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    I'm a home user who wants to access the laptop from the smartphone. Both devices are in the same network.

    Why does "comercial use" blocking pop-up appear and avoid the use?

    Windows10 and android, both with latest version.

    Why does TeamViewer think I'm a comercial user?

    I appreciate your help.

    Best Regards,


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    It reports Connection blocked after timeout and Commercial use, as the screenshots show.

    I only use few times last year, and I haven't been using for like 2 months, why am I detected overusing and what can I do to repair this problem? Thanks a lot.

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    Teamviewer FREE to Teamviewer QS. Fails to connect. Error 'may be a problem with license.' Both current versions.


    I just submitted a request to reset my account EVEN THOUGH I am not getting an error about using a commercial account. A very different error which only appears when I try to connect to someone. I cannot quote the error now. something about "MAY be a problem ...".

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    Just switch to **Third Party Product**.

    If you install this software and use it rarely to log into your devices a few times per year, it is useless as it will not work without raising a reset request.

  • sergiohcis
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    Why can't I remote control my home computer by using a free license ? TeamViewer is telling me that one of the two computers needs a license.

    Did anything change about this?

    I was able to use it before with no problems!

  • waco_john
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    no replies. Maybe this will get answered. Attempt to connect to a Teamviewer QS user results in a failure mentioning 'there MAY be a licensing problem'. Well, that is not saying I'm using TV commercially, but I lodged ticket to reset my account anyay. No reply to that either. Could someone knowledgeable chime it? Thanks.

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    I am a user of the free teamviewer. I have used it for years to help my 90-year-old mother (who lives 2k miles away) with her phone and computer. It is not for business use, it is for personal use. But yesterday, it timed me out after like a minute and said I needed a business license, which is not accurate at all.

    I tried to call support but they would not help me unless I have a license. They said I can only use the community support, but unless some of you are actual support employees and can correct the mistaken license issues in my account, I'm not sure what good this will do.

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    When I try to connect to my other computer with TeamViewer, it says something about a licensing issue (?) (it doesn't say anything about suspected commercial usage, just some nonsense about a "license issue" when I'm literally a free user so I don't know what license it wants) and then closes the connection after about 30 seconds before I can even attempt to debug the issue. When I try to reconnect, it blocks me and tells me to try again in a minute, and then I do that, it tells me to wait another minute, and then another, and then another... What's going on and how do I fix it?

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    System says I have been using program commercially. I use it only at my home network! This causes the program to time out.

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    System times out and says I am using commercially. I use it only for my own private network!

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    I used to use TV through my employer. Since departing, I was told that I have to contact TV to have my computers removed from their database for whatever reason. It seems that when I try to use TV for personal use, it kicks me out after a couple minutes. I have no idea where to start so I can use it personally to help my elderly mother. Can someone help me please? thank you.

  • A3SI
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    I have issue with my acount, when I try to connect to my other computer I lost the connection and after I have message "Connexion to this partner are bloqued until xxxxx "

    I would like understand why ?

    Thank yu to solve this problem

  • Vision1291
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    My teamviewer app says i am using it for business.

    i am disabled, so it's hard for me to move around.

    i use the teamviewer from 1 computer to another on the same network in my home.

    i do not use it for business.

    how can I get this message to stop?


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    When I log in it kicks me off right away and says commercial use might be an issue with licensing agreement. What do I need to do ??

  • Xarx00
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    After a long time, I'm trying to connect to my grandma computer, but I get the following error

    This used to work (about a year ago), now I'm suspected of commercial use. My computer has TeamViewer 15.18.5 with free license on Win10 Pro, her computer has TeamViewer 15.37.3 with free license on Win8.1 home.

    What is the free license for if not for this occasional use? I had to travel to her flat (in another town) in order to resolve the issue, instead of supporting her remotely.

  • Xarx00
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    After upgrading both computers to the latest version 15.37.8, the problem persists. I connected to her computer, but after 10s the session was closed. Unusable :-(.

    The only reason that could cause this problem, that I can see, is that my computer is in a Windows domain. But AFAIK, the company doesn't use TeamViewer (we use MS Teams).

  • Katjawest
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    i am helping one person with intellectual disability. Due to the disability i often need to help several hours per day and now team viewer thinks i do this professionally. What can I do? I live in sweden where all contact with authorities is digitally over the net which is impossible for my relative.


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    Hi there, same as the most recent messages.

    I haven't connected using TeamViewer in months from my desktop to either my laptop or elderly fathers PC, and they have been off for 7 months and 1 month respectively. As such I'm surprised get the above message when I help another elderly relative out and had to hunt around to find out what software I previously used as I had forgotten about it!

    Many TIA for any recommendations, but if nothing is forthcoming I'll have a look for an alternative.



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    I had the same problem. thanks

  • kins10
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    Hello, I am a private user of Teamviewer.

    But I cannot utilize Teamviewer with a warning message that I am a business user, and it is restricted to use Program.

    Please check and fix this problem.


  • Frode_53
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    I downloaded teamviewer on my commputer, my phone and my MAC. But cant use it when Teamviewer say I use it commersial. I do not use it commersial, I do not even have a job. Is there anything I can do or do I have too use an other program?

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    It says that I'm using TeamViewer for professional support, but I'm just a university student trying to use TeamView to connect from my Mac to my PC. How do I fix this? I use a VPN so my IPs are either from a university or a datacenter.

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    I have an 87 year old mother, who I have supported via teamviewer for years. I now can connect for about 1min at which time I am disconnected and told to play fair and buy a license. I would log on to her machine maybe once a month, I thought I was playing fair.

  • bermassi
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    It’s very tedious that TV says I’m using it for commercial use while this is not true. My only purpose is to control remotely my pc telescope and this is a hobby not business. This beahvior appears randomly but now is about 1 year I can’t use TV, so I had to migrate toward another platform without obsessive manies e so many of my friends. It's a real shame because TV worked very well. Patience!

    Best regards


  • LG_
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    What could be the solution?

    I am using TV rarely between few of my family computers for basic actions like switching off them through the phone and similar.

    Most times I do this (some times only yearly) I get a message that I was suspected as business user.

    I have to do it over and over to state that I am not.

    Is there a solution to let TV or their robot notice once I would use the platform for busibess purposes I will report myself?

    Suspecting is childish

  • Paul_A
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    Can anyone advise or help. I have had some contact with Teamviewer. But the matter is yet unresolved. I have used Teamviewer for a number of years without experiencing this issue. My connection partner has an old PC running Windows 7. Both versions of teamviewer are up to date. I do not use team viewer for commercial purposes. I manage 1 PC remotely for a friend who has access issues, I connect around twice a month.

    Thanks Paul Browne

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    my connection always logged me out in 5secs

    any solution