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    error message when I'm going to help an old acquaintance pensioner I get a message that this is not a private free license

    his License nr [Removed as per Community Guidelines]

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    Good morning.

    I have prompted with teamvier.

    I use teamviewer only for personal use.

    I use the connection only 2 computers ID [removed per Community Guidelines] with ID [removed per Community Guidelines].

    Please help me…

    I sent you messages in Facebook

    Thank you.

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    Hi everyone.

    I don't know why TV is logging me out with my free license (since I don't have to use it for commercial purposes). I have the software installed on 2 desktop PCs and 2 laptops (all Windows) in my home and logged in with the same credentials on all of them. I need to be able to transfer files and/or execute commands while staying on one PC and managing the others. But TV randomly disconnects me, sometimes after a few minutes of connection and other times after 1 hour or more. But this thing happens very often and I would like to be able to fix it and make it not log me out unless I want to.

    Thanks everyone for the replies.

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    I want to know who can I reach to reset my account, I am not using my teamviewer for business.

  • BJLadida
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    My account was interrupted because it was flagged as a business account. I only use it to control my paraplegic son's laptop. He uses it to watch movies, podcast, music et. We do not use it for business.

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    I am trying to use the webform to reset my account back to free. I have already submitted it once, but the problem I have, is my main computer that i use to connect to my media PC and my partners PC, only has an ID of 7 numbers. The webform to reset, requires 8 or more.

    Any ideas?

  • spindr64
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    I have a free account that I only use for personal use and have done for many years. Now when I connect to one of my computers it states I have a licensing issue with my licensing partner.

    If I then try connecting again it says I am blocked until 'x' time and then times out after 2 minutes.

    What have I done wrong or what has happened to my account?

    Please advise

    Kind regards


  • serhanoztas
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    Hello There,

    Today I am flagged for suspected commercial uses, which I only use Teamviewer for study purpose with my group of classmates, or for helping a friend. I am middle of very important class/exam period and desperately need my Teamviewer. I filled out the form already

    Would you please help me with resolving this issue? I can provide my anydetails you need

    Thank you

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    I occasionally help my mother in law when she has computer problems.

    Recently Teamviewer claims that I'm using Teamviewer professionally. That's not the case.

    How can I resolve this problem?

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    Really obnoxious issue going on for a few days now. I have uninstalled on multiple devices, restating PCs, and still this is happening. Connections drop after a minute, then I get a nag window saying I had 'multiple incoming connections' and am blocked from reconnecting.

    Is there really no way to bring this to a supports team attention other than posting here? Software definitely isn't worth paying for less than 10 machines.

  • aishwarya1708
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    I am using TeamViewer for personal purposes but for the last few days, I am getting the error "Connection blocked until timeout " suspecting a commercial use. I tried the method of resetting TeamViewer. But, here I ran into a problem where the TeamViewer IDs I am using have 9 digits. When I enter this in the application form I get the error of invalid error. Could you please help me sort out this problem?

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    I'm trying to use teamviewer to access my server computer and it keeps timing me out after about 30 seconds and this popup appears saying I'm using teamviewer for supporting others professionally even though I'm accessing my own computer that is in the other room under the same IP address to move files and to run some software. I can't find any functional customer support page that isn't locked behind a paywall so I have no clue where else to ask this. is there any way I can contact teamviewer to get this fixed?

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    Hi there,

    How can I unblock my account because I am using only teamviewer for my and family laptops?

    Algorithm somehow made a mistake and that needs to be change it. Could you help me with that?



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    Suddenly the free version of TeamViewer I have been using for years to support my sister who is very technically challenged gives a message that "it appears it is being used for commercial use" and will terminate the session in five minutes. It actually terminates in less than a minute, then delays reconnection for a long time. I do not use this software for commercial use in any way and have no idea what instigated Team Viewer thinking it is being used that way, nor do I know how to resolve the issue.

  • MimiS
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    I only use TeamViewer for personal use. When I recently started receiving messages about commercial use and my sessions timed out, I submitted the online request for both device IDs and received emails saying they were reset to personal use. However, when I tried to use it, the same problem occurred. Per the email instructions, I re-submitted the form for both IDs, but keep getting the same result. I've done this 5 times now - each time, I receive the emails saying I've been reset to personal, but I continue to receive the same message and time out. I tried twice to chat with Support, but as soon as they found out it's about this issue, they direct me to the same link to submit a request. PLEASE HELP ME TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE Thanks.

