Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Same here. The issue seems to start from today. It's working fine yesterday.

  • JamesTeng
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    Yes, same with me ,can teamviewer staff tell us the truth, thanks, if not allow to use as free anymore, please tell. thanks.

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    Same here...I am going to RDP at least unlimited hours.

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    Hi, Guys

    [Comptetitor Advertisement removed by moderator] It not as good as Teamviewer, but it does the job.

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    Same thing here! Please help us..

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    Another one here!!!
  • 정승환
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    Not commercially available

    Connect your personal computer

  • Although i have personal use of Team Viewer, it says me " Commercial Use Detected" and blocks me after 5 minutes.  I am student&research assistant and i need to use the computer on my university for my personal work&research. I have used Team Viewer account for 6 months on the same computers and networks(one of them is University). 

    For 4 days, i have faced this problem. 

    What is changed ?  Anyone has this problem ?

    Need help! 


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    as many peple suffered now,, my personal using also has blocked under commercial use detectd. I'm using app between home - office desktop to checking my work desktop status.pls unlock ID **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**(HOME) - **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**(office)



  • gilfordtan
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    I have the same problem when connecting from Android app to my home PC. I have no problem connecting from another PC to my home PC so I suspect it's the Android app that is at fault. Take note that I have been using the Android app to connect to my home PC for years and this is the first time that I see this problem.

    Android App Version: 13.1.8817 CL

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  • eljay3470
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    I am having the same problem as well. The program is telling me commercial use detected. Is there a new limitation to the free license?

    I use Team Viewer to check my home personal PC and my Dad's PC to help him out. I didn't think this was enough for commercial use, perhaps I am wrong?

    CHAPPiE Posts: 1

    I just got the Connection Blocked After Timeone notification.

    I have 3 computers here are at home that were added on my TeamViewer account.

    And today I kept getting blocked from accessing a computer. I don't think my usage is considered commercial since I rarely connect to them for more than 2minutes. It's only when my son wants me to open a game for him when he's in his room.

  • sam20e
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    hi friends

    im using a free version to connect 2 of my personal laptiops. it was working ok all the while. now getting this error suddenly -

    i closed all teamviewer sessions and after few min getting this error again!

    Any idea?

  • beej346
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    Seems there might be a bug in the program

  • NathanE
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    Yes I hav just got the ame problem here in Australia. Used it for first time today and this **bleep** comes up.

    Frustrating...... I have only ever had 'personal use' to use for this software. 

    Sad day if they are gonna start limiting us to use this software.  Happy to pay a small fee of say $30AUD for a yearly subscription. :smileytongue:

  • dddwilliams82
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    I keep getting this all of a sudden with a free account that is NOT being used commercially, how does one fix this i am starting to get really fed up with it! All i am trying to do at the moment is send files from my laptop to my desktop because since the latest Windows 10 1803 Build Updating and them getting rid of Homegroup my computers can see one another but i cannot access 1 from the other and vice versa so to transfer files i was using teamviewer as a workaround until it was fixed, that is not commercial use!




  • So is there any solution to this or has support placed it in the "Too hard basket" ?
  • Seems that there is now a usage allowance limit on free accounts. I have a msg showing I have exceeded the free usage limit and any clicks close the connection and brings up the msg you got.

  • wenmi01
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    Using teamviewer is getting error even for non-commercial.

  • r0ck999
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    have no idea at all why getting this prompt, as i'm using this method to remote home pc for games stuff. no change in ID, no change in config, no added any new computers, no new teamviewer id is connected. 


    below is the screen i get


  • sdh68k
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    Yup, same here. Very annoying. I've done what they asked and gone through their support. Now we wait.

    I'd hate to have to look for an alternative to TeamViewer. I really like it.

  • kevindd992002
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    Same here! So this looks like a universal problem that's more like a "bug" from Teamviewer's side. I've been using TV for several years now and this is the first time I was suspected as a commercial user when all I do is remote computers one-by-one in a very rare fashion (only when I need to).

  • AlexisJane
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    Same problem here. Same error message. I was only logged in about 5 minutes. Logged on, went to get a drink, came back and was disconnected and the message popped up. I only use for private use also. A fix would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!!

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    Yeah, we bought a licence and still get this *shrug*


    also, 5 mins = 30 seconds???