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  • **Third Party Product** did the same thing. This looks like a move to frustrate heavy users into purchasing commerical licenses. Sneaky and bad practice. I won't use your product anymore, and you'll end up begging companies for business, cause I won't suggest people use your service anymore. 


    It would make much more sense for the company to give access back to the user UNTIL they can look into it, not the other way around.

    It's one thing to have a free service and decide that it's no longer working for the company, it's a whole other thing to frustrate free users by making one or more of their computers report falsely, and then take a full month to resolve the issue for them, or not at all, as this thread would demonstrate.

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    For me filling out the web forms solved my issue. 

    Why was I flagged for commercial use?   One day at work I had to get support from a vendor and they used TV commercially.   The next day my free TV was flagged as suspicous.. 

    So filled out the info and a few days later I was back up..  

    Your milage may vary. 


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    Hello Everyone,

    Per our community guidelines, please keep discussion on-topic and be courteous to other users.

    Regarding commercial usage, as stated in the beginning of this thread:

    2018-06-21 13_52_43-Solved_ TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially! - TeamViewer Comm.png

    Josh P.

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  • Would you not be upset if you too, had to wait a month to be back up and running?

    I've been waiting almost 2 months now.

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    @Aim_eYacht wrote:


    It would make much more sense for the company to give access back to the user UNTIL they can look into it, not the other way around.

    It's one thing to have a free service and decide that it's no longer working for the company, it's a whole other thing to frustrate free users by making one or more of their computers report falsely, and then take a full month to resolve the issue for them, or not at all, as this thread would demonstrate.

    This is absolutely the correct approach

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    Thanks for the hint - however, all that does is underline that Teamviewer is trying to Kill Free non commercial use by cutting over every single line of communication except for a single web form which has (in my case) had no response at all in over a month,

    You can't phone, You cant live, cha, you can't sort it on the forums and you the twitter just tells you to fill in the bloody form where you started from.

    It's very obvious that something has changed recently from the volume of post about this over the last two weeks.

    The behaviour is so bad I have just recommended to three of my customer who DO use team viewer commercialy that they switch 

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    Alright, so maybe 2 weeks after submitting the form and my ID etc. I have a full free account :) Happy days

  • You must be one of the few that have had this issue resolved.

    I sent in request over three weks ago and re-submitted two days ago via an email only to recieve a message that the TeamViewer support email is now closed and they only accept submissions via the online commercial form (which is sort of wierd to request a Private account through a Commercial form).

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    Yeah, not too happy with the way TV is doing this whole thing. Trying to flush out the people who missuse the licence I suppose. But they could just collet the usage data or something, which is what the submitted file is for anyway, and decide based on that. Glad it didn't affect the iOS at the time I needed it the most :) 

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    If they want to charge for commercial use that perfectly acceptable and everyone has the choice to pay for that or use something else. What ticks me off is they promise free for personal use but they are not living up to their promise. Look it up in the dictionary. Commercial use means engaging in commerce or charging for your services, not how many times you use something or for how many minutes. Say what you mean or do what you say Teamviewer. If you mean free for use for up to N minutes then say that and again we have the choice to comply or use something else.

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    I have gotten this same notice and I have never used Teamviewer for any money, profit or gain. I have been with teamviewer since back in the 90s

  • Yes, I get the same and have never used Teamviewer for profit. Have put in a Trouble Ticket a couple of weeks ago but they haven't reponded or fixed it yet! They seem to be very slow to respond. I suspect that these "Commercial use" issues are being experienced due to changes in Teamviewer's settings which they have initiated.

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    Anybody tried downgrading to an earlier version while waiting for support. Did it help?
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    It makes no difference
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    Been using TeamViewer for ages and only just started getting this problem. It is very annoying. Hopefully they get back to me soon so I can fix a family members computer.

