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    Not sure I'd want to keep using this if the company can't even make a working email form.

  • I switched to[Removed per Community Guidelines]- very happy with it.

  • I don't understand why these sessions are happenning like this.  Team Viewer needs to understand that computers these days are easy to get, especially without the Windows operating system that allows to install linux.   I use Team Viewer for home remote desktop sessions, because I cannot always get out of the bed or chair to go to another computer.  There is hardly any large income coming in. I cannot afford groceries most of the times.  There are 2 desktops in the living room for different applications, 2 other desktops which one is connected to linux, and the other is connected to Windows, and 2 small laptops.   Now we have to end up limiting connections now?    I will see about looking into another remote PC software soon in the near future, and soon discontinue use of this software.  I wish that they would give us more freedom.  Now they are detecting peoples usage and habits, and it seems they don't want us to hoard too many computers, and connect them to their network.  What else is new??     There is serious regulation going on here that is what is happenning.  They try to find the good users and then want to start making us get a commercial license.  Well guess what?  Who is going to afford this type of licensing when you're on a fixed, limited income?  What now?  Do we need to show our papers by scanning them such as showing our EBT cards, ID, and other personal information in order to continue to be free users??   

  • I was on the phone with them for being a free user, and they love using the word "Unfortunitely".

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    Could you please elaborate on what they said?!?  No one else I've seen has gotten ANY reply.

    @gccradioscience wrote:

    I was on the phone with them for being a free user, and they love using the word "Unfortunitely".


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    This is SO disappointing. I wish they wouldn't advertise that users can use the software for personal use for free if they're going to arbitrarily and INCORRECTLY decide that they are lying and cut them off with essentially no recourse. I am NOT a commercial user. I connect to the same 2 or 3 personal machines and occasionally to my mother's or a friend's to help them out. If it takes 30 days OR MORE to keep up with the "large number of requests from our private users" then perhaps your algorithm is not optimal. There are HUNDREDS of users reporting this. Something is wrong.

    You don't even get a warning so that you can preemptively submit this review for personal use. If users AT LEAST got a warning we could prepare for it instead of just being randomly shut out, likely when you need it the most. This is compounded by the fact that you're timed out immediately once you're marked. If you could at least log on for like 5 minutes it would take some of the sting out of it.

    I have really loved TeamViewer up to this point and had always recommended it first and foremost to anyone looking for a remote whether for personal or business, but this really stinks. I put in the request, so I'll see when/if it's answered. Other remote companies have caught up feature-wise, so maybe it's just time to move on to something else and hope other companies don't have unexplained "strengthened detection conditions" that push off customers using the application within the terms of free usage.

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    I am also having this issue. Aunts, Uncles and a hand full of friends. I noticed a friendlier message about commercial use when I connected from my work computer the last couple months. Most likley because its on a domain. I am not a business.

    No support because I don't have a license. 

  • things are not looking good.pngI like teamviewer for its ease of use and quickness but I'm not sure for how much longer :(

  • They said unfortinutely we cannot help you, because you're a free user.  They were hard to communicate and get along with.  They said they got over 6 million users and they don't have a problem.  I sent them a ticket saying about my medical conditions, income problems, and also saying there is absolutely no commercial use here at this apartment.  

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    IOW: "We don't give a **bleep** about you free users, go away"  Thanks for the update.

    @gccradioscience wrote:

    They said unfortinutely we cannot help you, because you're a free user.  They were hard to communicate and get along with.  They said they got over 6 million users and they don't have a problem.  I sent them a ticket saying about my medical conditions, income problems, and also saying there is absolutely no commercial use here at this apartment.  

  • The real unfortunate part is that I feel like they genuienly don't care. I had them on Facebook chat this morning and I explained the hassle I now have to go to in order remove their product. I take no commercial gain from the product, I use it help non-profits that I donate my time to. I've tried reasoning with them, explaining my use and asking for mercy but they're too busy liking the smell of their own farts to care users that have been loyal for years, some since the very beginning. Let them fail as a result of this, they deserve it. 

  • It's looking like that too for me.  I feel that the "freebee" is not always going to be free forever.  Those licenses are extremely costly, and not designed for people who have a disability and a fixed income.  I am looking for other software to try out and maybe get a subscription with them.  I was on the phone, and I was not too happy with the staff at TV.  Sorry to say.  

  • Yep!,  That's how it was over the phone.    I guess TV hates free loaders now.   I am shopping around for new software, and going to have to uninstalll TV.   I just knew they wanted to drop the hammer on us free users.  Maybe there is a better company out there who would treat us the way we want to be treated and offer better pricing on licenses that are not too astronomical.  These TV licenses are very astronomical, a waste of money.   I think TV team owes us an apology for the hard times they have put us through.  TV is commercized anyways, and why user it for personal use? 

  • I've been using teamviewer since it came out and never had a problem until now. I also use it because with the kids each having their own computer I like to view them and it's much easier than setting up **Third Party Product** or other programs and I like to be able to access them when I'm not at home either by cell phone or my laptop tethered to my phone but now it won't even let me connect more than 5 minutes. It seems like a ploy to get home users to buy the product. I'd pay for it if it were at a reasonable price for as much as I've used it in the past but no way it's worth that much a year when I can use other tools. This is just much easier.

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    OK, so, here's where we are now. We have a good bunch of lads who take their time and share the information on the _official_ support forum. Which is designed for information sharing and _support_ (as this is the only way where free users can get support from TV becuase the other channels are for customers with payed license). THat's fine, but there is a little glitch as noone from TV support reads these forums, or if they read (and that's the worst scenario) they simply don't care about it. That also fine, but in this case plase make a note about it saying you won't get any feedback from TV in this way.

