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  • bif
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    I am logged out and get the message that there is a time out, I don't understand this because I am a private user and not a commercial one, can you help me get back on. Regards Birger

  • Avezunchik
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    i am trying to connect to my mother in low Samsung galaxy phone, and the connection is refused because TeamViewer thinks I am using this for “commercial use”. What can I do? Thank you

  • FrankS5
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    This is extremely annoying and makes it practically impossible to use. I am able to connect only for a few seconds to 1 minute before I get kicked out. I then get blocked from being able to try to connect again. What is the issue that is causing this?

  • MrLedesma1
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    I was using a free private version and have been flagged to now buy a license version. Since i don't have a License version, I can not talk to Customer Support. Any advice will be helpful. Please and Thank you in advance.

    The Follow is how I use TeamViewer for personal usage.

    I have 2 desktop PCs and Laptop (Used during the week away from home) in my house located in different rooms. Currently PC 1 is being used as a home server for a game I am playing on PC 2 . I am adjusting the setting on PC 1 quite frequently and try to stay connected while I am testing server setting. Once and while I accidently close the connection when closing a file while remote viewing. PC 1 is also the family used PC, so the kids will get on and close the connection by accident. Thus logging into PC1 from PC2 happens quite often. I have been do this for years playing Ark Survival from time to time. Especially since I pretty much live in a hotel during the week for work so use my laptop to game and then come back home on the weekends.

    TeamViewer has now flagged my account and want to buy a license plan. It will only allow me to connect for a brief moment then close when a this message.

    "We are sorry for the interruption..

    Unfortunately we will have to limit your usage of TeamViewer because the usage pattern suggest that you have been supporting others professionally."

    My "supporting others professionally" is really supporting my own hobby of casual gaming and having to put with other trolling players on Official Game Servers. I turn on my server when I want to play and tweak the server setting, but shutdown to avoid the in game maintain grind that doesn't stop if you leave it running.

    Any ideas or remedies would greatly be appreciated.

  • jgrjermaine
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    I got flagged for Suspected Commercial use then fill out the reinstatement form. I initally only submitted the form for one ID. The ID was reinstated. I then filled out another form and put both ID's on the form but incorrectly added the second ID. Now it seems to be stuck in limbo as Ihave not received confirmation of both IDs being reactivated and I cannot resubmit the form. How can I get this right?

  • User1307
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    Hi, I am using Teamviewer to support my elderly mother every now and then. Today I received a "Comercial use detected" message and con not connect to my mum PC anymore. I do NOT use TV commercially. What can I do?


  • MauricioNeri
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    I am using TV to support my parents, and every time I connect to my parent's machine I am tagged as commercial use. 

    I there a way to fix it? I am trying to use but it is not working.  

    P.S. I am using only my iPad to connect to my parent's machine. 

  • Diosmedys
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    I reset my ID successfully, however, did not think to include my family member ID in the request form. Tried to create new request form but it keeps saying my request was successfully submitted, rendering the attempt pointless. How can I submit/re-submit a new request for the other ID? Or another easier way of doing so.

    Thank you in advance.

  • teogenny
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  • teogenny
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    because i can't connect anymore remote

  • AndreH84
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    I have a family account with 5 PC added. One of these PCs is now blocked due to suspected commercial use. But thats not true and all other PCs in my account work perfect.

    How can I fix that? The connection establishes and gets interrupted after 60s

  • ve3wej
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    I have been using TV for years, and in the past 6 months or more, I have been getting "commercial use" suspect, but my TV shows non commercial and free license. it is currently setting me to 5 minute limit, and re connection after 16 minutes. can this be corrected

  • M_Muhieddine
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    does anyone know how long does it normally take to hear back from teamViewer personnel after submitting your IDs to be reset?

  • Rusty01
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    I have been blocked as I spend a long time assisting my 90 year old father with a bank scam - how do I go about getting unblocked please

  • MaryB
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    i was told my account, which was inaccurately flagged as commercial would be re-set. but that only worked once, then the "algorithym" took back over and refuses to let me help my disabled brother with his computer issues. (he lives on the East Coast; I live on the West Coast.)

    I don't think the TeamViewer team understands how important their technology is for users like us.

    I wish that would change.

  • df1953
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    How do I get a private user license like I had many years ago? Connect to my personal computer remotely only

  • jimk100189
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    I've never used TeamViewer (free version) for any commercial purposes. I just use it in order to remotely access one my other home computers

  • Hi.

