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    I have used Teamviewer for years to access my own PC's and Laptops. I just connected to my home PC from work today and after a few minutes I got kicked out.

    I am not using it for business, but to access my own tech at home from work or my cell phone.

    Can someone advise me how to get Teamviewer to recognize that?

  • Green_Forest
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    I have 3 PCs configured within my account as personal devices.

    All 3 PCs have the free version. Essentially, 2 PCs were clients, and one was a server. For several months, I was able to connect to the server PC without any issues, approximately 3 times a week, with each session lasting from 5 to 40 minutes. On the same day, there could be 3-4 sessions.

    However, from the past few days, I have been unable to connect to the server PC, and I receive this error: 'There might be a license issue with your connection partner. You or your connection partner must have a valid TeamViewer license to establish a connection to this device.'

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling TeamViewer, but at most, it opens the session and throws me out after a few seconds, blocking future connections for several minutes. After that, the same message appears again.

    I'm using only for personal scope, indeed i'm just conneting these 3 pcs. And on all of these 3 pcs i see "free/personal usage" inside license section.

  • jspheoj
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    I just got a "commercial use suspected" on my free account.

    There is no commercial use, as the 2 main computers I tie in to are my sister and my girlfriend.

    I am retired, and trust me, there is nothing commercial with these machines.

    what can we do?

    Thank you.


  • CptnBlues63
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    I've been using Teamviewer free version for some time now. Today all of a sudden, I'm getting kicked out after 5 minutes. The error message I'm receiving when I go to reconnect is:

    "It seems there might be a licensing problem with your connection partner. Connecting to this device requires a valid TeamViewer license for you or your connection partner."

    I'm using this at home and I've installed the free version on both computers. I've been using it like this for years without issue. Suddenly today, I'm getting kicked out after 5 min's and given the above error message. Nothing has changed on the host or the target. It was working perfectly yesterday and my session never timed out.

    I did check and the target computer was one revision behind the host so I updated and both are now running v15.48.5 but again after 5 min's I'm kicked out.

    How do I make this work properly again?

  • smt3mm
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    I use TeamViewer to support my elderly parents who live a long way away. Today, TeamViewer told me that I was using the free product commercially and limited me to 5 minutes. It took all of that time to get my partially sighted mother to enable TeamViewer on the phone.

    Is there an official route to complaining to TeamViewer to get this fixed? I literally only support my parents on their laptop, tablet and phones.

  • garfield411
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    Ok I keep getting these warnings about commercial use violation. I have the software installed on 2 of my computers under my free account. My mother has her own account installed on her laptop. I use remote to watch streams since I cant have devices doing that where I work. I connect to my mothers laptop when she has problems with her computer. I usually only have just one connected. Why am I being limited for what reason. Please advise

  • Megamoto85
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    Hi. I was in contact previously regarding me not getting to logon to my computer because of suspected commercial use. I am disabled and got my windows 10 computer whitelisted, but now the messages are back, please advice

    Id: [removed per Community Guidelines]

  • goosee007
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    Having the same problem here and I have 3 laptops for family and myself and I was fine yesterday until today. All we do we stream and read the online news and surf the internet and shop. Now , it times out after 5 minutes! I was in the middle of registering for class! What gives?

  • gwbryson
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    I am now not able to stay connected to TeamViewer.

    It times out saying I need a license. It says it appears I am using it to help a 3rd party.

    I am only using Team Viewer for personal reasons and have been for several years.

    As stated in other comments you can't contact Customer Support.

    I need to be able to use this ... but I should not be forced to use a paid account when I am not using it as a business.

    Is there help here or a solution, please?



  • Pörzsi
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    I messed up the reset request pdf, how can I make a new one?

  • 3GB
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    Good day,

    I only use TeamViewer for personal use for my devices, but I'm getting the following message. How can I get this resolved?

  • Bronwhou
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    I agree how disgusting it is to try and contact support. I gave up in the end and posted on these forums. Even then, nobody from TeamViewer seems particularly interested - I suppose we are only free customers, who doesn't deserve any support because we use the free version of TeamViewer.

    This happened to me too. There was no further information given on what should be done with the PDF file or if it had been automatically submitted. A little interaction and information to the user would be nice to see.

