Commercial use - Connection time out



  • rhatten
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    NO SUPPORT!... Its been WEEKS waiting for the reset (that NEVER happens).. The RESET form can NOT be completed online... TV account name is RLHatten1

  • Dave_Reiser
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    Same here. Frustrating.

  • Dave_Reiser
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    Same here. Frustrating.

  • dcweather
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    This has become widespread. Used to be resolved easily with an email but now I get no response.

  • plncrzy
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    Same. I hope it is a massive bug. iOS to a Windows machine, my maximum session duration gets reached in about 60 seconds and then the message says it will stop blocking 1 minute from now, but still blocks after that. I am forced to press "more info" to dismiss the popup and I am instead thanked for upgrading to business, but I am not.

    The website seems to have no information about the details or limitations or terms of the free license that I've used mildly for something like 10 years and I've never bumped into a limitation or block. I don't know what the limitations are so I don't know how to stay within them.

    I'm frustrated with:

    -The sudden change from being useful to acting like I am infringing something.

    -Being unable to find information and no way to contact.

    -No option to pay an amount that is inline with the value they offer me. I average <4 hour of usage per year.

    How can I and Teamviewer be happy? I want this relationship to work.

  • Keene
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    same problem today (4/24) and I get an error message that then says I'm blocked. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program but I'm still getting timed out after a minute and then blocked from trying again. I've never had this problem before but now several people have complained in the past couple of days to TeamViewer has obviously done something or has a problem. Time to move on?

  • ShadowC001
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    I have about 5 computers that I remote into so I do not have to have multiple monitors and KVM switch, etc. Today when I tried to remote in, it rejected my connection citing some "License limits the maximum duration"

    I have not used Teamviewer in several days, and I only use it on my personal devices. Why is this happening?

    Thanks in advance!

  • JRBaker42420
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    I’m using TeamViewer Free, Version 15.16.8 (32-bit) with Windows 10 Pro (Version 20H2).

    I bought a new HP Omen laptop computer (Model No. 15-ek0xxx) and installed TeamViewer Free. Everything worked perfectly. After a little over two months, I bought a SECOND identical HP OMEN laptop computer because I liked the first one so much.

    To save time setting up the second computer, I used Macrium Reflect software to CLONE a backup of the first HP OMEN onto the second HP OMEN.

    After making some adjustments to the sign-ins on the second HP-OMEN computer, everything worked perfectly on BOTH computers. That is, EXCEPT for TeamViewer.

    The computer is only able to connect to another computer for a few seconds, and then experiences a “Session Timeout!” error. Subsequent attempts to reconnect fail with a “Connection blocked after timeout” error. See the screen captures.

    I believe the problem is that both computers now have the SAME “TeamViewer ID”. A TeamViewer ID is a unique numeric ID assigned to each device when TeamViewer is installed.  This ID is designed not to change and should remain constant even if the software is uninstalled and reinstalled.

    The problem persists even if one of the laptop computers is turned OFF.

    How can I wipe out the TeamViewer ID on the second computer, and reinstall a fresh new copy of TeamViewer?

    Or, is my problem caused by something else, and requires a different solution?

    Note that TeamViewer does continue to work perfectly on my OTHER personal computers. The only problem is with the two new laptops: the original and the clone.

    Thanks for your help!

  • JRBaker42420
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    Note: I am using the Free for Personal Use version of TeamViewer.  I am NOT using the Commercial version.  And yet, my post was MERGED in with "Commercial use - Connection time out".

  • gazclay
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    Me too, it has started recently, its almost like its a bug in the system somewhere

  • Cy13erBob
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    Hi, am using the free personal version of Teamviewer to log in to my personal raspberry pi's, for some reason this week my connection seems to be getting blocked, and am receiving the below message. sometimes it lets be log in for less than a minute and then kicks me out.

    can you please support me? I thought Teamviewer was free for personal use.

    "Connection blocked after timeout.

    Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked. Please try later or upgrade your license.

    Connections to this partner will be blocked until 07:49."

  • Nasrim
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    Same problem here with Windows 10 - Tried with different computers

  • Charles111
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    Your system does not have a free version of team viewer any more Why is this because it will not allow me to download anything. I am always broke I can not afford to pay every single month.

  • Charles111
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    I find it very difficult to survive from month to month.

    I am a senior citizen and need the free version of team viewer.

  • rgdrywall
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    Every time I try to log in to my remote computer it let me get to it and then quickly "times" me out then says I have exceeded the time allowed but I was only on for 10 seconds. I have had a friend turn it off and back on for me (in FL I am in GA) and that did not clear it ?

  • KLDH
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    I am having the identical issue. It started the same day as Mike's. I use Teamviewer to help my relatives (mostly elderly) with issues on their computer, non-business related at all, and have done so for more than two years. If not resolved soon, I will have to use screen sharing in **Third Party Product**, which may be unsafe, but I know of no alternatives.

