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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • CTBCJamie
    CTBCJamie Posts: 1

    I had used TeamViewer in the past and tired the trial version. Now that I am the only one left in my company, we don't need the TeamViewer Business. It would just be me every now and again logging in remote, so I wanted to downgrade to the free version. However, my computer is still asking me to buy a license even though I have uninstalled and reinstalled with a different e-mail address.

    Can someone please help? TeamViewer doesn't seem to want to talk to me since I'm looking for a "free" service I guess :-(

  • pzobolas
    pzobolas Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Same problem as everyone else here! I'm using both a commercial license (provided by my employer) as well as a personal free license. Your system today decided, out of the blue, that I was using my personal license for commercial purposes. The personal license account only has a few computers (my own as well as my brother's and dad's, in case I need to help them) so what made it determine that I'm using it commercially?

    And why oh why would I ever be trying to "cheat" like that when I have a commercial account, too?

    Anyways, I've submitted the form. I hope this situation resolves itself soon.

  • cridtv
    cridtv Posts: 1 Newbie

    I have filled in the form twice, both times receiving successful reset emails.

    I am logged into TeamViewer on my heavily locked down work machine and use it to connect to a home machine where I can freely search the web, check social media, etc. I only use TeamViewer per the free stipulations, to support family and remotely connect to my own machines.

    How to I regain the use of TeamViewer?

  • cridtv
    cridtv Posts: 1 Newbie

    Hi there, I have submitted the paperwork twice for my TeamViewer IDs, both times receiving an acceptance email. However, I still have the persistent message stating that I am likely supporting people professionally.

    I have TeamViewer installed on a locked down work PC and use it to access my personal PC when I'm away from home. I also support family members. There is no commercial use with my account.

    How do I unblock myself? Having followed the guidance twice over the last month, with nothing changing, I am a bit stuck!

  • OndrejJ
    OndrejJ Posts: 0


    any idea how to get rid of commercial use detected? I am not using teamviewer commercially, it is just personal use with the family..


  • Ettiene
    Ettiene Posts: 1 Newbie

    Same here it is so frustrating! I have requested twice now to have the restriction removed with no change to the users added and hardly ever use teamviewer - only the odd occasions when Im helping family. They appear to make it near impossoble to be able to contact someone regarding this.

  • kneekoo
    kneekoo Posts: 3 ✭✭
    edited July 7

    @TeamViewer, just be honest and say you don't want to support free use. Pretending to "detect" commercial use and making it nearly impossible to contact you, unless you give out a lot of personal info, along with your signature, is really scummy.

  • Davey153
    Davey153 Posts: 1

    Even though I have used TeamViewer for a few years, for the SECOND time I am be accused of using TeamViewer for Commercial use. That is not the case, and I am not a commercial user. How do I contact TeamViewer Support so that I am allowed to continue to use the product for personal use? Please Help.

  • tiptie
    tiptie Posts: 3 ✭✭

    I am beginning to think THEY do not want free usage. I too have used TeamViewer for years and only use it to communicate between my local computers on the SAME IP address. I use it between my wife's computers and my own.

  • jhoffer
    jhoffer Posts: 0 Newbie

    Dear TeamViewer,

    I'm a privat person, I use my computer at home, it is no business PC. I cannot help my sons, becouse the connection will always broken.

    What can I do to use Teamviewer?

    Thx, Janos Hoffer

  • pzobolas
    pzobolas Posts: 3 ✭✭

    So they reset my license but, unfortunately, this only semi-fixed the problem. On one computer that had the TeamViewer host, I got some message about using a customized host and that I should upgrade my license. Reinstalling the host thankfully fixed that. But then I noticed another issue: While I could connect from one machine to another, doing the reverse popped AGAIN the same "COMMERCIAL USE DETECTED". Before that, it started telling me something about repeated connects and how I should upgrade my license.

    I strongly suspect this has to do with the fact I'm using both a commercial and a free license from the same TeamViewer ID (which is unique per computer - and not per license). This must be confusing the system.

    TeamViewer keeps putting obstacles to the free license and misses no chance to tell the user to upgrade their license. For that reason, I have to agree with the user above that said they probably don't want to have any more free users at this point.

  • ncpinevalley
    ncpinevalley Posts: 0 Newbie

    How do I get Team Viewer to not limit my time on a certain computer because they are suspecting that I am using it for commercial use which I am not. I have a poultry farm and I use it strictly to communicate from my house desktop to my laptops at my farm office to receive info from them.I tried to send that commercial form but have no idea how to draw the signature off a desktop which is required.Gets kinda frustrating! Thanks Dan

  • Bonnie13764
    Bonnie13764 Posts: 1

    I submitted the form to say that I am not using TeamViewer for commercial use but I made a mistake. I put in the wrong ID and now every time I try to submit the form it automatically submits the same form with the same wrong ID. I do not have any opportunity to fill it out properly. Can you tell me how to resubmit with the the correct ID?

