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     So, that is one of two:

      - or TeamViewer is out-of-bussines (at least for personal use)

     - or, hopefully, only temporary issue ...

     I have today 1-min dissconnection; now it even not connected to my home computers at all.

     It says: 'Reason unknown' - seems, like issues on TVw site!

    I will wait for some short time, and, if it is not just an issue, I am sure, there are other the same programs available!


  • sascha8192
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    I connected with my Friend

    And a popup say " Kaufen sie eine Lizenz damit sie fortfahren können."

    I thought the program is free for personal use.

    Has that changed now?

    If not, what can I do?

    The Teamvierwer is locked since the time when I unlocked the Office Original at Microsoft.

    Should I reset my computer with open office?

    If the terms and conditions should have changed and private persons now also need a license, please contact me.

    Many Thanks
    Kind regards


    Google translate

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    Having seen more posts, I feel slightly better that I am not the only one.  TV successfully got me “hooked” on using their “free” product to access my home computers while I travel.  Of course this happens when I am miles/weeks away from those home computers so looks like I’ll have to find another way to get “clean” in “less than 5 minute” increments.  Great product - while it worked.

  • PeteMc
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    I don't think TV has any intention of "fixing" the issue.  I think the goal is just to flush out all the free users.

    Other posts have said you can contact them and send in your logs.  After a period of time (a month was mentioned) they may or MAY NOT open up your account or not.

    Other option is to wipe all traces of TV from your machine and start over again if you have a different email you can use.  Suppose you could go out and get one of those free accouts with lots of ads.  Only thing you'd need it for is to get your new TV account authenticated.

    I've never made a cent on my personal/free account, but if they're going to block me out, I guess I'll move on.  Wonder how many other people in the tech business they just blocked out that are also using their product for family & friends....  If they're doing this to hopefully make more money by getting people to buy licenses, well, they may be in for a surprise.


  • g0ofe
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    Any disk...   is that what they call it in New Zealand?!

  • Grandmstrbud
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    Replace the I with an E

  • PeterHah
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    EveryTable ;-)
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    I also have the same problem.  Use it to donate help to non-profits and get 1 minute on, and 10 minutes off.   Our .edu I.T. dept. says TeamViewer is going crazy killing all users (non-profit and personal) without regard.   Funny thing is I had suggested a REASONABLE fee to the TeamViewer people for non-profits a few years ago and the reply was "you can pay $45 per month if you want to pay".  Umm.. NO.   It's just that I recognized the value of T.V. and felt that a flat yearly fee that would be REASONABLE to a non-profit (like $120 per year)  would be a good way to support T.V.   Instead, it's all or nothing for them.   Been hearing that Aero admin is a great replacement and they don't lock you out.   Wish T.V. would continue to be nice to non-profits, but guess that isn't in the cards.  They aren't even acknowledging blocking us.

  • neckster
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    Anyone have the timeframe for a response on this?  I'm moving to a competing product and I just need the time to install.  :)  

  • dslentz
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    They don't seem to respond. Aero admin works great and even their paid version doesn't cost you and arm and a leg! One month of TV is equal to AA.
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    UGH same issue here. I filled out the personal verification but sersiouly it can take 30 days to review? **bleep**? I honestly would pay for a personal license not to deal with this **bleep** but there is no way the enterprise licesnes fit my use or my budget. 

  • neckster
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    Can I install it in 5 seconds?  So far the teamview 5 minute threat isn't accurate.  And if you try to reconnect it's you have to login again in 15 minutes. This feels like the **Third Party Product** debacle from a few years ago.  :) 

  • Sioux142
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    Hang on.

    Just tested TV. Connected to wifey's PC and not kicked out after several seconds.

    Submitted ticket to restore me on 06th July 2018 and it's just started working again (at the moment). I received no re-activation email from TV advising this was resolved. It just works again !!

    Have wife's PC still open in window on my machine as I'm typing and it hasn't disconnected yet.

    I ended up having to remove my home server from my account as apparently ANY type of server, even for home use such as mine (which is not on a domain) which is mainly used for Plex Media Server and the wife and children to have a central storage area for all files, counts as commercial use.

    I also went as far as renaming the PC's on my account to something like "xxx Laptop Home", "yyy Laptop Home", "father-in-law PC", "Mum's PC" etc to try to emphasise what the PC's I'm connecting to are.

    The only thing I'm worried about now is that my wife's PC is running Win 10 Pro instead of Win 10 Home as there was a deal on for Pro at the time which was cheaper than Win 10 Home !! I'll keep my fingers crossed on that one that a Win 10 Pro OS won't disqualify me again !!!

