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    How long do you have to wait for the re-activation? I'm waiting 15 days to be unlocked again. Strangely, only 1 desktop PC and 1 gaming laptop was locked (on the TeamViewer is installed) on another desktop PC it still works (despite the message that it is an incorrect use of the program)

  • Clearly not true. Connected earlier today for 20 minutes or so. - reconnected 4 1/2 hours later and was immediate;y kicked. After 5 years, I'll be uninstalling and finding another product. BTW, a commercial license is around $1900 USD/year.

    Total **bleep**

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    My account was flagged for commercial use, since I'm using teamviewer to finish my Master's thesis (non-commercial), but the machine I'm connecting to is in a commercial network, hence the wrong flagging.

    Filled out the form, waited 30 days and received a reply, that my account has been reset to free again.

    The only problem is: It has not been reset, I still get limited, even when "just" connecting from my phone to my personal computer at home.

    Already tried restarting Teamviewer, I'm using Version 13.1.3629 on the computer at home and the newest linux version at the machine for my thesis.

    Any tips on how to resolve this? The email saying that I was reset to free was from a no-reply mail, and since I have no license, there is no ticket or anything about the issue.

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    This is extremely common. I am currently locked out myself because TV thinks I am on a business network. My advice is find another product, like I am going to try and do. Teamviewer was once top of the game but now they are no better than microsoft.
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    Agree. They are not trusted anymore. The sad part that they doesn't care about the customers at all. (But it made my life easier for the proposal as my cto had allocated budget for a company wide remote solution. I think **Third Party Product** will be happy to win this tender without competitors. And i heard quite similar stories from other fellow it operations colleagues when they changed from teamviewer to any other product just because of their bad experiences. If the company cannot handle the free users at all,i'm pretty sure they cannot handle the payed customers as well)

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    Whilst I really do appreciate the convenience of Teamviewer and that it is provided free of charge for non-commercial use, I think Teamviewer should be be more circumspect in restricting people (e.g. me) who they allege has used the product commercially. I have told them in the past that the service is great and I'd be willing to pay £20-£25 a year for private non-commercial use but there's no way I could afford a full commercial licence.

    My use was restricted (to about 30 seconds per login about every 10 minutes) 19 days ago now. This has caused great inconvenience to me (particularly whilst I was on holiday for a week), I understand that Teamviewer must use algorithms to detect suspected commercial use, however, if they are just going to restrict services for huge periods without an efficient appeals process that algorithm needs to be quite accurate. Needless to say I have not used the product except for my own personal use and cannot understand why my use has been restricted.Guidance of what triggers the algorithm would be helpful.

    So I am disgruntled and annoyed at the moment - but hope this disapperas when Teamviewer eventually get round to reviewing my appeal.

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    It's clear that teamviewer wants to eliminate their free users. I don't mind paying but there is no reasonable home-use license. The business license makes no sense for a non-commercial user.

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    It is actually gets beyond ridiculous!

    Either stop free usage completely or stop annoying your would be customers.

    It seems that TV "commercial use" algorithm is quite simple. If computer is set up to use unattended access it qualifies as commercial use.

    I use TV between few my computers. Got that dreadful warning (btw, deat TV team you can not count time either. 5 minutes expires in less than 1). Anyway, had to submit the form from ALL computers I use (only 3). Few weeks passed and I got an e-mail saying it was verified I am using TV for private use and restrictions are lifted.

    Two weeks later -- "commercial use detected". Seriously? I  only used TV once or twice only to connect between my PCs.

    If anyone wants real solution that works for personal use -- get **Third Party Product**. Up to 5 PCs is completely free.

    **Third Party Product**was around for ages. The only real value of TV is easy connection without need for firewall setup. Real **Third Party Product**does just that without all the nonsense. If you want to connect more machines -- use **Third Party Product**. Yes, it will take some effort to set up your router, but it worth it.



  • same with me the company is an absolute joke just scamming people into buying the massivly overproced product


    Get rid of TV people get **Third Party Product** instead its great and if you want to buy it its SIX TIMES CHEAPER than TV and better 

  • Having exactly the same problem. Really not cool. I too would be more than happy to pay for the product but I am NOT a commercial user and being summarily blocked and accused by some algorithm of being one really doesn't sweeten me on this company.

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    I'm having the same problem, I was trying to help my brother fix his computer and out of the bkue I get a message that I'm running on a business network. I'm NOT a business either, occasionally I help out a friend or family member with Teamviewer

  • The way for Teamviewer to handle this without looking like jerks would be to pop up the "Commercial Use Suspected" message and then give the user a certain amount of time to appeal before being cut off. Inasmuch as I have already been using it for some years, I'm not seeing how an extra week or two would constitute a terrible burden for the company.  I should add that I have _no_ problem at all with being asked to prove that I am not a commercial user, and as a non-commercial user am also perfectly happy to pay a reasonable fee for the product. But not $50/month!!

