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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • finlaand
    finlaand Posts: 3 Newbie
    edited June 23

    what a company? what super cool tech you must have? my father switches on his pc for the first time in 4 months, helped by his carers, i try to connect to him, and your total mad **bleep** company thinks this is a commercial usage?

    FIRE FIRE FIRE the **bleep** who coded this!

    You an fly to Scotland to resintall a.n.other **bleep** software as a replacement for your **bleep**! Your reset noddy web page i logged into, and reset myself, but no, you somehow wanted me to add in his ID? he has no account? I am meant to work that **bleep** ut really? Now I login, and am told i cannot add another ID, the reset was done, but no it bloody well is not!


  • Skarrin
    Skarrin Posts: 1
    edited June 23


    I use Teamviewer just to support my family (Grandparents and others.). It is some days when I want to use it and my session was closed after 10 seconds before it is possible that I use it for work.

    How can i unblock my free version? It is possible? I am not use it every day, that is unnesesary for my to buy license.

    Thank you for help, Ivan

  • Astrokeith
    Astrokeith Posts: 1
    edited June 23

    Benn using Teanviewer for over a year to access 5 or so personal computers that I use to manage my astronomy kit - but as of yesterday now getting access denied as it is saying I am using it in a "professional" setup

    I had a note from Teamviewer noting that I was not using them in a professional/commercial setup but now they are denying me access

    Is anyone else getting this issue and any clues as to how I raise this with Teamviewer support?

    Thanks Keith

  • Henrybdf
    Henrybdf Posts: 1
    edited June 23

    I use free Teamviewer so I can access one of my pcs remotely to be able to access one of my computers on which I run things, however, Teamviewer restricted my access because it thinks that I use it for commercial purposes, which I don't, so now it almost never works and repeatedly tells me to try again in a few minutes. This is the closest thing to TeamViewer support so hopefully someone can help me

  • Henrybdf
    Henrybdf Posts: 1

    I use free Teamviewer so I can access one of my pcs remotely to be able to access one of my computers on which I run things, however, Teamviewer restricted my access because it thinks that I use it for commercial purposes, which I don't, so now it almost never works and repeatedly tells me to try again in a few minutes. This is the closest thing to TeamViewer support so hopefully someone can help me

  • Mgrhtfhgff
    Mgrhtfhgff Posts: 1
    edited June 24

    i rarely use connection to my home PC. why it said commerical use detected?

    How to fix

  • jeffjohn
    jeffjohn Posts: 0
    edited June 24

    I dont get any acknowledgement when i attempt to get reclassified as personal user. I have tried the system reset several times over a month. Is this the usual response from Team Viewer?


  • Bert_Rijkmans_DZ
    Bert_Rijkmans_DZ Posts: 2 Newbie


    on a regular base i have to connect to a remote computer.

    But now, my use seems to be "professional_support".

    How can i solve this, without buing a license.

    On behalve of my work, we use a teamviewer license, but this remote computer is not related to my work.

    Please advice.

    Thanks in advance

  • Bert_Rijkmans_DZ
    Bert_Rijkmans_DZ Posts: 2 Newbie

    thanks i found the page to Reset Management - TeamViewer

    i hope this will solve the problem

  • AleksanderJuel3006
    AleksanderJuel3006 Posts: 1 ✭✭

    I have a free account but get shut down after 30 sec and use it only for private use

    have deleted it and put it back on

    what do I do?

  • ElioFernandes
    ElioFernandes Posts: 0 Newbie

    Hi guys if team viewer is free for personal use why my connection is blocked? i get a message saying high usage from my account which is not true i did not use for more than a couple days for a few minutes and its like that since ever.

  • patpres
    patpres Posts: 1

    I am a long time Team Viewer user. It began about 7 years ago when my older brother started getting dementia and we lived in different cities. At the time I contacted Team Viewer and asked if I needed a license to support him. I was charmed to learn that I did not. My brother has since died, but as a 75 year old (50+ years tech nerd ). I do have 4 or 5 friends of similar age - but not very "tech savvy" that I do help out with Team Viewer periodically when they have issues. About 2 years ago I was told to purchase a license, but after contacting Team Viewer and explaining the situation, my free use license to use with these friends was re-instated. The other day when working with my 88 year-old friend, access was again cut off. I realize that I do connect the most with him, but he is otherwise in extremely good shape - both physically and mentally. But, please believe me, this support is not for financial gain, simply to help my friends who are having computer difficulties. Please let me know what I can do to have my free use license re-instated to provide this occasional support to a few friends.

  • CrlosEH
    CrlosEH Posts: 1

  • keem87
    keem87 Posts: 0

    i am getting contoinously in my PCs the subject error and TV kicks me out !!!!

    its all for private use and i am not profiting for it in any way.

    Any idea how to fix it.

  • towyvale
    towyvale Posts: 1 Newbie

    I have been using Teamviewer very successfully for a number of years now to access my personnel computer when I am away.