    Right, her PC is still alive in the window next to this !!!!!!!!!!

    Looks like I've been cured :-)

    For info,


    PS.... If a TV Admin is monitoring and see's this..... Am I correct in the above assertion about my home server ? Will it disqualify me again if I add it back to my account ? If so, it will be KVM switch from now on as thankfully it lives beside my PC !!

    And on a final note - wifey's PC is still connected !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I never used TV commercial always just privately, maybe used it 2-3 times a month. I wanted to help a friend right now and TV disconnects me after 1 minute and then "your usage seems to show non-private bla bla blub you have to buy a license". Is this a joke? What can I do to make TV work again? I am using a FREE license, I am using it PRIVATELY.

  • Badcalli3
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    @Bogmore wrote:

    7 days, really? then why have I been waiting 12 days after I got the all clear email?


    Their page where they have a lot of explanation about not cancelling the free usage or forcing free users into paying says 7 days, but the actual form page says, "Be aware that due to a large number of requests from our private users, answering your request may take up to 30 days. Please bear with us." And many users in this thread have said it's been more than even that.

  • Bogmore
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    @Badcalli3 I was refering to the post by @Esther who said this has been reduced to 7 days here on these forums 13 hours ago, about half way down page 27.

    Mine has been well over 6 weeks altogether and 12 days since my reply to the fixed email I got saying it hasn't been fixed.


    So much for German efficiency

  • ThunderDani
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    And next step, TV will dictate you how you have to setup your own private PC network in your own home.
    After that step, they will tell you what time you are alloud use TV and what time you should go to beed and sleep.


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    You know what is interesting? My posts keep being edited by a moderator to remove the name of the free software I (and many others in this thread who have been removed) now use. So if anything, someone is watching this thread.

    But rather than actively push forward the collective of loyal users who feel passionate enough to join a forum to vent their frustration (think of the 1000's who arent and will just switch now to something else), they'll happily edit and remove posts to keep it how Teamviewer want. A now disjointed thread of comments.

  • ThunderDani
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    Are they German?

    Why do I write in English then. This is not my really my mothertounge.

    @Esther[Post Edited By Moderator - English only please Community Guidelines]

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    [comment removed per Community Guidelines - #6 - Just the facts, please]

    Treating users, free or not, the way TV has been doing it, is not something that I will excuse, nor accept. I moved on to a different remote access solution and actually pay for it...

    Neither in my business, nor at any of my clients will there EVER an endorsement for TV be heard.

    Trying to shut down the costly free service is something that might make sense from a business perspective and giving users a few weeks to switch to alternatives would have been a clean way - what happened is just flat out disgusting and unprofessional.

  • timwuz28
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    edited October 2022

    How many people came over to TeamViewer when **Third Party Product** shut off their free service? I did, and I like TeamViewer much more than **Third Party Product**. Prefer to stay if they can resolve this quickly. Fingers crossed.

  • Grandmstrbud
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    Their trying to get as much money as they can. I'm sure some personal users have bought into this and purchased a license. How's TV stock doing now?

  • JayShannon
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    This exactly.  I don't know how to tell them that this is only on personal machines.  

  • Msonline
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    Please help me, I need to get this fixed ASAP.
  • Grandmstrbud
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    I got my machines setup with any disk, or is it desk after the any.

  • bazbsg
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    18 days after TV restore my personal use license, i get another email from them today telling me they have restored my personal use license.

    This morning besides that email I have 68 emails of new posts to this forum topic. This issue is blowing up.
  • RLO
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    No, clearly it is not fixed  Happening still!

  • AlanW1
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    Hi maffle,

    please kindly read the article and use the link in it to submit a request if you think you are private user. 

    Thank you.

  • gccradioscience
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    It does sound like it, because I was never treated like this before for many years until the year 2018.  I wonder if everyone else is feeling the pain here too?    The truth is since the software is unusable, I had to uninstall it from all of my computers now, because what good is a piece of software that is blocked out?   And I may not get a license just for being treated this way.  You don't just drop what you're doing and simply go and pay for a license when they cannot treat you as a personal user or professional user.      I hope they understand to be honest, there is no trace of Team Viewer installed in my computers now nor my smart phones and devices.    I am a very fixed income, and I only get paid once a month, and the licenses here are extremely out of my budget.  

  • Joedarkness
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    I can understand them not wanting to provide the service to companies who can afford it

    I'm just connecting my home PC from work and sometime helping my father in law also it disconnects you after 30sec after this message not 5mins

    **bleep** I wouldn't mind paying 20$ per year but the cheapest  license is 50$ per month