Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Okin
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    Why does this keep happening? Teamviewer was great, now Im sick and tired of this usless detection service.

    Im using this as a private user, no commercial what so ever. I use it to help family with their computer. Its the second time Ive been blocked lately. How can this be fixed for good, and what am I doing wrong?

  • Jimms
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    Every time I try to connect to their computer it says "A connection could not be established. It seems there might be a licensing problem with your connection partner. ..."

    This is an elder family member that I have to remote into often, at least once a week, to help with simple things like changing the zoom on Chrome..., is it possible they might've gotten flagged from all the connections? How do I get it unflagged for commercial use?

    I'm able to remote into my other computers fine so it's on their side.


  • CallMe
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    I posted my question and for some reason, it got moved to this thread.

    Although there are similar questions in this thread, I don't have, and never have had a commercial account.

    An answer to my question would be most appreciated.

  • osiris12
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    It is used for private use to help my mother with her laptop on occasion. Can my account be rest to to reflect this ?

  • metropical
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    FYI TV has been sold to a headless corporation from another galaxy that couldn't care less about free users.

    Though TV built their rep on the early free users, the new overlords haven't a clue or care.

    I use TV once very 6 months, maybe, to help out tech challenged f&f. But yet TV thinks I'm commercial.

    The detection algorithm is no longer written in code but rather under-cooked mashed potato.

    The reset form doesn't work in any browser, all ad blockers etc, disabled.

    Too busy getting "sponsoring" F1 cars, fooseball teams, and kitty litter pans.

    ack ack ack!!! we come in piece

  • Bagman
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    I have elderly parents and a few elderly relatives that I help maintain their computers when they run into trouble. TeamViewer think I'm using this for a business. Is there anything I can do?

  • khw
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    Hi TeamViewer,

    I am a university student and we use TeamViewer to transfer files and operate the instruments online.But I cannot access one of our computers through TeamViewer for some time.

    When I try to access it I get a message which is showing in the attached png (the top image).

    Both our computers have a free license as we use them for personal use, not commercial purposes.

  • efishinsea
    efishinsea Posts: 1

    I open TV and try to connect to one of my family member's computes to help them with something, and it fails with the "Connection Not Established" error, with some blurb about "licensing" in small text at the bottom. Like any rational person, I try a second time for a successful connection, and now get "you established and aborted connections too frequently." The only problem is, I never established a first connection.

    Why is this built this way? Can this be shut off?

    I would like TV to work, as I know it is capable of doing, every time I use it, without these unpleasent circus antics. You can talk about security and hack attacks or whatever, but if the product doesn't do the job it was created for, what's the point?

  • milworm1
    milworm1 Posts: 1

    I have a media pc in my media room and I use a free license to manage it from my phone usually bit now it’s blocking me. How can I undo this and get back into my account? Thank you

  • Luke555
    Luke555 Posts: 1

    Same thing happens to me (overnight)

  • miho_watabe
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    I cannot use remote control suddenly. A message says (in Japanese) "cannot connect. there is license issue at partner's side. In order to connect the proper team viewer license is necessary for your or partner's side"

    Although, there is no problem at partner's side. And I am a private user. Why does team viewer ask about license?

  • Risteski
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    why can't I connect to another computer it gives me a message -

    I am a free user

    connecting to this device requires a valid teamviewer license

  • andersfireman
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    I have used Teamviewer many years for private use. Remote my fathers laptop and my sisters laptop. No problem.

    But now i cant use anymore!!!? Why? i have not change any thing!

    Ive treid to logout and delete and make new connections, nothing works.

    Can i not use it for private use anymore?

    Thanks for the help.

  • CamiloDraye
    CamiloDraye Posts: 1

    Same problem. Private use. I try to connect to my laptop next to me and I get the same message. Previously, I had a problem that it was limiting my connection in time - now I can't connect at all.

    I don't know where to get help and why it happened.

  • ep101
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    I'm having a similar issue trying to connect to my Mom's computer. I'm getting a message: Connecting to this device requires a valid TeamViewer license... Both of us have individual licenses. Back when we owned our company, I had a commercial license (different email addy) and had no problems connecting to my Mom's machine or our employees... Any ideas?

