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  • opaca91
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    Hi, I have been wrongly flagged as Commercial, even tho I have not used Team Viewer for months, and when I tried to connect to my mother's PC it blocked me. Basically, I have been using it only for that purpose - helping my 65-year-old mother, remotely.

    Any ideas on what to do? I cannot seem to contact support because I do not have a paid account...


  • Pattij
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    I'm very frustrated with Team Viewer. I've used it off and on for years but now it thinks I'm a commercial account. I've provided help for friends and family. But I get timed out in less then a minute. I've been able to access a phone for troubleshooting but not a desk top. What do I need to do to my account look like a personnel account. The phone person uses quick support, but the desktop I have in my computer file.

    Please help!

    I hate to have to learn a new product plus all my friend are 75 years Plus.

  • sestra
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    when I connect to my phone via TW the connection goes on and of every 20 sec approx.

    I have tested the connection on both WiFi and Mobile connection and the result is the same

    I have used TW for many years and have never had this problem before.

    please advise me.

  • VahidG
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    I believe I'm not using TeamViewer for commercial use, just trying to have remote access from my personal laptop to my personal desktop at home! TeamViewer keeps blocking my access no matter what I try (rebooting, reinstalling, updating, etc...). This sounds like the end of TeamViewer for me because they fail to provide the service they advertise (free for personal usage)! I'm sorry, but this would never force me to switch to a paid license since there is some other free software out there for personal use.

    I've spent more time than I should have spent trying to contact the support or find a way to fix it and all fails (even if it works the first time) and I'm not a fan of such annoying confusing random connection termination messages!

  • sestra
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    So, I got an email with this:

    This topic has already been answered here, so we merged your post into it: ( the link to this page)

    my post: "when I connect to my phone via TW the connection goes on and off every 20 sec approx.

    I have tested the connection on both WiFi and Mobile connection and the result is the same

    I have used TW for many years and have never had this problem before.

    please advise me."

    Nothing about commercial use connection time out is it?

  • Jay54
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    I tried to help my friends. But I was deemed mistakenly as commercial.

    How to proceed?

  • cyraxote
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    Whenever I try to connect, I get the message shown. The time is always 1 minute from the current time, but when the minute is up, still can't connect. I have a free license, and I'm connecting a Windows 11 PC to a Windows 10 PC across the room.

    This just started happening today. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Manakindubstep
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    I am being prompted to activate a team viewer license and am being limited to short sessions out of nowhere. I am using this on my personal machines at home. I had to open a ticket a couple years ago and do the same thing but it looks like we can no longer submit tickets without a license. Is this the only way to contact support now?

  • Manakindubstep
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    Yeah im having the same issue. I had this happen a couple years ago ( i use TV to access my home machines and a headless plex server that hosts my movies and tv at home) and i was able to put in a ticket to get my account re-activated as a free account. It looks like now you cant even put in a ticket without a license.............

  • JoyAppleby
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    My account has been locked due to suspected commercial use, but that's a mistake, I use this software for all kinds of personal tasks. And I rely on it a LOT. How can I get my account reinstated? I can't seem to get customer service as a free user.... please help!!

  • Alcove
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    All of the sudden I am unable to connect into my other system here at home. I was using it fine, closed it on my laptop and reopened, and my main system will not connect anymore. Keeps telling me to wait 5-10m, and then resets and keeps telling me to wait and wait. Sometimes tells me there is a licensing problem and disconnects me.


    Personal user.

    Windows 10 & 11.

    Thank you.

  • Jose_N4BAA
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    Hello - I am a ham radio hobbyist and I have for years used TV to remotely log into my home office computer to operate my radios remotely. Today, I was disconnected and cannot reconnect due to TV thinking I am a commercial business, which I am not. What is the procedure to get data to TV that I am indeed a personal user and respectfully request that I be allowed to continue?


  • DarkWalker19
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    Hello, i keep getting this error. I'm using teamviewer for personal use only, just remoting to my/family pcs. Why do i get this error?

  • Gary_T
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    As others have noted, also getting the commercial use detected and sessions limited messages. I've been a user of TeamViewer for the last few years and only for private usage between multiple personal systems at home. I have followed the information on and completed the reset request as per

    My question is, how long does a reset take?

  • JS38jfo
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    Greetings, I use two home servers running windows 2022 std, for the second time (first time was back when i had windows server 2016) it has detected commercial use...

    Obviously my use is not commercial, it has been accepted before by the company and i have had to sign an agreement that i was not using teamviewer commercially.

    The status remains the same yet... again i pledge i am absolutely not using this software commercially and if i was i would absolutely pay the license for it.

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    Please stop assuming everyone that runs a server OS is using your software commercially... pretty please?

    Else just asume every linux box is also being used commercially...

  • PieroV
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    Greetings Teamviewer

    I've been using the free version for some time and only to connect to my desktop PC at home with my laptop when I'm elsewhere, so I use it personally and that's it.

