop Win 10. And now this version has expired.
    Please guide me change to version personal. I want use version Free.
    Many thank.



  • ngocvan
    ngocvan Posts: 2

    Thank you

  • kodansha
    kodansha Posts: 6

    4/4/2018 and the form is still broken.

  • kodansha
    kodansha Posts: 6


    I use team viewer in my house to access a few desktops i have in my house, i help my husbands laptop, my daughters computer who does not live with me and my friends computer.  Lately I am getting a message saying my teamviewer needs to convert to a commercial account. why? i am using it for personal reason.  I can't find a number to call where I can speak to someone about this and I can't find anything online.


    There is a form you are supposed to be fill out but it has been broken for weeks now:

    I keep bumping this thread in hopes someone from support notices but no one has

  • Hello,

    I am using free license team viewer it's showing on top then why my connection is getting terminated after five minutes saying that system has detected commercial use

  • I was very happy with teamviewer . I am using it past  2 months but today it is giving false message of commercial use. I am using it to remotely control my 3 mining rigs. Its totally my personal . Something wrong with teamviewer and giving false detection of commercial use. Help me or provide me any support email address so that i can invite teamviewer team and give them million dollar award if they proove that i am using it for commercial use.

  • SubCam
    SubCam Posts: 1

    I'm having the same issue here.  Completely personal use, and it boots me after 5 mins.

  • kodansha
    kodansha Posts: 6

    Update: got the form to submit successfully. I was including the text from an e-mail TeamViewer support sent to me previously so that it could be referenced in the form and I suspect I hit a character limit on form submission. I wish the form could fail in a more graceful manner so that I could have realized sooner what was going on ?

    If anyone else encounters this issue, just pare down the text in the usage explanation box until the form submits.

  • Hello im michell .. i saw this problem on my laptop  i can t use team viewer... the problem my trial is expire but i don t use this program for work or something like that you need buy the licence ... i think i need reset or re istallation TW ... but i tried 5 already and the problem is not fixed yet... can you please help me to found the problem 

    thank you very much !!! michel 

  • Moreno23
    Moreno23 Posts: 2

    Buon giorno.

    Sto usando Team Viewre 13 con un telefono cellulare per controllare la situazione dei mie cani a casa mentre sono al lavoro. Collegando il PC al cellulare ed attivando la funzione foto del cellulare, riesco a controllare la situazioni a casa. Purtroppo però TV13 dopo un pò, si disconnette. Non ha un tempo preciso di connessione, a volte pochi minuti a volte delle ore. Una volta disconnesso però non riesco più a collegarmi con il cellulare in quanto a casa non c'è nessuno che possa confermare la attivazione della connessione. La necessità è di poter contare su una connessione di 6/8 ore, giusto il tempo che i miei cani rimangono da soli a casa.

    Qualcuno mi sa dire se esiste il modo di configurare il tempo di connessione per la versione free ?



  • Moreno23
    Moreno23 Posts: 2

    Good morning.
    I'm using Team Viewre 13 with a cell phone to check the situation of my dogs at home while I'm at work. By connecting the PC to the phone and activating the photo function of the phone, I can control the situation at home. Unfortunately, TV13 after a while, disconnects. It does not have a precise connection time, sometimes a few minutes sometimes of hours. Once disconnected, however, I can no longer connect to my cell phone because there is no one at home who can confirm the activation of the connection. The need is to be able to rely on a connection of 6/8 hours, just the time that my dogs are left alone at home.
    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to configure the connection time for the free version?
    thank you.

  • From this week, im seeing this issue for my account used on my personal laptops, have raised  Ticket ID: 3993531 ticket to resolve the issue.

    Please look into this and resolve asap.

    Thanks in advance for all the help!