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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Please help me, I have same issue (5 min disconnection).

    My account is: [email removed by moderator]

    My license is persional / free

  • Save the time and switch to a different tool. All that will happen is they tell you you are free to use TV again and the next day you are locked again and have to play the same game again.

    Take TV off the list of usable tools and be rest assured, there are other tools out there that work as good and are supported by an organization that cares about their users. Yes, it may cost you a few bucks, but after the experience with a "free" tool, I was more than happy to pay that.

    @teacher24_70 wrote:

    I'm trying to fill this form out, but it's asking for my "device ID".  Where do I find that?  I'm running TeamViewer on my Mac currently and I don't see a "device ID" in the software interface anywhere.

  • Hello,

    I'm using Teamviewer since many year, occasionally and for my personnal use (I use it on my personal computer and my personal laptop). I'm using a free teamviewer account that permit me to easily connect my computer and my parent's computer.

    Since around One Month, I can't use TeamViewer : I receive a message saying "professional use need a licence"... The connection works but stopped after few seconds...

    I d'ont know why because it's just a personal use... I try to uninstall and reinstall TeamViewer, but it doesn't fix this issue.

    Could you help me ? 


    Best regards


  • I only use TV for personal use.  I tried the link to get the restriction removed, but never got a response and I still cannot use TV.


    When can I get the personal use TV back?



  • I have 3 computers in my basement running [email protected] 24/7. One also handles my email. I access the 3 computers and read/reply to email from a laptop in my living room via Teamviewer 13 usually late in the evening and early morning hours. Sometimes I also connect to my daughter's laptop to diagnose problems for her. A couple of years ago I got the annoying pop-ups about suspected commercial use. I reported it and they were turned off. Recently I started getting progressively larger pop-ups and then finally my sessions were terminated after 5 minutes. I filled out the problem ticket form for my 4 computers and now the 5 minute cut-off has stopped but I still get the pop-ups. I've been retired for 18 years and no longer have any commercial ties to any work networks.etc. My question is what kind of useage pattern is being detected that would trigger suspected commercial use?

    Bob B.

  • I have install teamviewer 13 in My pc as Personal Use after some days i have connect with my friend for study related work such as word document related work. its after 2 seconds teamviewer teamm blocked your connects.

    if team is looking/ reading the Quote please give me the solution.

    Thank You.

  • Giocorone
    Giocorone Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Good morning,

    I use Teamviewer  from my pc at work for see my pc at home, but from  1 week I cannot use it because software  answers me that I make a commercial use.

    My use is only as private!!

    Anyone can help me please?



  • Giocorone
    Giocorone Posts: 3 ✭✭
    The same for me, but I connect only my home's pc from my work's pc... and start few days ago I cannot connect them. Please note that I don't make a commercial use, but software Tv writes I'm a commercial only I stay connected form more time.
  • RobWood
    RobWood Posts: 2


    How long does it take to get an answer as to whether I am a commercial or 'just helping' Granny' user as it has been over 7 days and I cannot find anything in emails confirming I am one thing or the other. 



  • So i just updated to newest teamviewer version on my laptop and right after it started getting dropped after maximum 30 seconds, sometimes less, when i connect to my other pc.

    It just says connection timeout, then when i try to reconnect it says that my connection is blocked after the time out and that i cannot login for the next 20 min. after the time i can connect again, but only for a couple of seconds and then it gets blocked for 20 min again. 

    When i connect using my phone there is no problem at all.

    Anyone know whats happening?

    I have a hard time finding out where i can contact the teamviewer team, so therefore im trying here.

  • Ahh, now i got the "we have registered commercial use" i will try to write to them via

  • I have used the Free Version for personal use wihtout issue for about a year.  I log on to a remote computer around once every other week.  I have not needed to access the remote machine for about 2 months - but when I went to log in today I saw a message that I have been "flagged for commercial use".  Any Ideas on how to get that flag removed?