    In these days I have had problems, the copy and paste were not transferred, and not being able to understand where the problem was in the settings which was obviously by mistake and so I thought of uninstalling the program from the PCs and then reinstalling it.

    Tonight I tried the connection and the system replied that I practically "used the system to provide professional assistance" ... and therefore in order to use the program I had to subscribe to a subscription that costs almost [removed per Community Guidelines] euros per year ... I I would have even paid a few tens of euros to be able to continue using the program, at this figure it seems to me exaggerated.

    Can you help me, please, and I thank you in advance

    good job and sincere cordiality,

    Piero.problems with free version for personal use

  • Ground0
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  • Gary_T
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    To answer the question I posted earlier, the turn around time for the reset request I submitted was about 12 hours.

  • joey9779
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    The link you posted in the other section DOES NOT WORK. I have not had any problems using TeamViewer until now. I think it's hilarious that it's just now detecting and cancelling my requests even though both of my computers are in this house on the same IP addresses. It's just easier for mew to sit upstairs while I have the PC downstairs open on the other monitor and use both because one is my main PC and the other is where I store media. Apparently you can't contact anyone over this and you have to go to this useless forum with no real answers other that seeing people complain that nothing is getting done. Does anyone know of other PC remote software that works similar to TeamViewer?

  • joey9779
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    So when you use the service for personal use for an extended period of time you get flagged for commercial use?? this just a temporary use program? I can't see spending $50 a month to access a computer downstairs because I'm too lazy to go down there and remote in from upstairs.

  • toanfram
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    Hi everyone, I'm a single user, I usually stay outside and use Teamviewer to connect to my PC at home. After a period of time, today I receive a notification that I have been supporting others professionally, but definitely not, just only me doing my personal things.

    Anyone can help me figure this out or unblock my account, please! I'm not working remotely, so I cannot pay for a monthly plan.

    Thank you very much.

  • laytho
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    i am having the same problem now

  • vvadori
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    my connection keeps dropping since yesterday. The reason being my use has been flagged as commercial. However, I am a PhD student and I am using team viewer to connect to my computer at the university. What can I do? I am thinking of looking for an alternative software, what would you do instead?

    I would really appreciate any advice, thank you!!


  • BJLadida
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    I use team viewer to control my paraplegic son's laptop for him, he watches movies, listens to podcasts and checks Facebook , we are not using it for business. How can I get it reactivated.

  • GromeQ
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    I am using TeamViewer only privately. Often for playing games remotely or even use second PC without Monitor. It is very usefull so I have two instances achievable with one screen.

    But yeterday it started and I keep getting info that program thinks I use it for commercial purpose.

    I have no license so I cannot even create support ticket, keeps redirecting me here.

    Any idea how to contact directly?

    Best regards!

  • na51hog
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    I am a retired IT Director with a significant number of windows-based computers in my house. 99% of my TeamViewer activity is connecting and managing those devices - several of them headless. A very few times a year I troubleshoot problems on friends' or family PCs/Phones. I NEVER use your product for commercial gain. Just today, (07 Feb 2023), the system told me it has detected commercial use and is preventing me from managing my machines.

    Could you take a moment to determine to your satisfaction whether my usage is appropriate for a non-commercial licence and mark my account accordingly? If you determine that I am using your product in contravention of your licensing requirements, then I will find an alternative. 

    Whatever you decide, many thanks for years of use of an excellent product.

    Thanks 😊

    Neil Hogg

  • gF0rce
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    Clearly we have hundreds of users here that have all been inappropriately tagged as 'Commercial' users... and now, I apparently have joined the ranks. I have several pc's that I user for various purposes (none business related), an ipad, and my cell phone, and I have used TeamViewer for close to a decade to provide connectivity. Now I can't view one system from another. Has anyone gotten a response from TeamViewer? Is there any recourse, or do we have no option other than to walk away?

  • jde
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    Same thing happened with me several days ago. I cannot figure out what's wrong. I also posted this question, no one has responded, and Teamviewer no longer speaks to users of the free version. I actually just had a support person hang up on me over chat when she realized I was a free user.

    I don't mind going to a paid version, but I'm not paying $25/month to support the occasional friend or family member. I'm now looking at other options:

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

  • qcisfirst
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    I submitted the reset form as I have a personal account, yet have suddenly been deemed a commercial account and therefore timed out. They tell you how to resolve the issue, but do nothing when the person complies with their request. Where is the logic?

  • gameoverteamviewer
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    i have a free license that i use to connect to another computer to use the game i run from home and recently teamviewer keeps disconnecting my connection that i use for personal use and blocking my connections. why is this happening? the only thing i use teamviewer for is playing a game over the remote connection nothing else. did they change how long a connection can be maintained to free license or what? i didnt get any notification of the changes? [removed per Community Guidelines]