    Last month I tried to access my computer via my iPad but got the message to say I was blocked due to high frequent connections. I answered form to allow it to be reset to person use and got response saying it was now OK. But I am still block on my iPad.

    However I can still access my computer from my phone and my other half's iPad. Any suggestions.

  • Archiverry
    Archiverry Posts: 1 Newbie

    I think there are many people asking the same thing but the TeamViwer team does not respond, it only responds to those who have a commercial license. The same thing happens to me, I use TeamViewer for private use but it tells me it's commercial and won't let me use it.

  • davideval
    davideval Posts: 1 Newbie


    me too I have the same problem, and I have fear that it's only a bad practice by teamviewer to force free users to pay licence even if they use for not commercial purposes.....

    Nobody will help us...

  • VKGfan29
    VKGfan29 Posts: 1 ✭✭

    I used to use it to log in to my 75 year old mother's computer to help her solve issues... and I get kicked out now too.

  • VKGfan29
    VKGfan29 Posts: 1 ✭✭

    Any ideas thoughts or suggestions. I need do this 3-5 times per year and TeamViewer used to let me. If I was making money with 3-5 logins per year to the same computer, that would be amazing... but I am not.


  • pansovic
    pansovic Posts: 1

    My account got blocked, and I Have no idea why.

    Does helping my mom, 80 years old, with her computer not considered a non-business activity?

  • Bonnie13764
    Bonnie13764 Posts: 1
    edited June 27

    My husband and I both have free licenses because we only use Teamviewer a few times a year and it is only to connect to each other or with 1 other family members.

    My husband tried to connect to my Windows 11 PC with both of using Teamviewer and he gets an error message which seems to indicate there is a licensing problem with my connection, Can anyone help me resolve the issue?

  • danielctaylor
    danielctaylor Posts: 0

    This time, TeamViewer is saying that my usage pattern suggest that I'm using it to support others professionally.

    The only time I use TeamViewer is to help my 92 year old grandma in a different state, how can I get past this dopy interruption?

  • Thinguyen
    Thinguyen Posts: 1

    Hello Friend

    I have problem with teamview, i'm personal user. When i connect my teamviewer it inform connection blocked after timeout (pls see the picture)

    So what should i do?

    Thank you!

  • PwetPwet
    PwetPwet Posts: 0


    I just connect to my teamviewer account, and i receive this popup.

    I can't connect to my computers. In general i connect on twice or third time by month, how it's possible?

    I use teamviewer since the beginning, it's the first time i have this popup.

    Thanks you for your help

  • Papa_Delta1
    Papa_Delta1 Posts: 0

    I am trying to get my free version reinstated. I do not use TeamViewer commercially. I am retired. I have filled in the relevant document five times and click on the tab “Generate+PDF” and nothing happens!! I am currently travelling and need to access my home computer. I cannot get any telephone support and I need to know who or how I can get my free version reinstated. Any help will be gratefully received.

    thank you

  • ralnavman
    ralnavman Posts: 5 ✭✭

    I have correctly submitted the reset form at least a couple of times with the first one being some 3 weeks ago now and the 2nd just over a week ago and I still cannot access my own computers! Why is this taking so long?

    And what I don't understand is why this happens.......I haven't changed anything my end, no new computers, setups or logins so why? What can I do, filling out a reset form doesn't work?

  • Johanfick
    Johanfick Posts: 1 Newbie

    I have the same issue!! I have several personal computers at home - all my own - and I often need to connect to them when travelling however, TeamViewer recently decided on it's own, without consulting me, that my usage pattern suggests that I support others - which I do NOT!! How does one get this fixed?

  • pres1521
    pres1521 Posts: 0
    edited June 27

    Recently I have been receiving the following error message.

    All I use Teamviewer for is to connect my Laptop to my PC. I am retired.

    What is happening? I have been using Teanviewer for over 6 or 8 years. I may have 2 e-mnail addresses on file.


    [removed per Community Guidelines]

  • RJP3
    RJP3 Posts: 0
    edited June 28

    I can not contact Teamviewer in my country Denmark, they never answer the phone.

    The link or request I made seems lost or ignored. I used a link specifically to ask for free version reinstatement, when Teamviewer thinks Commercial licence should be used and therefore blocks the free version.

    When calling the Danish number, which is only an answering machine, saying to go to teamviewer(dot)com/support even when using the free version, but it is an endless circle, I am always asked for licence number in order to get to support, SO HOW DO I AS I FREE USER GET IN CONTACT WITH SUPPORT - OR AT LEAST GET MY FREE LICENCE REINSTATED, PLEASE.

    I live in an institution since last August '21, where there's a lot of computer network, but this is where I live. I don't work, I can not work after I got injured.

    I would VERY MUCH like if I can start using Teamviewer for FREE again, please.

    Best regards, Raphael

  • Please help me I need to reset my id but teamviewer makes everything so difficult