Commercial use - Connection time out



  • AlexisJane
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    I'll be honest, I'm shocked that this issue has been marked as solved. It's Friday here in Australia and I'm hoping to use Team Viewer over the weekend to access programs and complete my assignments. I can't wait 30 days for a response. 

    TeamViewer, PLEASE, help!!!!

    As a personal user, I'd be happy to pay a small yearly fee. On a minimum wage and a student, I can't afford those business prices. Simply not possible. 

  • Damienb
    Damienb Posts: 5

    Ive uninstalled it. Not worth the trouble. Someone suggested **Third Party Product** so am giving that a go.

  • AlexisJane
    AlexisJane Posts: 22 ✭✭

    @Damienb I had a quick look at that. I could only find business versions. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place. Is there a free/personal version? Thank you.

  • Damienb
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    Sure is. I downloaded this: [Link was removed by a moderator]

    Just make sure you change the alias of your computer to something you will remember. They have an app for phone too etc.

    No registration required.

  • 2dalmation
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    thank you for the link, but my "enable logging" wasn't ticked in options by default as I installed a free version.

    Has anyone heard from Tech support, they have not made a comment here at all.

    Further I cannot get incoming connections to my PC either from my I.T Tech support person, who is paying for a full business lic.

  • Anonymous
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    So I followed what the KB said on my previous post and led me to filling up a form the other day. I tried it yesterday but no luck. As of today, the only thing i did was to sign-out from Teamviewer software from my desktop then tried again and it's working fine now :smileyvery-happy: (no longer prompts that i'm suspected of using this for commercial use).

    I'm not sure if it has something to do with the form that I submitted (Thanks Teamviewer Team! :heart::heart::heart: ), or maybe just a bug on the system then we must sign-out and  log back in again.

  • natahnd
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    Just wanted to let everyone know here that my TeamViewer has sorted itself out. I filled out the Personal Access verification yesterday so that seems to have fixed it for me.

  • RiverTam
    RiverTam Posts: 8

    Please how do I fill in the personal access verification?

  • kevindd992002
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    Mine's fixed as well and I filled out that form the exact day this stupid issue happened.

  • AlexisJane
    AlexisJane Posts: 22 ✭✭
    I’ll check when I get home from work & report back in. Fingers crossed!!! Thank you for the updates guys n gals. ?
  • Good on you. I tried to sign out and in again with no luck... will have to wait for TeamViewer to review my work log...

  • eljay3470
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    I tried logging out and back in as well, that didn't work

    I think Team Viewer needs to have some personal pricing if that's the way they are going, rather that the very expensive  business version which is not worth a personal user paying for

    I wouldn't mind paying an annual fee to use the product

    I have now done some trials of other options which seem to be working just fine

  • perpetual
    perpetual Posts: 2

    hi i followed the steps to send in my inquiry please check and respond ASAP thanks so i can use teamviewer again

  • I am also facing the same problem and reported it using this link which you have provided by attaching the log file. Will they really take 30 days to fix it? :o
  • ahillmale
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    Sad that this is the end of an era. Used to love using TeamViewer to help my non-techy family and friends with their PC problems and then got unceremoniously dumped by TV for my kindness. Asked my family to uninstall Teamviewer and use the free "re" product instead. Works like a charm for anyone interested ;>)

  • AlexisJane
    AlexisJane Posts: 22 ✭✭
    Mine seems to be working now. Fingers crossed. Roughly 3 days after completing the ‘personal user’ form. Much better than 30 days. I’ve got to admit, I’m kinda of hesitant to use it though in case it drops out again. ? No more leaving it running just because my computer is turned on.
  • AlexisJane
    AlexisJane Posts: 22 ✭✭
    Good morning all. It looks like mine is fixed after lodging the ‘personal use’ form. Roughly 3 days, much better than 30 days. Although I never received any contact saying they had reviewed it. I’ve only used it for about 5 minutes so far. A little hesitant to use it in case I need it for something more urgent and then it doesn’t work again. Here’s hoping for the best. I will need it later in the day. Fingers crossed and goodluck to you all. ?
  • FrankH
    FrankH Posts: 2

    Hi Natahnd,

    I followed the steps that you provided and in less than 1 day was advised that my ID has been reset to private, non-commercial use. I tried TeamViewer and it works just like it did before.

    Thank you very much for all your help with this problem, and I hope all our friends have the same success.

    Cheers, Frank


  • shing1630
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    I encounter this problem too
    I think they try to make more money now
    so sad :smileysad:

  • 1-minute limit? Private user, but one minute limit makes it too inconvenient to use. Please check.T.T


  • is it etiquette to ask which product, I too don't like how we have been treated, I would have been happy with a small social use fee as well.
  • Arqrezz
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    I am having the same problem.. Is there a new limitation to the free license?

    I just need enough time to uninstall TV and install **Third Party Product** lol

  • I have seen the same message from my teamviewer account. I only used them on my laptops on home desktops for personal usage. I have raised  the issue Ticket ID: 4099256 ticket to resolve the issue.

    Please look into this and help me resolve.

    Thanks in advance for all the help!

  • waces
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    TW thinks my free (once again: free) license is a non-free one and require plan update (cheap trick to buy) and disconnect after 5 mins. Only on windows devices even it was a simple, basic next-next-finish type of installation.

    Why? How can be fixed?twissue.JPG

  • RbCream
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    Personal Notebook - This is a team viewer that uses only personal PCs. We've been limited to commercial use .... Because the notebook performance is not good when you are outside or in a cafe I often use the Team Viewer. Please remove the restriction.

  • Helper
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    It would seem TeamViewer has decided that users need to verify there staus to continue to use teamviewer for Free. I hav passed this information on , but until I get down there again i wont know personaly, However I have found a lot of replies stating that using the verification has worked. Im not a user of teamviewer myself, however  im extremly dissapointed in there actions. Why did they try to force a user to buy a licence when they could have asked we verify first. Why have  they not replied to our comunity to inform us of there desicion to stop free use until we verify. Thanks for everyones input .

  • I have the same problem!