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    Is there any way you can share your fix with us? I am still waiting for a response from Team Viewer on this. I get that I am a "free" user but it is pretty off putting to get pushed aside for weeks just because I am not a paid member.

    Any help would be great.


  • maws333
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    TeamViewer thinks I'm using it for commercial usage and limiting me to 5 minute sessions when this is not the case at all. I use it to connect remotely to a computer in my house that doesn't have a monitor attached and to help out people sometimes. Please help!
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    Sorry, I can't post the method as I did previously and it was bounced b/c of terms of use of the sight.  If you would like you can email me directly at [email address removed].  I am sure I can tell you in a direct email.  But I can't post the fix on the community board.


  • jwilco777
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    I have the free version for personal use only on my computer and I have been using it successfully for years but I had to reinstall recently and now my free version says trial expired.

    I have tried removing the software and removing all references from windows 10 registry and then reinstalling the software but no luck it still says trial expired.

    Please Help!

  • peters
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    i am using TV 12 for connection to my customers, how ever one customers uses a free version to connect to his customers (free version) now the system keeps on saying  Free Version Trial Expired whats the right way to work with a free and a license version and how to install it.

    regards, Peters

  • Scotty
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    Hi maws333,

    Thanks for posting.

    The “trial expired” status is not something that can be resolved in the Community.

    Please send us a ticket here or see this post from the community manager here.


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  • jwilco777
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    I have the personal version of Team Viewer 12 and my copy says Trial Expired. I have posted 4 tickets in the last two weeks since this started and nobody is getting back with me. It's like they don't care.

  • jwilco777
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    I've submitted tickets and they won't respond. Nobody here in the community knows how to fix it. They say the community is the wrong place for it but they won't respond to tickets. Do they even care about our problem?

  • jwilco777
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    edited May 2023

    Hey Scotty that's a bunch of **bleep**. They won't allow us to discuss it here but submitting a ticket does nothing. They won't respond. Uninstalling the program and checking that box remove settings does nothing either.

    Team Viewer Support needs to step up and fix this and post something so we can feel they are listening.

  • jwilco777
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    Mike if you ask me Team Viewer support are a bunch of a holes because they block your email address and we cannot contact you for your fix and you cannot post it here because it violates their agreement and they won't respond to tickets for 2 or more weeks and a dozen people at least are having this same issue and we are all getting **bleep**ed off at Team Viewer for this.

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    I did not know they did that.  [email removed by moderator]

  • mikemischler
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    Oh yeah and you can look me up [identifying information removed by moderator]

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    strange when does your problem comes up?




  • Scotty
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    Hi jwilco777,

    I apologise and I understand that the wait time on these type of tickets can be frustrating, however, the community is here for how-to's and best practices.

    We cannot allow the posting of any potential workarounds for commercial use as this violates the rules of the community as well as our EULA. As a company that offers our product for free for you to assist friends and family, I hope that you can understand that a detection system for abuse is necessary.

    We need to check usage in every ticket that we recieve for what has triggered the restrictions before we can assist which takes up quite a bit of time. Also, the number of tickets we recieve that do not have logfiles and a description of the usage where these need to be requested also delays this process.

    Also at the moment we have a very large number of tickets for this on top of our role of supporting our customers which is causing the delay.

    Thank you for your  understanding and patience.


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  • zivkovicjan
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    Yeah, exactly, since v12 I'm having this issue, havent had it before.

  • ReneeD
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    The trial license I was using on my personal PC says it expired and will not allow me the option to choose the official Free Version. It says it is used commercially but it isn't. I must have selected the wrong option upon signing up for the trial. Now the other computer I use is saying the same thing. I have opened a ticket but have had no response in over a week. Please advise.

  • gags
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    Hi Installed the wrong licence on my laptop.I have emailed but not had a responce.

    Ive installed a commercial trial rather than a Personal one.

    I have deleted my raoming Teamviewer Folder etc...Uninstalled and reinstalled with the Non commercial licence. But when I log on it says Trial expired.

    Not sure what else I can do if my ticket to teamviewer supoort is being ignored :(


  • DomLan
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    try check what described here:

    You can reach TeamViewer Management Console also starting from your client: menu Connection -> Open Management Console.

    Hope this can help


    Domenico Langone

    MCSD: App Builder

  • I have this problem too.  Downloaded Team Viewer from the main website.  Thought it was the FREE version.  I installed it, set it for unattended access.  But when I connect from any other computer I get the message about company logo and 5 minute limit.

    Please help!!!

    Did I install the wrong version?  It says it is the free version when I have it up on the screen.

    I am on a Windows 7 PC.

  • Scotty
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    Hi ReneeD,

    Thanks for posting.

    Unfortunately, this issue cannot be resolved in the community. For more information, please see this post.

    I apologise for the wait on your ticket, however we currently have a large volume of tickets and must prioritise the support of our paid users. Please make sure that you ticket includes your logfiles and a description of your use for us to resolve the issue.


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  • Kaoc
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    Me too. Very annoying. Apparently you cannot connect from your work domain to your home machine. Once detected you are hosed.
  • Kaoc
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    Great software and they know they are good. They don't care about home users. Goodluck!
  • Dear Katharina,

    I have just fallen the same situation. I am using this great software Teamviewer to help my Family. But today when I upgraded TV11 to TV12 remotely, a message warning was displayed that I am in a sponsored session and it will last 5 minutes. Is it probable the upgrade silently to migrate this installation to some trial or commercial use. I looked at About window and the license is free!

    What is my next step if I wish to continue to use free version without these annoying message windows?


    Best regards!

  • Iamnotanumber
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    Hi OgiNikVN 

    I have been using v.12 since it was released. Never had any issues. The last time I used it...just a few weeks ago, I was probably connected for an hour. I see the software auto updated a few days ago, so maybe there is a new regime. I wish TeamViewer had a seniors or 'home' discount program. The program would be worth every penny/cent as 'we' would not be using it until there was a Family or freind request. Certainly not in a comerical enviroment...

  • I've had this same issue on and off for a couple of years. It started with just warnings, because on my personal machine I would log out of my personal account, log in as my corporate account, perform work on client machines, and then log out/back in as my personal account and get errors that I was using the software inappropriately. However last month that changed and I got the warning message the trial was expiring. I was able to extend the trial once, but now I'm completely locked out of my personal account - well it's non-functional, so same effect. I sent a message at the beginning of the month and never received anything other than the automated reply. This seems very inappropriate given that I use it within the guidlines of the license agreement.

  • All i did was reinstall it on a new machine? weird that this Win7 machine is showing me in a trail? Please advise.. 



  • Best.

    I have twice sent a ticket to you with this question, my TeamViewer has expired.
    When I installed my team viewer because I have chosen the wrong option for the company rather than private.

    Now I can not do anything more with my TeamViewer. Can you think of my oploaasen?

    Thanks again in advance!

  • Reyhan
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    Hi @RBergmandc

    Thank you for your post.

    Here the solution, if you received the "trial expired" notification.

    Please see for further information here

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  • Julia
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    Hi gags,

    I answered your ticket - please check your mails :)

    Senior Support Engineer - 2nd level Support
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  • Do not understand the English language, I installed version Teamview for companies. Now I want to be the company canceled version to install Personal Edition (free version). Help me please