  • Brian_K
    Brian_K Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited July 12

    I use team viewer to check on a computer (Windows 10 file/media store) that sits idle in my basement.

    Team Viewer consistently tells me I am violating terms of license.

    I keep telling them 'No I'm not'. They claim to unblock me, but most of the time they do not.

    This is getting to be old **bleep**.

    I am well within the license for the 'free' use. I use it only for personal use, I do not connect to any computer outside my home, and I do not use it for anything I make money on.

    How do you get the bozos at Team Viewer to fix this? I've been complaining for more than a year, and they seem inept to fix this.

    I need to add. I use Team Viewer maybe 1 or 2 times a month, that's it. It runs 'always on', but I only actually use it rarely.

  • KalevL
    KalevL Posts: 0 Newbie

    we help an elderly lady who is 90 years old to use internet connection, We have been doing this for two years now. Now the system says that the time to take advantage of the free version has run out. I had perceived that there was no "time limit". Thank you for your answer // Best regards Kalev Laanemäe, Karlskrona, Sweden

  • yanivg
    yanivg Posts: 6 ✭✭

    all was working well for me, suddenly I get this message when trying to connect:

    "it seems there might be a licensing problem with your connection partner.

    connecting to this device request a valid TeamViewer license for your or your connection partner"

    why do I'm getting this?

    I'm using the software for personal use only, also when I'm able to eventually connect the connection disconnect after 2-3 minuets.

  • misujry
    misujry Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited July 11

    I get blocked for a couple of months and then suddenly it all works again. My mac downstairs is now blocked. My PC upstairs worked but now it is blocked. All I do is help people maybe 3 times a months configure their routers so they can open a port and share data. I have no idea how to "see" any responses as every time I get to the "Community" it is a different looking page. I asked this question earlier on a difference "Ask a Question" page. I someone can email me at [removed per Community Guidelines] with some sort of answer, that would be great.

  • aoz987
    aoz987 Posts: 0

    Dear community,

    I tried to use teamviewer with my sister the other day, and teamviewer has shut me off, saying I am a professional, per my usage. I am not a professional, I am an individual. However, we did have an episode where I had to use almost 100 hours of communication time over a couple months, with only my sister, because of an issue with a Dell computer which ultimately needed a filing with Better Business Bureau and attorney general to get our money back. It was a total mess. But I did use teamviewer for a lot. But it was not business use. It was diagnosing a totally screwed up computer system. Is there any way to get teamviewer to recognize me as an individual. Thanks

  • furny
    furny Posts: 0

    I have no idea why. i am a free user, and only use team veiwer for personal use.. how do i have my account reset back to free user

  • L0U1S
    L0U1S Posts: 0

    Dear team,

    I´m trying to connect remotely my partner´s computer but the app keep telling me I am not authorised as I am using it for commercial use. How is this happening?

    Thanks very much



  • dpotter97
    dpotter97 Posts: 1

    I use teamviewer to help my grandparents use their home computer. They live many hours away from me so this is the easiest way to help them. I am unable to help them right now because it is saying that it is being used for commercial use. I have tried to fillout the form but it wants teamviewer id's but no matter what i enter it will not work.

  • RuudJ
    RuudJ Posts: 1

    I use Teamviewer to help my mother of 85 years old with her duty's on her pc from mine home place. So I use it with free license, But i got now problems to get connection with her. It likes that Teamviewer thinks that I use Teamviewer as a commercial person and get always a timeout message with a Blocked time use, with the question to try later or to upgrade Teamviewer to a paid license. How can I solved this problem?

  • joaoo
    joaoo Posts: 1

    I have the exact same problem

  • therealeinstein
    therealeinstein Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited July 12

  • Sabertooth
    Sabertooth Posts: 1
    edited July 12

    Hello, I only use TeamViewer between my home desktop and laptop and I don't use it everyday. I don't understand how your system has decided to change my account for commercial use. I guess it would be a good thing if I could use your service for commercial use because that would mean I would have a job, but I'm unemployed :(

  • Vulfff
    Vulfff Posts: 2 Newbie

  • Vulfff
    Vulfff Posts: 2 Newbie

    All devices belong to me.

  • Dizzy23nc
    Dizzy23nc Posts: 1

    I have also filled out the form and received the successful reset email. I am still being limited for commercial use. I have 5 computers at home that I connect to. Definitely not business related. I need this to be corrected.

    REVRAY Posts: 1

  • Papa_Delta1
    Papa_Delta1 Posts: 0

    My free use of Teamviewer was cut on suspicion of commercial use which is NOT THE CASE. I have filled in the reset form around 12 times so far and when I click on the 'Generate +PDF button NOTHING happens. I have sent a screenshot of one of the many forms I've filled out by DM to Support but now I don't get any reaction from them. (I was asked to do this). I am very frustrated by this lack of help especially when I am not offered any reason as to why Teamviewer thinks I'm using the free service for commercial purposes. I need an explanation and a reset.