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    Same here. Used ver 11 successfully a while back. Just upgraded to v13 on both sides with great difficulty. Help desk says that somewhere along the way we used the wrong licensed version on one end and there's no way to fix other than to buy the business version at $50/mo. Seems a bit sketchy to me, and certainly outside my price range for personal use.

  • Bizywk
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    Used ver 11 successfully a while back for personal use. Worked for over an hour to make the reconnection today but it keeps kicking me after 5 min. Contacted sales who said the issue is that we used a commercial version on one end with no way to fix it other than to buy the $50/mo business version. That's way too much money for me to connect two personal computers a couple times a year. What a shame. This used to work very well.
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    I upgraded to v13 as well. I'm not sure at what point it started happening, but now whenever I try and connect to a friends computer to help them out it times out in less than a minute. I have not been able to figure out a work around. The issue does seem to be with my install vs the remote computer as it happens no matter what remote computer I attempt to connect to.

    I am also constantly pestered with the annoying alert saying they think I am using it commercially.

    If anyone figures out how to fix this software it would be great. It has been the best remote access software I have ever used until now.
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    After reading all these posts, this is the second time I have had to deal with Team Viewer doing something like this.

    It is the best remoting software out there, and it has been great. But since they currently have a 30 day turn around in deciding if they are going to temporarily allow you to use the software for free again they have essentially turned it into a version of ransom where.

    Once they have you hooked with all your friends and relatives setup so you can help them with promises that it will be free, then they pull the plug and lock you out of everything with no warning.

    I am going to start migrating to [deleted by moderator]. While I used to prefer TeamViewer, they are no longer offering truly free software. And I need something reliable on my parents computer when they need help.

  • They changed the policy and now you have to prove you’re not using is commercially... you have to upload your log file... i think they need to go back to how it was before.

  • I think instead of the monthly fee you can give them an arm, leg or your first born child....

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    I would not mind that policy, but the surprise method they implemented it was rather underhanded. Also, I have a hard time believing that is their policy now.

    I suspect that they will spend a month or two making us fight to prove that we are not commercial users, then only unlock us until their automated algorithm locks things and we have to start the whole process over again.

    I have already started the process of converting my parents and friends over to Google RDP. It is not as good as Team Viewer, but for basic support it is enough, and it does not come with all these newly invented strings.
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    Teamviewer finally removed my flag as a commercial user after waiting for a couple of weeks!

    A couple of days later, I am marked as a commercial user again! :-)

    My guess is that they haven't changed the faulty algorithm at all. Just "fixing" it by letting a monkey uncheck the commercial user box for my user and click save. Ticket closed! :-)

    Teamviewer keeps on surprising us!

  • I too am having this exact same problem. I only use my account on about 2 PCs and have approx 7 devices added to my account and have done so for years. Took nearly a month to get a reply to say its been reset to free and no way to reply back to say that it's still showing commercial use suspected!

    Hoping Admin are able to resolve this asap.
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    I have the same problem

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    I have the same problem

  • So I use TeamViewer to remote in to my computers at home from my computer at work. Now the software has flagged my sessions as corporate use when I dont use TeamViewer for work purposes.

    Any ideas on how to get it to remove the flag?

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    clanmcwood wrote : 

    Get rid of TV people get -beeeeep- instead its great and if you want to buy it its SIX TIMES CHEAPER than TV and better 

    I use it for a week now, with PC and Mac. It is absolutly perfect for my kind of use (control friend or family computers and my vidéos server). It is simple as TV, and it is very simple to install the client to take control of a computer whithout password. About the price, the first level is really not expansive but free version is great for familial (and a little more !) usage !

    I've totally forget TV, now. RIP.

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    This doesn't help. This pertains to personal use and it disconnects after about 1 minute. And it makes you wait 10 minutes bfore allowing you to reconnect.

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    Same issue here :(

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    I am an 80 yr old retired disabled Navy veteran and have been using Teamviewer for a few years to help my family and a few friends with their computers.  I am unable to get to each of them due to my condition.  I promise you I have never logged onto any PCs other than private ones and I have never taken anything from those that I have helped.  It is just a means of keeping mentally fit.  Please do what ever checking you have to and please restore my valued Teamviewer ASAP.  Thank you

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    I got the same problem today and users are complaining about the same issue on Redit. Apparently free is no longer free for personal use.  $49 a month is way too high to help a friend.