    FAO TeamViewer support team:-

    Please can we have an update on this situation and some clear instructions that tell us exactly what to do? The current reset information is incomplete and it is not clear to us end users what we need to do with the PDF file and where to send it - or if it has been sent automatically.

    We might only free users of TeamViewer, but are we not important enough for you to help us? Right now if feels as though that we are all being stonewalled by TeamViewer.

  • SebasH
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    I get this message of potential commercial use every couple of month...

    Every time i reset my Account there is no problem at all and it works but has anyone an idea if it's possible to find someone who is authorized for a more permanent solution?

    i mean, there are a couple of Devices attached in my account but i use it mostly to check something on my pc at home 4-5 times a month and occasionally to help my aunt or so

    -> not often newly added devices, no daily use, nothing that's really changing in my behaviour

    and still i have to undergo this process again and again...

    Sorry for the bragging but i just want to tell my story, hoping someone has any advice or can help me...

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  • ocoffeyn
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    I have been using my Team Viewer to access my own personal computer from both my laptop and iPad.

    I occasionally help personal friends too you live a distance away from me.

    I have never used Team Viewer for either profit or as a business.

    My access has been blocked due to my activity been considered as a professional/ business user. This has never been the case.

    This is not the first time Team Viewer has blocked my access to or from my own computers.

    Having sent an on line message to the Team View team I received a reply to submit a Support Ticket. This function is not working for a Free private user.

    Catch 22 situation here.

    Any help available please from the Team Viewer support team.

  • cpfeifer322
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    i'm having the same problem now

  • Globox
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    I am disabled and use Teamviewer to access two other systems in my home with important personal functions like watching my door/listening for knocks/phone calls/buzzer sounds because my mobility is limited, and getting to these places/systems regularly to do this otherwise would be unreasonable for me.

    This is the fourth or fifth time my account has been limited and/or blocked for being suspected of "commercial or business use". Submitted my PDF again and now I just have to sit here and wait and hope that either they respond to me within a month or two this time, or nobody important tries to call or visit me until they do. Can I just say that I love how all the meaningful support options are now all gated behind paying some amount of money I have nowhere near the ability to afford?

    God forbid I be forced to switch to another service that would treat someone in my position better.

  • IanT123
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    I am using TeamViewer for personal use, but keep getting logged out by the system every 5 to 10 minutes, as I guess it thinks I'm using it for business purposes. This never used to happen. Is there anything I can do.

  • NicoleHills
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    I occasionally use TeamViewer, but I received a message suggesting professional use. My connected computers are on external HDs, and I use it mainly for accessing a non-monitor-connected computer. Sometimes I leave it running, aware of the timeout. How can I correct this mistake of suggested professional use? Thanks.

  • TipTeQ
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    Hm, I literally just opened TeamViewer to find exactly the same message. I only ever use TeamViewer to occasionally log on to my media server (which also has no peripherals connected).

    Keen to see what answers are posted here - because I've DEFINITELY never used this for anything even remotely suggesting professional use.

  • acewintam
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    Teamviewer has flagged me as commercial use detected but when I go to submit a request to reclaim the free version, it still has the last request I submitted there, so I don't have a button to resubmit a request. I also checked the IDs on the last request and they're correct (the only difference is that there aren't any spaces between the numbers).

    Is there any way I can resubmit another request? Or any other advice/suggestions?

  • Megamoto85
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    i have the excact same problems, please advise

  • Mumajs
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    Ok, I will wait till Monday then and try to call them...

    Now funny part of whole thing. When I made the order I got account activation email, but I did not receive license activation... I said myself... I will wait...

    Somebody called me from [removed per Community Guidelines] about the TeamViewer License and to how many computers I will connect. I told that only to one (honestly I was using free version a long time because I am supporting just my parents computer, but last days it is telling me I am comercial, what is not true and I was so **bleep** that if I can pay spotify, why not TV). When they guy heared it he was not so open as when I picked the phone. I TOLD HIM if I can ask the qustion that I did not receive the license activation email. The answer was? You license type has not support by phone, you have to open ticket. OK! I tried to open ticket and for ticket I must be licensed.

    Sorry All... I am really disappointed and you should make whole process much better!

  • Timberrock
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    How do I tell support that I am using Teamviewer for personal use only?