  • Michael_G_W
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    I try to support my 86 year old father nur TeamViewer says, that He ist an Professional!

    What can i do?

  • SherrieDB
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    I help an elderly man and we have used teamviewer for many years free.

    Now I can't connect to his computer and he needs help.

    He is not capable of going through the downloading a PDF etc. without my help.

    Any suggestions???

    "A connection could not be established. It seems there might be a licensing problem with your connection partner. Connecting to this device requires a valid TeamViewer license for you or your connection."

  • ViewMyTeam22
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    I'm trying to use te free license to support friends and family, but I always get the error message "There seems to be a license problem with your connection partner...". Both sides are using the latest version of TV (15.35.5). I tried to initiate the connection from either side, but always get the same error.

    I used to be an IT pro, but I am retired now. As a pro I used the company license. Could it be that my PC at home is somehow registered for professional use (clearly my pro acct is no longer valid)? How can I start from a clean sheet?


  • bj73
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    I'm having the same problem. I use TeamViewer to help my parents but getting the same error. We both have up to date TV clients. Me on Windows 11 and my Dad MacOS.

  • huangjj
    huangjj Posts: 1

    As the description above, when I use mac teamviewer to connect the same account on windows,

    it shows : can not establish the connect. It seems to be a problem with your object license

  • buster513
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    I suddenly cannot connect to my one remote computer. In the bottom it says license may be problem

  • EB_1949
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    I am a private individual and I used free teamviewer to remotely monitor a computer. Now I get a message saying COMMERCIAL USE DETECTED. I do not understand your interpretation as mine is a limited and private use. the computer is identified with the code: DESKTOP-PV6DKG7primo and is online. I would appreciate explanations and restoration of functionality. TY Enzo Barbati
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  • VinceG
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    I am utilizing TeamViewer in a 100% personal way.

    How can I get help to change my access back so I have access to my laptopn remotely

    Vincent L. Graziano

  • NanoBotKemo
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    Hi I leave TeamViewer open almost 24/7 with unattended access and I keep getting flagged with commercial usage even though I'll go months and months without actually remotely connecting to it through TeamViewer. Is this just a false flagging issue or is using TeamViewer to periodically update things on my PC while I'm away considered commercial usage? I don't gain anything monetarily, I only gain time as my internet is less than 1Mbps and takes a very long time to update half of anything now. Any answers to this will be greatly appreciated.

  • BobVezz
    BobVezz Posts: 1

    I recently bought a new Laptop and would like to access my old one when I need information. Both computers are registered in my account, but EVERY time I try connect, either way, I get an Abort message stating there is a licensing issue with one or both computers. I am not a new user. I have helped a friend with questions on his computer without incident. See the message area at the bottom of the picture. Aladdin is my old Laptop and Lenny is my new one.

  • BobCherry
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    I'm trying to connect to another computer in my home and the program says there might be a licensing problem. I have a free user account on both computers. What's up?

  • tbraybrook
    tbraybrook Posts: 1

    I also need help and because I don't have a PAID account am unable to create a ticket and no phone number for them or support email address can be found. I do free help for people and they won't let me connect to anyone at all now! I can't afford a paid for version and why should I pay for one when I do FREE help? That makes no sense. I need my ID reset but can't find out how to do this because I can't find any way to contact them so right now, I say they are useless.

  • anders1
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    Same here aswell, Free license and logged into both computer at the same time or just the main computer, tried with remote using pwd and ask for access, both ended with same error message. TM version is 15.35.5. Any fixes soon?

  • HarryFigov
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    I have for several years supported my 91 year old mother-in-law who lives in a care home using a free Teamviewer licence. Now when I try to logon remotely it says that there a licence issue. I can remotely support my 90 year old father who lives in South Africa, so I think my licence is ok.

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Teamviewer on my mother-in-law's computer and have granted easy access. I have also tried logging on to teamviewer on her computer with my own logon, but I still get the same error.

    Unfortunately the error flashes up for about a second or 2 so I can't get a screen grab.

    Please help.

  • bobbyA
    bobbyA Posts: 1

    Hi I keep getting the error message saying the below, have uninstalled and still the same, any advise much appreciated, I'm a free user