    My TeamViewer account has been marked as being used for commercial purposes. I always use the program for individual purposes - I connect to my relatives: parents, wife, siblings and help solve problems remotely. I do not use the program for commercial purposes in any way. I don't know why I receive such a message, and thus also the connection time limitation.

    The only thing I can think of, and what you might have found suspicious, is that I often use my family connection via my smartphone, which is sometimes connected to a WIFI network other than my home network. If this is the reason for the restriction that has been placed on my account, I believe it should not be the reason for taking away my ability to use the program for non-commercial purposes.

    Is there any way I can report this to the TeamViewer administrators?



  • limelect
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    I am on this page

    Pressing the upload pdf button does nothing

    JOVOCE Posts: 1 Newbie

    I want to change my access to the free version. My ID is only 9 digits long. I can't create a request with 9 digits of my ID. How should I proceed? Thank you for your help.

  • Misick
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    TV let me create session then it automatically close due the providing support professionally. Joke is that my PC´s is in my local network and it is my own server. If there is only one option to buy TV, I will use other programs or even develop my own...

    ROBINLB_PC Posts: 3 ✭✭

    My question is, I'm getting logged out of my free Teamviewer account. It is not for business,

    The message keeps coming up about a commercial license. My computer is an ACER lap Top with

    windows 7 Ultimate Service pack 1. Could anyone clue me in on why It's logging me out? PS. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled fresh software many times, but it seems to not work.

    ROBINLB_PC Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Help. My question is, I'm getting logged out of my free Teamviewer account. It is not for business,

    The message keeps coming up about a commercial license. My computer is an ACER lap Top with

    windows 7 Ultimate Service pack 1. Could anyone clue me in on why It's logging me out? PS. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled fresh software many times, but it seems to not work.

  • batoner
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    I use Teamviewer only to do my daily connections between my personal computers. However, after a certain period of time commercial use is perceived by saying that I am asked to obtain a license. I don't even have a company that I can use to get a license. I couldn't even find any channel I could get help.

  • 1mmorta1
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    I am currently on vacation in another country and for about a month, my free teamviewer license was working fine to connect to my windows based PC with no issues. The problem now is when I try to connect, it doesn't allow me to and keeps saying login cancelled.

    The ID is [removed per Community Guidelines

    Please unblock this ID if it was blocked on team viewer servers and allow me to connect please

  • randomLetters
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    Hi there,

    I've used Teamviewer for years now whenever my mother, who lives in a different country than me and is rather old, needed help. Now, however, I've also started using it in a new job position to work remote. I did not think about it at the time and simply logged in with my work e-mail on my personal laptop to set it up.

    Here's my question/problem: I do not want these two separate activities to mix/interfere with each other. Does me being logged in on teamviewer with a corporate account mean that my device is now going to be permanently flagged as a work computer? Am I in this context still allowed to use it for personal use?

    My mother has also gotten a new laptop, and I was thinking about setting up an easy access so she wouldn't have to tell me a password every time. But this requires an account. Is it possible to have two accounts (one private, one commercial) and switch between those somewhat easily? I do not want my mothers device be linked to my work account.

    Best regards,


  • marekrander
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    I have been using TeamViewer for personal matters for years upon years. My only use for it limits to connecting from my portable PC to my main PC and sometimes very-very often I connect to my online friends to help them out in a short manner.

    I could roughly say I have connected to computers other than mine only a couple of times total. Trying to connect to my desktop PC now suddenly gives me an error that a "pattern" has been detected and I might be using this product professionally. This is not true, I do not use TeamViewer in such manner. For any professional queries I use **Third Party Product** because it is much more convenient for single time use.

    Can I please be lifted of this incorrect pattern and the limitations that follow? I have been blocked on invalid reasons.

  • TheRocco
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    How do i get to use it for free as a private person again?. I have send in alots of letters letting you know that i am a paperboy that uses this to help my mom and kids and a friend when they have problems. I dont earn any money for it. And now my mom has problems with computer and i have to take a long drive there to help her even as i stated i have told you that i am a guy with a family that dont earn alots of money and icant buy team because i have to feed my kids with the little i earn as a paperboy. So this licence problem i now onlyt see and cant login to anything. Ithink this isnt nice when i have over and over again send all in to you so you see i dont have a company or earn money on this. Free for private use is so a big lie if you cant use it.

  • Hectoriux
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    why you block me access to my account telling me I´m using it as commercial use and it´s not true

  • SarathSasi
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    please assist, my email ID is

    issue: a connection could not be established. it seems there might be a license problem, or connection time out.