    Now it's like the AAA meeting (ATVV - anonym team viewer victims) where we running the same circles reporting the very same issues without any feedback from TV.

    I'm still looking for the very high level description about how TV identify Commercial usage. They said it driven by some algorythm. As someone who worked in the last 20+ years in IT support area feel it's not exactly true. Many of us reported suden issues on infrastrucutres worked well in the last x months/years and now, out of the blue TV start to think it's Commercial usage. Until they cannot prove it in any ways I can say it's not true.

    TV usually points outr that they are better than some of the competitors (especially **Third Party Product**) as they have a free solution (it's a different storry that this free subscription is not working). But please, dear TV, keep in mind when LMI decided to leave the freemium model they sent out a note to each and every costumer about this change (I know as I worked there that time). The cutomers were avare of the change. Yes, LMI made some bad moves (for the customer perspective of view, like reducing the free licenses for Hamachi or leaving the freemium model), but they made this decision on purpose and not just doing something in the background. Also, LMI had (still have) a very good customer support. As they cared (still care) about their customers as they want to keep their good reputation even they are not offering free solution anymore.

    So, dear TV admins) please send us a few lines about the next steps. Is there any official way beside this forum where free users can receive any technical support?

    Also, keep in mind, even only a good few users reports the issue here, there are _much_ more affected users exists, just they simply change to something else and don't burn circles to find a solution in the so called official way. (If fixing the simple mislicensed issue tooks 20-30 days it means something really really wrong with the algorythm).

    I also understand TV point of view. If they eliminate the free users who use the same infrastructure than the licensed ones they can provide better performance for the onse who pays. Fine, do this, but please _communicate_ otherwise you'll find yourself in the bottom of a list you ruled long time ago. That was a free tip from me, you don't need to thank.

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    Any Alternative? I'm free User too, never ever gain money, only supporting friends and family.

    But now i can not even look on my computer at home. That **bleep**!

    Is there a alternative Program? Then TV can rest in peace...

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    This is rediculius, 1 minute and then get kicked for 10, how is this making people want to stay with your product?

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    Hi all,

    thank you for your participation in this topic.

    I would like to stress that TeamViewer is not cancelling its free version.

    We have gone to great lengths to speed up the time span for processing your requests to 7 days. 

    It is important to us that you can continue to use the free version of TeamViewer for personal use.  For more information regarding this topic, please refer to our statement:

    Knowledge Base: Why do I see 'Commercial use suspected' / 'Commercial use detected'

    Thanks and all the best,


    Former Community Manager

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    Nice and thanks, but instead of copying and pasting the very common page from TV do we ever receive any answers for our questions? I just speak for myself, but I think the others in the thread faced the same. None of the "commercial usage" parameters were applicable on my situation but TV thought I use it commercially. (by the way how should you decide it's a home office machine or not? it cannot be determined).

    Still see a very big gap between the users and the so called support. So, where can we get answers for our questions?

    (7 days still means you face lots of customer issues and/or still have a signifficant issue with the algorythm)

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    Hmmm, i'm free User again. Seems my request has been confirmed...


    OK! Thanks!

  • Luky you!:manvery-happy:

    You've got a thing goin on with Esther?:manlol:

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    I sure hope they're not charging Windows users. I don't make money using Team Viewer so I don't see how it's for business use.  I'm not paying for a license to buy something I'm not making money with. I've had the same group of computers plus one or two new machines for a few years now and they're JUST Now rolling this out.  I'll give them a couple weeks to figure it out but if nothing changes by mid August I guess I'll need to look into a new solution.

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    [edited by moderator] don't seem too bad so far, no file transfer but about the same.

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    @RanMan62 See, I use that, so that'd be a problem. Plus I'm actually being instructed to buy a license to continue. Which. Like many have said, we're not using it for commercial purposes, so there's something flawed here.
  • Ohh. I just noticed, Esther :womanlol::heart: from TV made one post here. I am impressed. One not very helpful post from TV against tens of thousands complains of painful punished users. :manfrustrated:
    Ok. There is one lucky guy. :manhappy:
    This is really ridiculous! :smileyfrustrated:

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    The time to review the improper suspension request has not been reduced to a week.

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    Well, it looks like they have no interest in fixing this or the "Commercial Use" snafu currently going on. Obviously something changed at their end to cause this outbreak of problems but they don't want to believe it.

    Guess it's time to look into [Removed per Community Guidelines.... grrrrrrr

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    Well, it seems that between this issue (NO commercial use here, **bleep**, I haven't worked in 5 years!  Retired long ago!!)   AND the issue of getting thrown off 55seconds after connecting, that TV changed something very recently causing the rash of these issues.

    It's also clear that TV has no real intent of investigating or fixing the issues. After using TV for YEARS (TOTALLY NON-COMMERCIAL) it appears that I have to look into **Third Party Product** and Windows Utilities. :( Those seem to be the top two replacement candidates.

    Very sad that they just won't listen to the masses of people who suddenly are having these issues.

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    I have been unlocked now, but I still cannot use TV to check on things at home, using my own personal laptop  connected to the wifi provided at work, to connect to another of my own personal computers at home, to check on things for home security reasons etc.

    That's the end of Teamviewer for me, sadly.

    Alos means I will no longer recommend TV to any of my family, friends or colleagues, for either free personal, or paid commercial use.

    There are alternatives out there. Thankfully.

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    Watch out, I got notified one of my posts has been removed because it's not allowed to mention competitors or use a link.

    I haven't even had a link in that post. I only mentioned like

    Try xxxxx .com

    Which was due to my phones keyboard which has a [.com] key aside the space bar, which I hit.

    Seriously, TeamViewer, you behave like *** - that's not professional.

    You wanted to get rid of private users - congrats, goal achieved.