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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • sparani
    sparani Posts: 2

    Same for me, just using it on my private PCs at home and I always get these messages nowadays:


  • GoNz0
    GoNz0 Posts: 4

    Something has changed for them to do this to us, they are obviously pushing the free users away as they do not need us, probably due to the excessive pricing structure. Instead of offering a home network licence £382 for a single connection licence per year is a total joke.

    I guess I will start looking at other RDP solutions, I did like teamviewer as I also use it for work but even they are looking for an alternative due to the price they pay to use this to support us field techs who need assistance deploying computers to our clients.


  • dian2n
    dian2n Posts: 2

    I get limitations in sessions when using thimiever and I'm prompted to buy the paid version. I do not use the program for commercial purposes, and I believe that your estimation algorithm is based on data that can be interpreted in two ways. As a result of misinterpretation, I am accepted as a business user. This is not true. I have two places where I live and I have computers there. I go to work during the day and occasionally connect with computers in these places to make sure everything is fine there. I do this from my computer at work, where I identify myself with my user name in teamviewer. Other my colleagues also use this program on the same computer. They use their login name.
    I have no idea how your algorithms are working to detect business consumption, but that does not happen to me. I do not take money to support foreign computers. The computers I'm accessing with Teamviewer are just mine.
    What can I do to reuse the free version without restrictions. What should I do to prevent myself being mistakenly recognized as a business user from your system

  • I have the same problem!!! HELP PLEASE

  • Tsoots
    Tsoots Posts: 2

    Very same problem here. Helping my +80yrs old Mother is suddenly considered commercial and not allowed without buying a license. She does cook me a lunch or dinner every now and then but not even weekly but still I would not count that as commercial use of Teamviewer. What are the Teamviewer options.

  • sylviae
    sylviae Posts: 1

    i too have had "suspected commercial use" and running a "Business network" when it is a home network and i only use TV on average twice a month to help friends free. i wrote to them and included logs which prove my case, but no reply.

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  • trekfan1
    trekfan1 Posts: 17
    Problem: cloudberry remote assistant do not have a Linux version...
  • Thanos81
    Thanos81 Posts: 1

    Good Morning

    When I try to connect to my PC from my office your software give me an allert I am using it as a commercial usage.

    I already had this problem in the past and I specified I do not use teamviewer for commercial usage, I only connect to my home PC during the day I am at work, from my working PC, to check my personals E-MAIL, chat with friends via whatsapp web and similar things that are not for work. 

    I think this is a personal usage not a enterprise one even if I use it almost every day for hours. How can I fix this issue? I really need and love your software but I am not going to pay 334€ for year to use this function.

    Can you please help me or indicate me how to fix this problem?

    Thank you so much

    King regards


  • Аналогично. На мой взгляд, полное свинство - критерии коммерческого использования нигде не указаны. Я использую TV исключительно в личных целях, и получил эту гадость совершенно неожиданно. Хорошо хоть, не в заграничной поездке, а в часе езды от дома.

  • mattdud
    mattdud Posts: 5 ✭✭
    Thanks for this! Called customer service who refused to help. Called back and have waited 30 minutes so far with no answer! NOT IMPRESSED!!!!
  • Hi.

    I'm a user of Teamviewer.

    I have been using it for many years and I'm really greaful to use this kind of program

    Actually, I don't use the Teamviewer as commercial purpose.

    I just try to check my e-mail or playing game by it.

    In this case, should I purchase the license of Teamviewer ?

    If not, please let me know how can I use this program without license.


    Best regards

  • Arminio
    Arminio Posts: 3

    Same problem here since today. Session time out after 1 minute... and after 3 tries I get blocked for a certain amount of time... what is happening here???

  • majerpain
    majerpain Posts: 1

    After fresh installs of Teamviewer 13 on both mine and dad's Pc's I lookafter his via Teamviewer as he is over 3 Hrs. drive away.

