Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Hello Teamviewer I am using your free product to help those in need of technical support,

    I am a 2nd-year university student studying computing so know a fair bit about computers in general etc and I can help them.

    I am not doing this for a commercial purpose - it is simply to diagnose and help solve problems with people that I know and care about.

    What can I do to resolve this issue? Thank you.

  • AZMoosie
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    This is a follow-up to my comments yesterday, 12/9:

    I was very surprised to find a reset notice in my Inbox this morning, dated 12/9 @ 6:13PM MST. While appreciated, it did come with some very sticky advice. I was not permitted to post anything on this forum with a live link, so I took a screenshot to post below. The "If you think... link is [ ] you must add the https:// to the front of it.

    See below:

    Good luck...

  • blackzczy
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    when I login,It show this dialog panel,And none of my computer has being logged in!

  • RunicRhyme
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    Same with me as well. I only ever use it to manage three computers in my own home but all of the sudden I'm limited. I have never connected to any machines other than those three, and not even that frequently lately. Like once every two weeks on average?

    I don't know how they get "you're supporting professionally" from that.

  • montrealuser
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    Same here, limited connection time of a few minutes started on Dec 9, 2023,

    About 2 weeks ago, the commercial use suspected pop-up message started again after a successful reset last September, but my connection time was never limited at any time in the past.

  • Stellarplacebo
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    SCDinVan, thanks for the link. Like Jorgisimo I have filled out the reset form also.

    It says a reply should be received within 5 days so we will see.

  • jcmarathon
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    I am a gamer using flight simulation programs. I occasionally help other gamers with installation and other issues at no cost. I accidently did not end a session a few days ago and my friend forgot to disconnect as well. I have been accused of being a professional for profit and have been banned from using TeamViewer. Will my rights ever be reinstated? They are suggesting that I purchase a subscription. I simply can't afford that as a senior on a fixed income. Any help is much appreciated.

  • metzdavi
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    Hello Teamviewer,

    I am using your free product to help my in-laws who are technically challenged.

    I mainly connect to my parents computer to help them and set it up for automatic login since they have trouble with passwords.

    I am not doing this for a commercial purposes. I use TeamViewer to help them login to their accounts and check their records. Can you tell me what I am doing that makes TeamViewer think I am a commercial user? I often help them a few times a week but they need help.

    What can I do to resolve this issue? Thank you.

  • dscha
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    Same here. I helped a friend with her private homepage. After a few minutes i was kicked out. I used TV last time a few months ago. Please advice

  • VaidasLT
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    I think I'm done with TV. I've been using it from early days. But now, no option to send ticket, stupid browser "security" confirm every time to login, stupid stupid stupid.

    Please TV, delete me.

  • TomF07
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    Same here....what is happening? Are we not able to use this product for personal use?

  • mals48323
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    TeamViewer has wrongly accused me of supporting business use and limited my connection time. How do I fix this?

  • TomF07
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    Thank you for the info, I submitted a reactivation request. I apologize, what did I do wrong, to get a warning?

  • RunicRhyme
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    Wow, and now a "you've been warned" notice as their way of saying they were consolidating threads.

    Hey, TeamViewer, you're really alienating people here.

    I get y'all want to get cheaters and bad actors dealt with, but this broad net policy you seem to have going on is clearly smacking a lot of innocent hands.

  • Jannik2134
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    Im using TeamViewer for a student project and now every time I use TeamViewer I only get access for 5 minutes because of "commercial use". How can I undo this?

  • Jannik2134
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    edited December 2023

    Im using TeamViewer for a student project and now every time I use TeamViewer I only get access for 5 minutes because of "commercial use". How can I undo this?

  • w00000w5
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    Unfortunately, I have been using the program for more than ten years, and now the company is tightening its noose to force us to subscribe even though I use it as a personal home within a home network to help my parents. Please reconsider this policy.

  • olrose
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    dear teamviewer

    I am a graduate student using teamviewer.

    Although I have been using the remote connection necessary for my studies without any problems (such as remote access from home on a sick day), I have been restricted from using it for commercial purposes.

    I don't know what behavior led to this decision, but I have never used TeamViewer commercially.

    I would like to ask you to confirm this and thank you for the fact that the free service provided by TeamViewer is of great help to student users like me.

    thank you :)

  • MsTS
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    How do you know if you are being flagged for commercial use ??? I still cannot get to the bottom of what my issues are nor have I been told anything.

    I have complained about being connected remotely for barely 1 minute which makes no sense. I have requested reset twice based on a suggestion of someone else which I don't even know why.

    Just not getting any real answers here and trying to connect is becoming more and more annoying.

  • Paco31
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    edited December 2023

    I received the "Commercial-suspected" PDF, what should I do now?

    thank you

  • jcmarathon
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    edited December 2023

    Thank you! I filled out the form provided for reset request. However, when i click GENERATE AND UPLOAD there is no indication that the form has been submitted. Should I get some type of indication that the request was submitted?

  • dolis01
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    Every year I have a commercial use detected on my TeamViewer account and it's impossible to follow the reset procedure. It refreshes the page when I click on the button but does not display the form to perform the reset.

    It's impossible to get assistance on the online chat or by phone; they tell me to post here...

  • herry_82
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    TV again block me account that I use it as comercial. But in my side is without change. Only personal use.

  • my session logs on every 5 minutes how do i fix this problem. why do i have this problem

  • AZMoosie
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    After reading other posts from 12/10 I too am wondering if 'free for private use' is, or has been, terminated without any notice. I just attempted to connect to my laptop to verify I have been reactivated/reset. So far, after a few minutes connected everything seems 'normal'.

    After 15 minutes connected no issues have developed. All good, for now...

  • astrocurrents
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    Hi, I have used the free version for controlling my astronomical telescope and cameras in my back garden. All the computers are on a home network and are rarely accessed from outside. For some reason, Teamviewer seems to have decided that it is being used for commercial purposes, despite the above limitations. I get the impression that some dumb AI is assessing my links to the telescopes and causing me problems. Is there any easy solution to this?

  • Alex_f
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    I have a Free License, and I use it to connect to my Univ. Lab from home. Thanks to my "research" activity, the license allows me to stay connected without time limitations.

    Anyway, every time an upgrade is installed, the system enables back the time limitation. How should I overcome this? I used to ask the support to remove the limitation by mail, but apparently the policy changed, and now I don't know how to reach the support!!!

    Please, advice!