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    Me too. Free personal use. What did they do in latest upgrade that wont let us stay connected.

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    Is Teamviewer giving up on Free Non-Commercial use?. I have been flagged for suspicion of Commercial Use 3 times and have been reactivated each time. 

     Today, I am no longer getting a warning of Commercial Use, I just get kicked out of a session after 1-2 min and can’t log back in for increasing times. Nothing about my use should raise red flags.  I am a surgeon working in Maryland doing Cancer Research… My father is 86 years old and lives alone in Florida.  I am my Father’s IT support.  Teamviewer is welcome to review my logs… even watch me live. NOTHING about what I am doing should be suspicious for Commercial use. 

    After getting kicked off of Teamviewer 3 times in the past 2 years, I use it as little as possible. I try to talk him through simple fixes over the phone---to avoid getting banned. Even that has not been effective.  

    I recognize they are not making money off of me, but I WAS their biggest word of mouth advertiser.  I have used their service for years helping my father and have raved about the company. Never a problem…—at least until last year.  If Teamviewer does not want to support the free non-commercial use—then just end the program. Having it unreliable only makes their service look bad.  

    If I have to find another Free service, I will. It will be a steep learning curve for my dad, but never knowing if Teamviewer is going to get mad and kick me off is making helping him harder than it should be. Sorry if I do not sound like I appreciate their free service—I really do and I started to rely on it.  Having it hit or miss makes life difficult.  

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    I am trying to help my Mom on her ios device, she is using the quick support app and i am using the full teamviewer app both on latest ios and on latest teamviewer versions.

    I used to be able to connect and help her fine but now it says:

    unable to connect

    maximum duration to client reached

    whats up with that? and p.s. we are both running free personal.

    Please help thanks.

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    i use TV to take control,by computer,to my radios at my mother house and at working place from my home.

    Sometimes TV disconnect me after few seconds i've logged in to one of the computer,in particular with that at working place.....I've a free license and it has worked correctly till yesterday,this morning is not possible log in to the computer,why?

    can you help me?

    Thank in advance,

    Sergio Presentato.

  • I use teamviewer to manage a headless linux box in my home from my personal computer. Does this qualify as/for a personal license?

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    i am using the free person to person license for public. Over the last two weeks when I log in from my iPhone after just one min I get disconnected and timed out. It states thank you for using etc

    this never occurred before can anyone provide assistance. Thank you

  • I am using as a domestic use but 1 minuths after login is showing time run out

    what shall i do

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    I just received an email from TeamViewer this morning that my TV ID was reset for private use, yet the ID they provided is NOT my ID. Plus I submitted two IDs, as it clearly shows on the PDF I signed an uploaded. I tried both of my TeamViewer IDs connecting to the safest person I know, my mom's PC, and I still got disconnected after 1 minute with the message "Your TeamViewer session has timed out and will be closed."

    I'm not sure how to resolve this since TeamViewer does not seem to allow their free users any direct way to communicate with their support team. It's crazy that I can't reply to them to let them know of this mistake. I'm appreciative that they processed my claim quickly and reset my ID, but I should be able to talk with some one for simple reasons as this issue.

    Any suggestions?

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    I have used the free version of TV to support my elderly relatives in the UK for many years, I have recently retired to Spain and I used it as normal yesterday, but today I got disconnected straight away and then refused access for longer and longer periods of time.

    Seems like this is very common, 263 pages of posts, please what do I have to do to get my access to my pc illiterate family members PCs?

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    hello everyone, I use teamviewer for private purposes often to connect from the outside to my computer ... from today without having done anything the sessions last me at most one minute and it tells me that it is because of my plan ... they have made any changes or did it all break down?

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    Ive been having the same issue. i use TV to connect to my home media server(ubunutu) and if I leave the sessions up but switch to say firefox to read something about what im doing it kicks me out and then just keeps changing the timer on when I can reconnect again.

    Its just home use so there its totally not worth 50/month license

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    the strange thing is that it never did ... and now it does even if I stay in the same window. The strangest thing is that if I log in from the phone (with the same account) it doesn't give any problems

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    I'm trying to get support for using TV non-commercial and I'm on a page titled 'Reset Management'. It's asking for my TeamViewer ID and an explanation of my problem. My ID is uhclem. Has been uhclem for many years. When I fill in the info and click 'Generate PDF' I get an error message that says 'TeamViewer ID should not be empty, less than 8 or more than 11 digits only.'

    Can anyone help?

