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  • Heikkia
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    I have few computers at home, Windows PC's and Linux server which runs VPN and Owncloud among others. I also help my brothers if they have problems with computers.

    I am retired and now in Thailand to play golf.

    Yesterday I had problem to connect my VPN server (host not found), and I tried to connect to it using Teamviewer, that failed. Then I tried to connect to my other Windows PC, it succeeded, but connection was timed out and I was noticed about commercial use.

    I followed instructions on this page :


    Gave TeamViewer ID of this computer and a brief description of my usage of TV. I would like to give more detailed description of my usage, but it only allows me to print the original report as pdf.

    Now I am waiting response and granting me the rights for personal use again, as I am not a commercial user of TV.

    How long does it take to process this by TV team ?

  • I got the same issue. Awaiting reply.

  • Josette
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    When this happened to all of us back on October 2020, it took over 3 1/2 months for TV to reset all the personal accounts.

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    I m a student In Grenoble but left my furniture and my large computer in Nantes. This can explain I use temviewer everday during long hours and that commercial usage got detected.

    However the doesn t works. I can log in but submitting the completed from doesn t generate the pdf but always reload the page. This happens whatever the device and whatever the web browser.

    As a result, I can t fill a claim against the detected commercial usage.

  • yhw77
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    Hi, im an individual using Teamviewer for home use. Non commerical purpose. Suddenly i couldn't use it anymore. There is a msg pop saying i hv been supporting others professionally which is not true. Please provide a solution. tks

  • Heikkia
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    Could you please tell me how to submit reset request again, with all my TV computer IDs included, as I listed only two IDs, and you advise to submit again with all IDs.

    Now your system does not allow me to do what you advise me to do: "Resubmit the request". Now your system only lets me download pdf of my first request.

    Would you please fix your system (and also reset my personal use IDs !!

  • Hello! I have the exact same issue. It was working fine for me and i now i get this error all the time.

  • dvmoo
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    Me too, I had some (less 10) IDs saved, just as bookmarks for family, from other mobiles phone, mine, family (kids) phones, friend phone or laptops, supporting sometime. I used Teamviewer this year maybe 2 or 3 times, last year maybe none (I even don't remember when I had use it). Now just when my family needs to block installation on our kids phone then I can't access, Teamviewer says that my account is detected as a business account! Really disappointing, I then have to switch to **Third Party Product**.

  • jbaugh
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    I have a free personal usage account. I have had no problems using it to remotely connect to my offsite computer until yesterday. Now, I am able to easily connect, but I immediately get a message saying that my session has timed out. Shortly thereafter the connection is terminated. How can I remedy this? Thanks.


  • jbaugh
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    I now see that I am getting a message saying, "We are sorry for the interruption" that goes on to say that my "usage pattern suggests that I am supporting others professionally". This is odd. I only connect to one remote computer on an infrequent basis for purely personal usage. How do I resolve this?

  • Odie1123
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    I get the same thing, even though I use it to connect to the system to the right of my main machine (literally, not even an inch apart)

    And clearly, there is no support email to straighten this out

  • 13lackDrake
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    Same, Iv been using TeamViewer for years now to connect to my game server so i can manage my privet server for Ark and so on in steam.

    Now i get the time out

    message which is really inconvenient, all on the same network, surely they can

    see computers on the same network or network traffic if it being used for professional


    Not even the ability to submit some sort of ticket is one way to drive off people that might even upgrade 

  • 13lackDrake
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    Hi everyone

    For those that have been useing TeamViewer and now your getting a timeout message due to commercial use.

    If you are generally using this for home use and helping family then the below link will help you reset your account. Follow the instruction and have your ID’s ready from each machine and explain your usage .


  • PeteVavr
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    Thank you for this although I submitted my home devices a few days back I still can't use my remote access at home?

  • PeteVavr
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    Same here, I have used the reset link and added all my 8 home ID to the form a few days ago but still I can't use the remote access?

  • binwen
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    what i use is just for my phone and my computer ,

  • up to now I have had two accounts: a professional one with a subscription to a company email address.
    I also have an old account at my personal email.
    I have used my home computer for both professional and non-professional use.
    Now I no longer work as I am retired.

    But if I use my personal account, the message appears that prevents me from using it.

  • lanigg
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    Hi, I'm using TeamViewer for my PhD. We only have one computer with a specific software that I need and can't access except for remotely. Now I got this message saying that it seems like I'm using teamViewer to help a third party?! Is there any way to make my account work again?

  • frususer
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    In my case, it turns out that the TeamViewer ID I copied from the TeamViewer app has a space between each group of 3 digits ("XXX YYY ZZZ"). The reactivation form does not recognize space. After removing the space and clicking the Add ID button, the Generate PDF works.

    This is not the first time where some TeamViewer forms do not recognize the space-delimited format presented by the TeamView app. This should be a trivial fix.

  • haddad287
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    I only use Teamviewer for residential/personal use for the past 15+ years.

    Today all of a sudden I get an error saying:

    It seems there might be a problem with your connection partner. Connecting to this device requires a valid TeamViewer license for you or tour connection partner?

    I was connectingh from my personal phone to my personal pc.

  • woodmandog
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    Just lately (within the last couple of days), I have been getting a message on my iMac desktop screen as soon as I started a Remote Control session: headlined with “Commercial use”, saying: “It seems there might be a licensing problem with your connection partner. Connecting to this device requires a valid TeamViewer license for you or your connection partner.” These are the TeamViewer IDs that I was using when I received the message: [removed per Community Guidelines] (the requesting partner) and [removed per Community Guidelines] (the receiving partner). I have been using these 2 licenses (and others) for more months than I care to remember. What gives? If memory serves, there was a time (a few years ago) when TeamViewer decided to make a definite distinction between TeamViewer for business use and TeamViewer for non-business-use (me) as I suspect that too many end-users were using TeamViewer for free AND using TeamViewer the same IDs for their business. I responded to TeamViewer’s questionaire and was granted “FREE” status. Now this. Please tell me how to get rid of this message or tell me how I can get rid of it or tell me that I can just ignore it. I am retired and am not in a business of any kind (that is unless Retired is considered a business). I have NEVER used TeamViewer for anything business-related since I first downloaded version 10 for the Macintosh platform (many moons ago).

    If this message was sent to the incorrect spot, then either re-direct it to the correct spot or tell me how and where to send it. Thanks, Alan

  • rmanasa
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    Greetings -

    I saw the sticky announcement, but am not sure how to ask for this reset. I run TV on multiple systems, but only one of them causes theses timeouts. Not sure why. How should I proceed? TIA.

  • ZungTa
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    I use TeamViewer for personal use.

    But today, the connection was disconnected while asking me to upgrade my license.

    How can I solve this?

  • jdlopes
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    Same issue here and no way to contact support unless I purchase a license! This is sooooo AGGRAVATING!

  • jsimp23418
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    I am locked out after 20 years on free

  • jsimp23418
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    They are trying to get rid of all free users.

  • woodmandog
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    I’ve done some considerable experimenting and research and I have discovered that the specific “license” is with my newest iMac and was given the “FREE” status by TeamViewer. So I don’t understand their logic. I’ll keep using the product because I have played by TeamViewer’s rules every step of the way. This is not customer service.

  • Duke_1
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    The same issue here. Awaiting reply.