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    Good day,

    i have been using Teamviewer now for a couple of years, in the early days i used it a lot to acces my Desktop PC at home while i was in another city for work.

    Nowerday i´m barely using teamviewer any more, just here and there to check sth. on my home pc (maybe 3-4 times a month) but stil everytime after like 1 minute i get kicked out of the connection and get asked to buy a license.

    Is there anyway to get my account "unflagged" or whatever makes the algorithm think i use teamviwer in a commercial way ?

    answers would be apreciated

    Enjor your weekend everyone

    PS: Sorry for my bad english

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    I've had a free account for years and since a while now it won't connect any longer. It seems to think I'm commercial use, but this is strictly for personal use

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    just want to help my family out that all( but it time out)

    can some one help my

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    Been trying to contact support in regard to being flagged. Every time i make a ticket it will not submit. Everything is filled out correct and ready to go. But it won't submit. Tried following the link to unflag, that JeanK recently posted, and same thing. I fill out the form, everything is correct. But it won't finalize submission. It's almost like they just don't care about me unless I'm giving them money. Very frustrated. If there was a small fee for personal users, i would pay to get rid of the frustration.

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    I have already had my non-commercial (personal) account for 6-7 years. I cannot use it any more as I get disconnected (timeout) and have to wait for some time and then after a minute, I will be disconnected again. As I have never used TW for commercials and always it's been used for personal to support my family, I am wondering how I fix the problem. I uninstall and reinstalled it many times but same problem. I appreciate your help.

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    i use teamviewer to fix my mom's laptop remotely. she's in the us and i'm in the uk. she somehow clicked on the commercial account and is completely flustered. is there any way for her to revert back to the free version. i'm trying to find the simpliest way to fix it for her.

    thanks, tina

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    Hi i have a free version but after 1 min i am out. It is privat can you fix so i can log in Christer

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    Hi, I recently tried many times to access my PC from my phone (as I was able before) but now it tells me each time that "a professional use is detected". I don't know how come. I only use it to access my home PC from either my Winnovo A10 tablet or my Samsung Galaxy A5 phone. Can you help me get back on track with the free personal version?

    Thanks in advance


    Xavier Mallet

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    Is Teamviewer free for personal use.

    Teamviewer seems to recognise me but I cannot sign in!

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    I am REALLY not happy! I do NOT use Teamviewer professionally. As a matter of fact I just attempted to help a friend today but NO, I couldn't sign in and this is the notice I received. I have attempted to fix this on my own as well as by contacting free community assistance and called. What do I do now? How do I clear this out?


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    I am a physically disabled and semi-retired IT consulting tech/engineer. I used to have hundreds of clients, now I only have a couple and all of them are friends or charities. I used to pay for a TeamViewer subscription and now due to limited income from disability I cannot afford it. It used to be TeamViewer was very gracious about allowing "free" use. THAT WAS TEAMVIWER'S GREATEST SE:LLING POINT!! Now it is near impossible to use it "free" for any practical tech support for people. It used to be I emphatically recommended my commercial clients subscribe to TeamViewer, in part because their generous and humane free use policy gave me the flexibility to help people working at home or at the office. In the last two years, TeamViewer has become way too impractical, anti-generous, and anti-humane in allowing free use. So, aside from what TeamViewer condescendingly calls an "inconvenience", this has caused the people who still need my help, who are rarely paying anything, to make other arrangements and I have recommended all my former clients to ditch TeamViewer, resulting in the loss of at least 100 paying customers just from me (and another 200+ from other professional colleagues of mine who have said the same to their clients) THAT I KNOW OF, because of your grossly anti-humane switch to a nefarious profit centered approach. I have been told by TeamViewer employees that this switch to such profit-mongering methods has depleted internal morale as well as a lost of lots of customers. Another good company gets destroyed by hyper-capitalism. What a shame.

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    I only help family and rarely friends and I have received no compensation directly or indirectly. But the fact that I am using VPN for such academic purposes...makes Teamviewer think I am doing commercial. This is so sad when the ID reset page is only at the devices level but not the email address level, not to mention it simply doesn't work because again it's due to the VPN. Any real solution here? Many thanks. Have to use alternate products for now which is less frustrating, [removed per Community Guidelines]

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    I just remote to family and friends of family to help the elderly. It says that I have a commercial account now. How do I fix this?


    Dislike the warning tag, just because my search term was not correct to find this thread.


    Attempted to use the reset form. Does not work in firefox or chrome under Linux?

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    I bought a new computer and tried to add it to my partners list. Although it looked successful in the beginning trying to make an unattended connection using a password gave me the message that I need to buy a license to be able to connect, which means I am suspected to make commercial connections. How can I add this computer to my family and friends (non commercial) list?

    Thank you

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    I have a free version to connect with my elderly mother, but my sessions continuously timeout.

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    Sometimes I help older people with Teamviewer with their computer problems. At most once a week. Lately that is no longer possible because Teamviewer no longer allows me to do this. How do I get that commercial stamp off my account?

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    Hello everyone, I have been using TeamViewer for over a year in the free version. Recently, my version has been suspended for commercial use. However, I have never used the software or other than to help my family or connect to my personal computer remotely (eg at work). I tried Going through the reset system but the page does not load when I submit the form. Do you have any ideas ? thank you

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    In the last 6 months I used the software may be twice to access my uncle's computer and now I'm being forced to upgrade to a business plan. I am no business and my uncle's neither.

    I can't even submit a ticket not chat with the support.

    How can I go about this please!


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    As said in the title, I've been using TeamViewer to help my familly(mosty my father with computers) but a few months ago TeamViewer decided that i use it commercially(with i don't)

    I haven't found any place to apper to it so im basically unable to help my familly a efficently as before

    What can i do in thus situation?

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    I am using Teamviewer to manage my personal computer. Somehow Team Viewer have recognized me that I am using the app for commercial purpose and now free license is not allowing me to connect to my computers.

    Defenetly I am not using the Team Viewer for commercial purpose. How to enable to continue using Team viewer with no limitations as free user?

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    I keep getting kicked off my session and the reason is that commerical use is detected. I'm remoting into a single computer in my home. I access it less than once per month. Any ideas?

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    Can I use TeamViewer for personal purposes in a commercial environment?

    In my case, I want to use TeamViewer for personal purpose on a computer which is used for work from home.

    Thank you.

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    my son was reinstalling teamviewer on his Grandmothers computer and selected corporate insteat of personal now we can't connect.

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    My teamviewer doesn't allow me to connect more than 10 seconds to any of my friends pc with a reason that i have been using teamviewer on professional aspect which is not true. Is there any way to fix this because i need to help my friend regarding some gaming problems. Please help me !

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    Hello TeamViewer users,

    I use a free version of TeamViewer on my laptop to remotely access another computer. Recently, my sibling accidently tried to remote access my laptop from TeamViewer on phone. This limited any remote access from my laptop to less than 3 minutes. Is there any way to fix this?

    Many thanks!

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    I have just been bombed out of teamviewer and told i am using it professionally? I use it one every few months when my 88 year old mother runs into trouble (this time her printer has disappeared!) however i have been thrown out! I now have a distraught mother i cannot help. Anyone out there let me know what i can do about this?