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    team viewer keep disconnecting I use team to help my 2 daughter in quebec and my brothers and sisters only my family after I update it start to disconnect it self I uninstall and reinstall same problem can you help me to resolve this problem may be it is cause because I use more often with covid can I still use to help my family tks Patrice

  • Hello, I'm very frustrated as I sometimes connect to a family friends computer. He is 80 years old and partially sighted. He uses his computer a lot, but if it goes wrong he always comes to me to fix it. I can normally do this using team viewer and can get the problem sorted fast. It seems at the moment it keeps ending my session saying that this session was ending as this is a business IP address. Both mine and his are private broadband accounts.

    Can someone please tell me why this would happen. My friend is now without a computer until I can physically go to his house and sort the problem.

    Many thanks

    Ian Davis

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    I'm a Personal user (non-commercial) and getting the same problem. has something changed with TeamViewer?

    I am no longer able to remote in to assist my family with their computer problems because I get booted out of the TV session after about one minute, and then I receive an informational message, saying, "Connection blocked after timeout". This has never happened before and only recently started. I am using the TV product for personal use only to help support family and a few friends, from which I do not get paid, and do not receive any compensation. I do it only out of the goodness of my heart. :-)

    Attached is a screenshot of the message I receive.

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    I have used TV for non-commercial use for years to support my elderly mother whenever she was having issues and to remote into my home Windows 10 pc from my Windows 10 laptop when away from home occasionally to find a file, close a file, etc.

    Now, as soon as I connect, it disconnects and gives me this message.

    And as soon as I try to reconnect, it gives me this message.

    Now I can't remote in to access my pc when I urgently need it! I have been flagged before as a commercial user and have filled out the form. I am so over trying to use this software! I am uninstalling it from all devices and moving to Chrome Remote Desktop.

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    I'm a Personal user (non-commercial) I am no longer able to remote in to assist my family with their computer problems because I get booted out of the TV session after about one minute. Has something changed with TV?

    I then receive an informational message, saying, "Connection blocked after timeout . . . Session Maximum Session Limit / Immediate Reconnects Blocked". This has never happened before and only recently started. I am using the TV product for personal use only to help support family and a few friends, from which I do not get paid, and do not receive any compensation. I do it only out of the goodness of my heart. :-)

    Attached is a screenshot of the message I receive.

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    Hello, I use my laptop and desktop in tandem in the same network right next to each other and teamviewer still is blocking me as if I was using it not in a personal way. its a very short connection now.

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    why is my connection blocked after only a minute of connection

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    I found this link on Teamviewer Support twitter account (not the Teamviewer account, but Teamviewer Support):

    [ If you only want to get your TeamViewer back, go directly to this page ( ) and request your reset. That´s it. ]

    I just finished completing the Reset form. It requires you Log into your Teamviewer account, fill out a form with ID numbers that are blocked, print PDF, sign and date it, scan the completed form and upload it back to Teamviewer.

    Yes, it is a pain to do. But what choice do we have since we are FREE users.

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    April 28

    Still the same issue.

    I enter username and password, click Login, and nothing happens.

    Tried restarting computer and reinstalling app.

    Running 15.17.6 (a008a771384) on 11.3 (20E232)

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    Same issue here... Disappointing marketing methods to push commercial licenses....

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    I have the free license for this software but every time i try and connect to my wife's laptop it disconnects after about 50 seconds and gives a connection blocked after timeout error?

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    Teamviewer appear to have stopped free use licence without telling anybody. Mine was timing out after 30 secs despite my very low usage. None of the normal fixes work. So I signed my wife up with a completely new email and different laptop so she was previously unknown to the system and her very first use was timed out after 30 seconds.!!! There are no replies from Team Viewer when emailing for help on this issue so after several years of nothing ut praise I am forced to look elsewhere.

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    if this is the case then they clearly need to update their users and their website which still clearly advertises:

    TeamViewer Is Free for Private Use

    TeamViewer empowers people to help people beyond borders and barriers. Providing a free plan for personal use is part of this vision: we believe that helping friends and family should be possible for everyone. Therefore – all TeamViewer users without a paid plan can use the fundamental TeamViewer features like accessing computers remotely. These features are designed to meet the needs of most of our free users.

    Certain features like User Management are limited to users with a paid plan for commercial use. Commercial use means using TeamViewer for your business, within a commercial network and remote work.

    this is very misleading and false advertising at it's best.

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    I only use TeamViewer personaly to occassionally connect from my desktop to my laptop and from my laptop to my desktop. Typiclal only for 5-10 min or so once a month or so at most. It just started disconnecting me automatically as if I was a being flagged as commercial user. The menu says to try later or buy a liscense.