  • aishwaryaselvaraj
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    Hi, I have been using TeamViewer software from my personal laptop to log in to my desktop. I have been using the software only for personal purposes. However, it was detected for commercial purposes and thus I am unable to access my TeamViewer. Following the instructions, I filled up the application form to reset the ID. Although I got an email stating that my TeamViewer ID has been reset I see no changes to the application. Within a few seconds of login, I am forcefully logged out with the error message "Connection blocked after timeout"

    I am genuinely devasted by this. Could someone please help me out here?

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    Hi guys.

    From work, on my own personal laptop running Fedora, I connect to my own PC at home, Windows, so I can stream my personal stuff.

    I'm getting "Connection Blocked" for corporate use.

    I am going through the internal corporate network of where I work.

    What is the procedure to prevent that from happening.

    Thank You.

  • BJLadida
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    My Team Viewer account has been flagged as business. I filled out the reset request and received an email saying that it was reset but it still isn't. Do I need to put the ID of the Team Viewer account that I connect to as well as mine? I only added my ID.

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    I am trying to unblock my ID, which was blocked due to suspected commercial usage. I have not used TV for commercial purposes and would kindly request that you unblock my ID.

    Thank you.

    Nigel Kersh

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

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    When I try to connect to one of the 2 computers I have created so far, a message popup, problem with license on the remote computer ? The first computer I created on my account, I can log in without error messages. I had created a new account 05-03-2023, because i had the same problem on my old account. Why license issues occur on a free account ? I only try to use it on Family & Friends private Desk- & Laptops

  • sebernard82
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  • sebernard82
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    When I connect it closes me out within seconds and pops up a window showing me the plans you pay for. Any idea why

  • nckersh
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    I have been blocked by TeamViewer as they believe I have used TeamViewer for commercial purposes. This is not the case. I use TeamViewer to access a remove computer attached to a printer. This enables me to work in one place yet print remotely. It's very useful. Without it, I have to constantly run back and forth between my computers.

    How can I get my ID re-instated?

  • suman345678
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    I am trying to connect a remote teamviewer but error is displayed showing error that session blocked after timeout , what could be the possible reason?

  • chris1434
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    Looks like teamviewer cut back on their QA. From all the issues on here about long term free personal users suddenly getting flagged as commercial users suggests they tweaked some code and didn't test it. Add me to the list. I help several friends and family members as I spent 35 years in IT. Cmon teamviewer, 90% of the population always had a flashing 12:00 on their VCR. Surely it isn't hard to understand that lots of people need help from friends and family that have technical expertise. I have used teamviewer for many, many years so it isn't like they don't have a history of my usage. Nothing has changed.

  • nckersh
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    I've filled in the "form", but am still blocked. I tried to talk with someone on chat, but all he said was "pay for a license" - thanks, Haim - not very helpful.

    I've been using TV on a free license for some time and find it very useful. However, as a pensioner, I have a limited budget and so cannot afford to pay for a license.

    Can you help me...?

  • Rich890m
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    I me to the list of people who do not charge for help and work with those who are older like me in their 70s and I also use it on my wife's computer to help her from time to time. I have been using TeamViewer for many years and have never charged for my services.

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    I come here to tell you all that i have used the reset platform 4 times, and this 4 times, i get replies saying my ID's are successfully reset. Obviously it's an automated message that actually does nothing.

    1 out of my 3 ID's are still flagged despite filling the reset form, they are all are my own devices. I will keep filling it daily, they say, never give up if you want something done.

    Now that i've been using Teamviewer for own personal uses for years, and its a wonder this month i got flagged. I hope the Teamviewer's team can respond.

    Oh and by the way thanks for the 'Molecule' promotion.

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    i'm a Radio Ham licence holder i help people to connect to the radios and help them programming radios i do this free i never get paid.

    Im disabled in a wheelchair i cant travel to go in other people houses.

    I hope you understand my point.

    I cant log in because Teamveiwer think i not using this for personal used.