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  • Ew_2024
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    Hello. I have a free license for private use. I only use it to help 2 elderly people with their computer - updates and more. Lately I find that I get a timeout very quickly. How can I fix it so I don't get kicked off all the time.

  • jdlopes
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    Extremely frustrating to be locked out! This is personal use, not commercial. I'm accessing my server, in my office, from my workstation 3 feet away! I am constantly locked out of my server. I've been using TeamViewer for many years and had recently installed another program because I don't have the same stupid issues!

    Get a grip, TV!

  • SarahW
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    I am using TeamViewer's free, non-commercial version. I have only used TeamViewer to connect remotely my laptop computer to my desktop at home. Suddenly I am getting a message that I appear to be using TV commercially and I need to upgrade. Then I get kicked out of my remote session and told I cannot rejoin.

    Did I change a setting or do something to cause this to suddenly start happening?

    Any help appreciated!

  • Lokto
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    So I'm supposed to contact you because you detected commercial use but I can't contact you because I'm a free user ...

  • Lokto
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    I got block from logging to my windows 10 machine because commercial use is detected. (Lol?)

    The pc never leave my home, 99% of the time I connect from the same network from my phone and this behavior is detected as commercial?

    Sound a bit strange for me.

    Any way to have it unlocked?

  • azthroop
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    I was recently flagged as using Team Viewer commercially, even though I only use it for personal purposes. I created a support ticket explaining my usage and requested to be reset to personal use only. This reset worked great and I was back helping my 88 and 90 year old parents use their computers via Team Viewer, when they need a little help.

    Unfortunately, now both of their individual computers have been flagged with the same error messages, and on one of their computers, it lets me login for less than 5 minutes and it isn't enough time to create a support ticket off of their personal machines/computers. I tried to create another support ticket, on their behalf recently, but Team Viewer won't allow me to create another support ticket. It seems that, since I don't pay for a license, I don't get any more help? This is very frustrating for me, but has created a real safety issue as they are not able to manage their online prescription renewals/payments on their own. Support...Please email me [removed per Community Guidelines] with a solution asap


  • Ingvar_2001
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    My connection to a friend in the USA closes (is timed out) after a few seconds. Why?

  • kiron
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    How can I convince the overlords at TeamViewer that I am using it for personal use?

  • happygilmore1979
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    Good Day everyone,

    This is the message I am receiving now, I am not use this for commercial use at all. I use this program for my church to do the updates on the pc and have been doing this for years. Recently only change that has happen was church got google fiber business line before that was a different business ISP.

    Can someone please help me with this issue, so I do not have to stay at church for hours to do the windows updates.

    Commercial Use Detected

    This software seems to be used in commercial environments please note that the free version may only be used for personal use

    your session will be terminated after 5 mins 

    please check our website for further information

  • Jasefacekhs
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    I use this for helping my parents with their computers and doing all personal things. Nothing else, I connected it to my work laptop once to do something on software that is on there from work. How can I get this to stop bugging me about being a business user?

  • GTroiani_1954
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    I use TEAMVIEWER free licence for remote teaching assistance.

    My licence has been limited for "suspicion of commercial use".

    Is there any document needed to have free licence reactivated?

  • akeshma
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    Hi dear,

    I am facing issue when using TeamViewer. a massage says :

    "Detecting Commercial use in my account"

    and then after 5 minutes it will close session automatically.

    I am in personal use and monitor/controll home devices !

    Thanks for understanding.

  • Sarah_A
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    I have the same problem. I've recently started to get pop-ups saying commercial use has been detected. I only use Team Viewer from my personal Mac for occasional remote support for an elderly parent. This sounds like personal use to me.

    It would be good if someone could tell me how to resolve this issue.

  • jgmdean
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    How am I supposed to support family if the only laptop I have when traveling is work related?

    When traveling my only computer is my work laptop. I still need to support aged relatives and home users that are not related to my job. Yet this apparently counts as "work related" and requires an unreasonably priced commercial license.

    This is basically going to make TeamViewer useless for me for personal use and I don't want to have to find another solution.

    TeamViewer has no access to manage my work laptop and that would be against company policy in any case.

    I want to "play fair" etc. but I can't be the only one in this situation?

  • Enzo82
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    Hi, i've got restriction for commercial use but i use TeamViewer only to manage my PC's from phone.

    Can you help?


  • BobL1952
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    Today I had an answer from TeamViewer.

    Yehhh, they did reset my ID, thank you TeamViewer!

    It seems to be important that you enter ALL ID's (up to 10) you need to work with TeamViewer.

    Ij your ID has been reset, but the ID of the PC you contact with is still known as commercial user you still will get the message "commercial usage"

    Stay hopefull and describe clear and honest what you do.

    But remember that TeamViewer uses a tool to check what you do and can get confused again.

    Also contacting home and office PC's or using it for a non profit company will be noted as Commercial usage.

    That is written in their explanation

  • MockingBirdd88
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    My TeamViewer connection closed after one minute with the message "connection blocked after timeout". I read that is has something to do with to many connections or to long etc. I wanted to help a family member and was connected one minute. I think I didn't touch TeamViewer for like 6 months or so. Unlikely that it has to do with to heavy usage of the free product.. Any ideas to fix this? Btw no hurry I already helped in via the mobile version of TeamViewer without any problems. Using Windows 10. Thanks.