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    Instituteur en retraite j'utilise Teamviewer pour assister des collègues sur des logiciels que j'ai commis dans mon temps d'activité et qui sont diffusés gratuitement.
    Périodiquement (environ une année) je suis prévenu que l'on me considère comme faisant un usage professionnel ! Jusqu'à maintenant je pouvais joindre [TeamViewer Support email cannot receive direct emails anymore] qui après étude mes logs reconduisait la gratuité. Ce service me renvoie sur cet espace
    Espérant que vous m'accorderez à nouveau votre confiance dans l'intérêt de mes collègues !

    Retired teacher I use Teamviewer to assist colleagues on software that I have committed in my time of activity and which are distributed free.
    Periodically (about a year) I am warned that they consider me as making professional use! Until now I could join [TeamViewer Support email cannot receive direct emails anymore] who after studying my logs renewed the free. This service sends me back to this space
    Hoping that you will grant me again your confidence in the interest of my colleagues!

    Noël Dubau

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    Im having the same problem
  • Owlisen
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    I to have the same problem, with the program thinks I'm using it illegally, but I don't.
    I'm using it for my friends and family to help them out when they are having problems.
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    No one is making them offer it for free as part of their business model. If they're going to offer a free version to individual users it's extremely unethical of them to suddenly tell you that you falsely that you're a commercial user and must pay for a commercial license to continue using their product. I'm not a commerical user. It's false advertising, bait and switch, whatever you want to call it.


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    This is a known bug with TeamViewer, I am also experiencing this issue.

    I need TeamViewer for my wife who has Rheumatoid Arthritis, she cannot walk to the computers all the time and needs to access them from her laptop or phone in bed.

    This bug is causing my wife physical pain as she must now walk to the PC.

    With bugs like this, the extreme price for TeamViewer does *not* seem *remotely* justified. It's broken.

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    My wife has RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and cannot walk. She has informed me that she is now unable to access our computer remotely, and is being given an error claiming our license has expired.

    We chose a *free* license, as it is for our *personal* use.

    I was considering purchasing a license before this happened, but unless our connection is restored by the end of the day, I will definitely not be purchasing any license at all.

    The software is broken, please repair it so my handicapped wife can access our PCs via her laptop or phone.


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    do have the same prolem, not for the first time.

    anway, it seems that teamviever did a kind of update in the background and so i do have the same problem again.

    tried to contact the team several times in the last few weeks but with no reply and no fix till now.

  • i have the same problem! teamviewer with this bug is unusable for private persons, because the connection is disconnected after few seconds and you have to wait about 15 minutes foir reconnection. support pls help us!

  • same problem here ! i only used teamviewer for fix problems on pc, notebook and mobiles for my family. i fill out the formular and now i wait, that the support repair the bug!

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    Hi all,

    It seems it is to much asked to TV to have clear information about what's going on here.

    If free users are not welcome anymore, it would really be better to tell us clearly instead of this arrogant & irrespectful way of doing.

    Any official moderator to inform their hierarchy of hat's going on? As we cannot conact anybody from TV......

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    @toremf wrote:

     [comment removed per Community Guidelines - #6 - Just the facts, please]

    I think that we are getting poor treatment but I didn't say that we are being fleeced.  It is their software and their business model - but I do think that they could handle things differently.

    I suspect that the top bosses don't realise what is going on in their name.

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    im using teamviewer on 2 linux, 1 iMac and 1 MBP,  4 Windows PC at home.

    yes i have too many pcs at home. this probably looks like im using them at an office, but no. im not making any money with my computers. 

    weirdly, this happens only on my macbook.


    btw, i should probably move to crhome remote desktop if this dosent be fixed soon.

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    Good evening gentlemen from Teamviewer,

    I contact you for the reason that lately a warning is coming out telling me that I am using the program as a commercial use and that is not the case.

    The objective of my use is only personal and non-profit since I am RADIO AMATEUR and I use this Teamviewer program to manage my ROOM of Yaesu (Wires-X). This is a way to manage my radio station remotely.


  • its not just you i got banned today with 4 pcs two windows 10 and two windows server 2016

    my friend got banned for connecting to the windows server pc a month ago.

    he was told only bunesses have windows server