    "Connection Blocked after Timeout" Your licence limits the maximum session durations connections to this partner will be blocked untill This occurs right at logon help please

  • Same problem, after 1 minute will disconnected, anyone have a solution? thank you


  • Azsde
    Azsde Posts: 1

    My account has been flagged as "suspected of commercial use", I can't connect to my computers anymore !

    I always have used this software on a private level and never made any commercial use of it.

    Now I can't log into my computer without beeing kicked out in less than 2 minutes, and locked out for another 10 minutes !

    @Esther I am NOT the only one having this issue.

    Can you please investigate the matter ?

  • Hello

    TV say i am pro but i am not a pro...

    how can I do?



  • serverhack
    serverhack Posts: 3 ✭✭
    I have the same problem, I've been using TV for years only as personnal use and today I have received the banner to buy license, even nothing has changed...
  • vishnu03
    vishnu03 Posts: 1

    Is there any solution for this

  • b45t4rd
    b45t4rd Posts: 1


    Im using a Businessaccount with two channels. Now i want to do some work with my ios devices, but it shows me "Commercial use" an quit my session after five minutes.


    What do i do wrong?



  • jackjack
    jackjack Posts: 4

    Looks like they got a hot shot sales director, who thinks this strategy will bring in suckers with cash and earn him bonuses.

    **bleep** Teamviewer, I brought you a ton of paid clients over the years, and you do this????

  • airplane-4b7416
    airplane-4b7416 Posts: 12 ✭✭

    I've downloaded free version of TW13(at homework)but i use it for private .

    I connect with my other pc at home but i can start a single session,Tw message says this is a limited version and i can riconnet with the pc after few minutes.How can i solve it?

  • airplane-4b7416
    airplane-4b7416 Posts: 12 ✭✭

    as par previous post,in help menu under "TW information" says is a free licence.

  • Hi, been using TV for ages, couple months ago it been blocked as I was suspected commercially using it, contacted support all done, unblocked.. But now, I am getting this message, after couple minutes of connection to my friend/family member, and then this message pops out and I am unable to connect to my friend /family member for another 10 or 15 minutes after... never made any money by using TV, and not planning too, as I am not proffesional IT specialist, why do I always getting in to a such a trouble? Could anyone tell me what happening to TV please?

  • hristiyan
    hristiyan Posts: 1

    same here

  • Bankfodder
    Bankfodder Posts: 23 ✭✭

    I'm getting an identical problem – I only ever use it for non-commercial means and had never made money from it.

    I'm very grateful for the programme – and if they had a much cheaper personal version, I would pay for it – but they don't.

    Please can somebody explain why I'm getting these timeout messages and it is preventing me from using it anymore.

  • Tegoide
    Tegoide Posts: 14

    I had the bad feeling that if you remain connected for long time these gentleman says you are using the connection for commercial purposes ? can you confirm or deny ?

  • Hi All,

    So I currently use the Free Version of Teamviewer, only to Log into my Server and Laptop at home and my Laptop at work. It has been working absolutely fine, but today it popped up with "Commercial Use Suspected" and kicked me off my home server. So came onto the Teamviewer website and Lo and Behold, you can only get support IF you have purchased a license? I think this is ridiculous, how do I get rid of this message, because I most certainly do not use Teamviewer for work purposes.

  • Had the impression that it is more relevant how many partners are in the list (in my case many due to playing with virtual instances etc.).
    Maybe both in a very "smart" algorithm.
  • Bankfodder
    Bankfodder Posts: 23 ✭✭

    Sorry but I don't really see how you can say they are being greedy. It's this software and they pay to develop it and they have to run the business. I think it is quite generous to let us use it for free. I don't use it commercially but it is very useful for supporting my family and one or two old people. If they had a cheaper personal level of subscription I'd be pleased to pay it.

    I hope that the current problem saying that commercial use has been detected is simply some kind of glitch and not a tightening up – otherwise I suppose I'll have to look for an alternative because I don't make any money out of it and I can't afford their rates

  • arcam10
    arcam10 Posts: 1
    I have a similar issue... kicked after less than 1 minute. I'm waiting for a response from from the staff.