  • Click link to get account released, wait forever, click and submit form again, wait some more, click once again and still hearing crickets. On this page it asks the question - "Are we trying to force free users into paying for the usage of TeamViewer?" and TV answers no. I call **bleep**, you're just hoping that users give in and pay the blackmail, sorry, upgrade price without knowing they don't have to. Of course, we have to wait forever for our accounts to be cleared and then a few weeks later it locks up again. Sorry, TV, I'm done with you. Will be deleting my account. Knew the writing was on the wall a couple of years ago when you tried something similar. I wouldn't mind paying if you had a reasonable pricing structure for what we're asking but even your so-called discounted $36.75 per month is ridiculous. There are other products out there and I will be switching to them ASAP. Goodbye TV, you were okay while it lasted but now you're **bleep**.

  • cmderrx
    cmderrx Posts: 3

    I did receive a reply to my "sales inquiry" and concerns of Private vs Commercial use:

    "The personal version of TeamViewer is available if you are connecting from one residence to another residence. Any connections to or from a business or server for any purpose will require a license. If you feel you are being flagged as commercial in error, please complete this form"

    Please let us know if you would like a quote for a TeamViewer license.

    Kind regards,


    To which I have kindly replied:

    I have bee reading over the several comments on this matter and Team viewer is proving to be a big disappointment.  Myself along with others who have posted have used this tool to help support family and friends; in my case over 1,000 miles away.  Unfortunately the times when I need to help them will be when I am working so yes; the connection starts from a business location and goes to a residential connection. 

     You are doing this "verification" via the IP address and DO have the ability to tell if it is business to business, business to residential etc.  For that matter, a "private" person could be using it for business purposes based on you own "verification" and they could carry on using it against the set forth terms.  All the while those of us who are abiding by what "Should" be common sense rules are being penalized.

     So what team viewer is doing is pushing people away.  I am in the I.T field and based on this experience I can guarantee that in will in no way endorse the use of this product based on what I have seen surrounding this issue;  A lack of customer care or concern.  For me the fix is an easy one; I have and can implement other options.  Since it so happens that I will be at the distant family location next week the timing of this discovery is perfect.  I will implement the changes while I am there and be done with Team Viewer.

     Team Viewer needs to get their act together and promote a positive experience for their "Free" edition.  Who know how many more people you are turning off because of the lack of care or concern.  Unfortunately its not just Team Viewer, big corporate companies have lost sight of true customer care and in the end it will cost them.  There is always something new that will come along to fill the void. 

    So in reply to if I want a quote..... NO!

    I am sure that none of my reply will be taken to heart but at this point I really don't care, I have begun to implement my other alternatives and will be done with this "FREE" tool.


  • Radish
    Radish Posts: 1
    I have had the problem before and they were actually really good at getting back to me requesting log files. That resolved the problem quickly as I was not using the program commercially.
    Now the problem is back again. They say they will respond in up to 30 days for free users. Well guess what. I have sent several emails to them to try and resolve the exact same issue that I had before but they have not responded to my several emails.
    Now the only thing that I will be doing is filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and then maybe I will get some sort of response from them as I really do like the program.
  • I have had a non-profit Team Viewer Account for some time.  As of last week, I could no longer connect remotely.  When I checked the system locally, the system ID had changed from a number it has had since I began to a 10 digit number.  When I connect, I am warned about being a commercial user, and get disconnected after 30 seconds (it says 5 minutes, but it is closer to 30 seconds).




  • Dear Support Teamviewer, 

    I use Teamview do support my friends and remote to my desktop

    I have setup Teamviewer version 13 version Personal on my MacBook pro os 10.12. And now this version has expired.

    Please guide me Fix limited 5 minutes. I want to use version Free

    Many thanks,Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 10.48.13 AM.png
  • Hello. Sorry for this silly quesstion there, but i need a little bit help. I supporting one person so i need a bit help. Person who need help have bought TeamViewer, everything was working fine, but when he instaled TV in new pc and he gets this message. Can you give me simple advice what i need to check or what he did wrong in this situation?

    Thank you.

    Screenshot 2018-08-13 08.34.48.png

  • What will you be going to use for I to have this problem? Would like your input.