  • mrwire
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    Hi. I have been and am using TV for years and occasionally I get reduced to 5 minute sessions. I saw a toast pop up that says something to the effect that "it appears that you are using TV commecially". Totally wrong. I recently updated my 3 free TV installs and coordinated all of them to the same settings.

    I am 72 years old and retired many years ago because of disability. I use a laptop at my barkalounger and a laptop in my office upstairs. The 3rd TV is installed on a headless Beelink mini pc, used as a server. One of the benefits of TV is that I can remain downstairs and use or transfer files. Both my knees are in very bad shape, so avoiding stairs is essential.

    In the past I have helped other old friends with their computers. I have never asked for and never recieved any money or anything other than a thank you.

    Please tell me what I may have done to invoke this 5 minute penalty. Or it seems to be likely that something automated flagged be as a violater of TV rules.

    I will be waiting for a resolution from you.


    Philip J Michaud

  • Fred805
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    It is April 6, 2024, and I started have the connection timing out immediately about a month ago. Have tried various things and cannot get it resolved. I'm a free user too and do not abuse the privilege. I have not read past the first 30 or 40 posts. If there is a solution, I would hope that it would be placed near the beginning so that a person does not have to read through 400+ messages. I've used TV for a few years successfully. Family and close friends have been the recipients of what I can do.

    To try to confirm a good connection, I connected to my wife's laptop. The connection times out in about 30 seconds.

    Something is BROKEN!!

  • Lifeisgood19
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    Same issue for me. This is **bleep**! I'm remoting into my personal computer from another one of my personal computers. Keep getting disconnected after 56 seconds then a bogus message about I'm using it in a commercial setting and connections to partner will be blocked until 22:10

  • TattieDave
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    I keep getting logged off after a few minutes due to "Commercial Use detected". I only use it to connect to my home machine whilst I'm either in the local Library or at College. I couldn't afford to pay for a license, so what **bleep** do I do?

    Oh, by the way, I use a VPN so perhaps that's why it's being awkward? I hope not as VPN's are harmless & stop spam etc.

    Please help!

  • xffects
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    i have a free account, I use teamviewer for my family, yet keep getting message that I am using teamviewer commmercially, and cuts me off. arghhhhhhhhh help.

  • Fotios_96
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    Ιn the context of a retrospective study that I am doing regarding the congenital malformations of the tricuspid valve in the dog, I connect through the Team Viewer from Germany where I am, to the computer of my professor who is in Greece. Unfortunately while I'm not using Team Viewer for commercial use, it won't allow me to connect for more than 2-3 minutes and then it disconnects me. Could you tell me how I can connect for longer periods of time?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Poulaki
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    Hello. I am a user of your Team viewer service. I have an employer-provided device and a paid company account, and then I have my own private device with my assigned ID that I use only for private purposes.

    I use mobile data to connect to the internet, but I also use my private wi-fi network.

    The last time I used a company device and paid account connected through my private wi-fi network, it then started showing a warning on the private device used for private purposes connected to private wi-fi when remotely helping my friend, that I was using the device for commercial purposes .! I ask - WHY?

    It Is not allowed to use a commercial device with a paid account connected via my private wi-fi so as not to interfere with using a private device with a free account for private purposes.

    Please unblock my private IDs [removed per Community Guidelines] and [removed per Community Guidelines] on my account, email: [removed per Community Guidelines].

    Thank you for your reply.

  • NukedPrivateUser
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    It cannot be a coincidence that ALL of these problems began with the update to roll out Mobile Device Management. I am convinced that either accessing your teamviewer account from a mobile device now immediately flags it as commercial use, Or they have changed the way "Commercial Use Detection" works...because ALL cellular devices will have varying IP address that will overlap with other mobile devices...Stack on that you using wifi at work or any public location will also appear to be commercial use...

    It was rolled out February 14, 2024

  • NukedPrivateUser
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    You'll note as a business that there has been an exponential uptick in Commercial Flagging...

    It cannot be a coincidence that ALL of these problems began with the update to roll out Mobile Device Management. I am convinced that either accessing your teamviewer account from a mobile device now immediately flags it as commercial use, Or they have changed the way "Commercial Use Detection" works...because ALL cellular devices will have varying IP address that will overlap with other mobile devices...Stack on that you using wifi at work or any public location will also appear to be commercial use...

    It was rolled out February 14, 2024

  • DTLN
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    My connection has suddently been flagged too (i guess) because i have a time limit when connecting to my personal PC from my iPhone via the Teamviewer app.

  • Andeloba
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    I was using it for a private user and it was blocked that commercial use was detected. I have never used it for commercial use, so please resolve this.

    Thank you

  • TommyB
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    I have been using TeamViewer (free license) for quite a while now to connect to a computer in my basement. All has been fine, until recently. Now when I connect, it runs fine for about 35-45 seconds and then times out. I seems to be something about my license, but I have no idea. Below is the message. Any ideas?

  • Perkins67
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    Anyone else having this issue, how to resolve? Only using for personal use for PC's around my home, Dads and brothers PC for when they need help but not commercially as a business?