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    I found this link on Teamviewer Support twitter account (not the Teamviewer account, but Teamviewer Support):

    [ If you only want to get your TeamViewer back, go directly to this page ( ) and request your reset. That´s it. ]

    I just finished completing the Reset form. It requires you Log into your Teamviewer account, fill out a form with ID numbers that are blocked, print PDF, sign and date it, scan the completed form and upload it back to Teamviewer.

    Yes, it is a pain to do. But what choice do we have since we are FREE users.

  • notadamb
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    April 28

    Still the same issue.

    I enter username and password, click Login, and nothing happens.

    Tried restarting computer and reinstalling app.

    Running 15.17.6 (a008a771384) on 11.3 (20E232)

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    Same issue here... Disappointing marketing methods to push commercial licenses....

  • Scott1976
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    I have the free license for this software but every time i try and connect to my wife's laptop it disconnects after about 50 seconds and gives a connection blocked after timeout error?

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    Teamviewer appear to have stopped free use licence without telling anybody. Mine was timing out after 30 secs despite my very low usage. None of the normal fixes work. So I signed my wife up with a completely new email and different laptop so she was previously unknown to the system and her very first use was timed out after 30 seconds.!!! There are no replies from Team Viewer when emailing for help on this issue so after several years of nothing ut praise I am forced to look elsewhere.

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    if this is the case then they clearly need to update their users and their website which still clearly advertises:

    TeamViewer Is Free for Private Use

    TeamViewer empowers people to help people beyond borders and barriers. Providing a free plan for personal use is part of this vision: we believe that helping friends and family should be possible for everyone. Therefore – all TeamViewer users without a paid plan can use the fundamental TeamViewer features like accessing computers remotely. These features are designed to meet the needs of most of our free users.

    Certain features like User Management are limited to users with a paid plan for commercial use. Commercial use means using TeamViewer for your business, within a commercial network and remote work.

    this is very misleading and false advertising at it's best.

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    I only use TeamViewer personaly to occassionally connect from my desktop to my laptop and from my laptop to my desktop. Typiclal only for 5-10 min or so once a month or so at most. It just started disconnecting me automatically as if I was a being flagged as commercial user. The menu says to try later or buy a liscense.

  • kevin_Ryall1
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    Good day

    I use a free license to log on to my wife's computer when she is at home and has issues with banking, shopping etc and to help my mother when she has issues with he computer.

    Teamveiwer was working a dream until approx 1 month ago Teamveiwer has been allowing me to connect then after 30 seconds the connection is blocked after timeout?

    Can anyone help with what is happening?

    I have read that Teamveiwer does this after 5 mins if it thinks you are a for profit organisation which i am not and it is after 30 seconds.

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    Please canet

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    Apparently I was warned by a mod for "duplicating thread post" but I have yet to see a response from the mod since this thread was start all the way back in 2016. I believe this issue happened recently between April 19 - 23. By reading some of the messages on this thread it literally triggered everyone with a Free License account. They ask you to reset your account which I did and the same issue. Do we continuously send in reset request and pray it'll work after a specific time of amount of resets? Maybe the first one was not enough to trigger the reset? Any suggestions?

  • mine is a free license. I use TVW to connect to my office computer from home and to connect to my daughter's computer in canada. Since a couple of days connections end after less than one minute. I cannot understand why. Can you please help me ?

  • tkropp17
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    Having the same problem, just started this morning

  • MrOtakuKun
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    i try to establish a connection to my desktop at home, to help with my schoolwork, but now when i connect for at least half a minute, it kicks me off saying my session timed out and will be closed, but it never did this. does this have to do with the fact that my account is a free account? if so, why did it wait until now to give me problems?

  • daveslaz
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    This is the process I have to go through to fix the same issue !!

  • FuzzmanKs
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    Additional note when using the RESET MANAGEMENT procedure. It will ask for your Teamviewer ID(s) that are being blocked from your access. It's not asking for your username or email address. It is the ID that the program assigns each individual computer or device. That number is visible in your Teamviewer console (look under Properties).

    Once completed, the screen says to expect a resolution in 2 business days. I applied last evening.

  • Faezeh
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    I am using the non-commercial version of TeamViewer to connect to our lab PC (I am a Ph.D. student and I need to work remotely due to covid). I didn't have any problem until today. But today, I tried to connect to lab PC but I keep receiving this message: "your TeamViewer session has timed out and will be closed"

    Can someone help me how to solve this problem?

    Kind regards,


  • JT8780
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    Hello All,

    I've been using team viewer for awhile now, several years now actually.

    I've always had a free license, and i've been using teamviewer to access the home theatre PC that I have connected to my network from another room, all of a sudden it is kicking me off every minute.

    I can't seem to get in contact with anyone could anyone help?

  • foxtrot3000
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    I am having the same problem so if you figure out how to fix it please let me know. Quite literally all that I use TeamViewer for is just connecting to and helping my grandmother with her computer since she is very computer illiterate and now I can't stay connected to her machine for more than 30 seconds to a minute. Then I have to wait 5 minutes before I can connect again.

  • AllanAp
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    I also have had the same problem which started this past week. I connect to my father-in-law to help him with computer issues, but i am kicked off after less than a minute.

    Where does one go for help?

  • AllanAp
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    I've been helping my father-in-law for years with Teamviewer, but now it seems to have decided that I am a business user. What gives?

  • Co0whipp
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    I received this from Team Viewer. I filled out the form and my time-out issue was fixed in 24 hours.


  • Artemkin
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    Hi. i have a problem with connection to my computer.

    i have two favorite it is my, it isn't commercial connection, problem is about time.

    When i get access to my computer after 5 min program disconnected, and write me a message " time is out and u can't connection until another time"

  • I look after 2 devices in Jamaica (owned by mother), 1 device owned by my brother, 3 devices I own.

    TeamViewer thinks I'm using it for comicial access but only looking after fixing family computers. Mother is 78 and needs help most weekends that the Grand Prix is on.

  • Poojitha_raj
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    I have been using Team Viewer for a few months now. I only use it to access my PC from laptop. Both devices are in the same location. I recently encountered this problem where the connection gets timed out soon after connecting. I was asked to submit the "suspected commercial use" form, which I did. I also received an email from Team Viewer acknowledging private use for both my device IDs. However, I still have the issue of timing out just 2 seconds after the connection is established. Can anyone help me with this?

    Poojitha Rajasekar

  • Remeto
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    I have the same problem i use the free license, it always worked fine in my lan, but for a couple of days it disconnects and says it looks like commercial use and I don't know how to fix it

  • hairydog
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    Exactly the same for me. After updating to version 15.17.6, I connected to a remote PC and it timed out after about two seconds. Attempts to reconnect were refused.

    I'm not sure if the update was the cause. I use Teamviewer so infrequently that there is almost always an update every time I use it.

    I tried to get a reset, but the "Create PDF" button does nothing.

  • Remeto
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    I think the cause is in the new version, I have not touched any setting in no one of the 4 PCs in my LAN, I hope it will be resolved soon.

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    I solely use Teamviewer to support my mum and mother in law. Zero commercial use (though i think i should charge them!) - Teamviewer now times out after a few seconds - making this completely unusable as a support tool.

    I updated to latest client just in case - still have issue. Cannot update other machine as i cannot stay on it long enough to perform any actions.

    I hope Teamviewer read this - what was a useful family support tool has just become completely redundant