  • GeneraznXz
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    Sometimes last week between April 21st - 23rd, 2021 I tried connecting to my personal PC the same way I did the last few month but this time I get disconnected within 1 minute. I keep getting the message:

    "Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner, immediate reconnects are blocked. Please try later or upgrade your license"

    When I use teamviewer for the same account on my mobile device connecting to the same PC I have no problems. I don't get kicked off or blocked.

    Is there something on my PC in specific that I can check to fix this issue or is this something Teamviewer need to do to unblock me from using it on a PC?

    Any information is appreciated. Thank you in advance!

  • ice24790
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    I would like to know this as well the past few days this has been happening to me as well. A week or 2 ago I got flagged for commercial use, but got it cleared up, only to get flagged again the next day. They fixed the issue within a few hours, but now I only get about 30 seconds of use before it disconnects me and blocks me from reconnecting.

  • Maximum time? I don't see him mentioned anywhere, yet he tells me the session time is up.

    I use the FREE license and connect to my other PCs at home while I'm away. At a certain point, everything freezes and I get this warning.

    Obviously I don't use Teamviewer for commercial purposes, but only to order movies and photos that I send home to my NAS, via the laptop I use around; I don't know, I'm probably suspected of commercial use (but shouldn't I get a warning? Which obviously didn't reach me).

    What can I do to stop my sessions from expiring? Thanks.

  • Sha_Sha1111
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    I already filled out the forms , reset my account, and still cannot log into my personal account. The message I placed earlier is not posted. I sent my feedback via email and called the customer service number. No luck addressing this issue. Teamviewer logs me out after one minute. Only the mobile version works but I can't type anything in mobile version. I need my laptop version to work. Hasn't been working since late last week.

  • MNorman
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    I am not getting a commercial use suspected message (and am not using TV commercially). It works fine from any of my PCs running Windows 10, and a tablet running Android, but the time out disconnect happens when I use TV from my iPad. The same problem occurs when using TV on a MacBook running Mac OS X. The problem seemed to briefly resolve itself a week or two ago before reverting to the one minute disconnect behaviour.

  • Plymouth_Sid
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    I have completed the form that is at the link at the very top of this set of pages but I cannot "generate the PDF". to get the completed form to "Go"! Is this a temporary problem?


  • thosdelaney
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    I'm a retiree (82 yrs old) who personally has used the Free TV application for many years and with multiple friends, all personal use only. Never any money changing hands for the help. All of a sudden, my connections were being terminated and my research pointed to suspicious Commercial use. Further efforts found a license reset process. Followed the procedure and received email saying the reset was successfully accomplished but it contained a warning that since two computers were always involved in the TV process, some of the other computers might have to go through the same process. This seems very cumbersome and impractical. Shouldn't we just have the users experiencing problems just uninstall their Free versions and reinstall a fresh new Free version? Something tells me this will not work? Someone, please advise.

  • BeaCati
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    I have used Team Viewer for months for academic use. I use it for university works, and I have never had problems with it., but this morning, each time I try to connect, it blocks my conexion in less than one minute and gives me a message in which it says that this is the maximum time that my license allows.

    I don´t undertand what happens, I have the free license for non comercial use, and it is exactly the use that I give to it. What can I do?

  • RachelB
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    Having exactly the same issue as described above. I have this as a literal lifeline to my 80 year old father who lives alone 5 hours away and in another county. During the pandemic this has and remains to be vital to sort his shopping and help him to retain some kind of social interaction via his computer. He is not tech competent and relies heavily on me and teamviewer. This has been massively impactful over the last couple of days. I maybe use this once a week to support him but sometimes more frequently. He is now struggling to use elements of his laptop and believes that he has broken something, knocking his tech confidence further. Disappointed with the companies lack of response or assistance.

  • litmus
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    I "got promoted to Neutron" for submitting a request to reset my free account... I don't need badges, I need to use my free account.

    Has anyone experienced repeatedly having their account suspected of being used not for personal stuff and having had to beg for a check over and over?

    Such a pity T-V is not even addressing requests in person... looks like their focus is on having everyone to switch to paid accounts, but thankfully there are alternatives out there.

  • Fosssil
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    I am trying to control another computer in my house via Teamviewer. As far as I know, I checked the box for the free version on both computers, but now every time I connect it disconnects after a few seconds and won't let me reconnect for a period of time.

    Notably I have NOT ever gotten messages about "suspected commercial use" like other posts about this problem suggest.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling on both computers but that has not solved the problem.

    Please help. I will have to abandon TeamViewer altogether if there is no solution.

  • orbital
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    I'm having the same issue. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

  • ojibs
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    Same issue here

  • Antonioz79
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    I am also having the same issue, and only use teamviewer whenever my mom needs help fixing something on her computer as I live in another country, so definitely not using it for commercial use, it always worked for years and now this every singe time I try