  • Would love to say what I have switched to but they WILL censor out the NAME of any COMPETING PRODUCT posted here.

    Your best bet is to do a WWW search with your favorite search tool to find a good free tools.

  • DanoNH
    DanoNH Posts: 4 ✭✭
    Funny thing is, the email notifications seem to go out before the posts are moderated... LOL

    What a shame, TV. ?

    You must be up for sale soon. Lies and all. ?
  • DaveYVR
    DaveYVR Posts: 1


    I will be urging my clients and colleagues away from TeamViewer.

    The reason is due to this recent message I received from TeamViewer installed on my personal computers:

    "Sorry for the Interruption, your usage level has crossed the FREE user allowance. To continue using TeamViewer, you'll need to upgrade to a business solution"

    I am sorry to have to go this direction, but I feel I have supported TeamViewer over the years as a good product. I have suggested it to my clients and friends. And I have used it as an employee in commercial settings with a valid commercial license, as well as my personal life.

    I use Dropbox in a commercial setting, and feel it is worth what I pay for it on a monthly basis. I gladly pay the fee, since I am legitimately using it for commercial purposes.  And their FREE limits were clearly stated at the beginning, and are not subject to being pulled if you reach the limit of space. So I can interact with family and friends on the same platform that I do business on.

    Your practice of growing your business using Free licenses is a valid one. Not being upfront and transparent that there are time limits, as Dropbox is, and pulling ALL access if the limit is exceeded, is not. And when I started using TeamViewer more than 10 years ago, I am somewhat certain these restrictions were not part of your business plan. The onus to provide clear rules is on the contract writer, not the reader. This is what courts expect, and support, and should be at the back of anyones mind who writes agreements or contracts, whether on a web page Free license agreement or on paper. A contract is not law and can be invalidated in a court. You should be clear and upfront on your Free license as is expected by any reasonable court or person.

    I am grateful for the free use. However, my issue comes with the time and effort I have spent learning your software, installing it to manage various personal computers and family member computers, and then having the rug pulled out from under me after all this time investment.

    You have the majority of the market share at the moment. But if you keep pulling free licenses, those users are often employees of companies who use TeamViewer for commercial purposes, and there will inevitably be some blowback. In my case, I estimate that license to be over 10,000 seats for my employer (about half the employees), and countless more for our close colleagues and clients.  This is in addition to lost sales from lack of future recommendations.  I will recomend in the future that they look for alternatives to TeamViewer in good competitor products who would welcome larger clients. It would be resonable to understand that some of us do have direct lines to the IT managers and CTOs for larger regions such as Eastern North America and parts of South America, if not world wide.

    In this day of social media, I am very surprised that your current tactics are those that were used in the past 2 decades, and have since rejected by most of the major tech companies who realised the effect of blowback on their shareholders. 

    I would be very open to you contacting me to discuss this if you feel my assessment is unfair.



  • Don't know what to use don't have much experience on anything else. And doing a search on  did not help.

  • Dear Support Teamviewer, I use Teamview do support my friends and remote to my desktop I have setup Teamviewer version 13 version Personal on my MacBook pro os 10.12. And now this version has expired. Please guide me Fix limited 5 minutes. I want to use version Free. My ID: [removed by Moderator] Many thanks,

  • I am retired in and live in Medellin.   Every day I help my grandma a few times in Austria who is in her 90s.  My grandma finds problems every day, so she can talk to me.  Is this commercial use? I cannot connect to her for over 30 seconds.  Seems there was a change, so you guys could make money!  I am okay with that but if TeamViewer is no longer free why do you claim it is? 

  • JosepM
    JosepM Posts: 1
    My user is still blocked after his reactivation message... ☹ I’m not professional user, i only help my family! Should we install **Third Party Product**?
  • debk
    debk Posts: 2

    you're lucky for real!  Team Viewer still hasn't unlocked my account....I'm starting to explore some alternatives, as it's been longer than 7 days now...

  • debk
    debk Posts: 2

    Hi Esther - so if it's been more than 7 days, should I assume that Team Viewer still thinks I'm a commercial business??