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    OK there ARE alternatives.

    If TV cannot do anything better - not even drop any note here - switching to an alternative will be an option. As the moderator reads and removes help here regulkary, I suggest to google for die besten teamviewer alternativen or similar.

    I really would prefer to continue teamviewer. But if accessing my private home PC from my office PC is considered commercial - indipendent if I have / use 1 PC odr pretend (or lie) that the 200 PCs I regularly access are all my private PCs - TV is no longer an option. The monthly price might be OK for real commercial - but for private use it's inacceptable.

    I'll wait if / when TV responds to my ticket. A week might by long but acceptable. After that time I will contact Heise / Chip in germany. Maybe they could schedule a report with remote access software. At least a user letter will not be censored there as the situations seem a mismatch between promised free license and actual behaviour. To make it clear - TV has the right to stopp a free version. It's private software. BUT TV should NOT offer a free license for personal private usage if this is not true.



  • commentate il disapprovo sui post di Facebook, vediamo l'azienda cosa risponde, io l'ho già fatto

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    I could have replied to many of today's posts but chose this one because of the "legal" ephasis

    Let's be fair, they ALLOW you to use the software free - it's not a god given right! & IF you follow the request to fill in the form & your not a commercial user that reset your account

    IT MIGHT take a while but again, other tools out there & if you don't like it buy a licence

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    I had the same problem, what to do ?
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    I just got the SAME message. How did you get them to put you back to free? Why is it doing that?

  • Sadly I am in the “30 day wait for our reply queue”.

    Best bet is find an alternative as kindly provided in detail above or completely remove all instance of TV from your computer and change/spoof your MAC address. Clean install and wait to be flagged as commercial again.
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    Ever since v13, I have been getting the message after the 2nd PC I log into.  I explained to Support that I have been using Teamviewer forever and it is for a Hobby which I get no money for.  They change it back to free and then two days later and I only connected to one PC and I got flagged again.  I put in a new form for commerical use and now it has been 20 days and still no response.  It is annoying a company would do this to consumers when they offer "FREE for Personal Use".

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    I'm getting the same error.  After a few connections I can't control the keryboard or mouse either.  Very frustraiting.

  • Does anybody know how to resolve the few minutes of access before timeout because TeamViewer claims it has detected commercial usage when I have never connected to a computer not on my desk. Two years of usage without a problem. But after a internet outage, Teamviewer no timesout almost as soon as I sign in. Help. 

  • Hi,  I accidentally chose business use instead of personal and need to change it!

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    If TV won't fix this, better to look at alternatives.

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    This is starting to really **bleep**.  My machines are repeatedly being bumped off and then I get a helpful message later that CS is making a "one-time exception" to get me back online.

    If you want to get rid of the free service, just do it please...

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    Same here over and over again. I am getting sick of that. Never ever used teamviewer in any commercial enviroment. Only connecting to my 2nd Win10 machine and some friends. Totally commercial use THANK YOU TEAMVIEWER - You have been good but atm it sucks hard

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    I'm very curious at this point, seeing that many people have the same issue as I do. I sent an email to Teamviewer Support almost a week ago and have not heard back from them. Is this a way of telling us that there will no longer be a free version?  I used this for my PCs at home and I do not have a business, but T.Viewer kept insisting that I'm a business user. I've been using this for over 5 years now. Has anyone else had contacted support and get a response?

    Please share your experience. Thanks.

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    i''m getting this message no matter what login i use and even when i don't login it.  it also looks like it's affecting all my computers that use the free version.

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    It's happening to us as well at the 59th second.  Any solutions???  teamviewer won't help.  Anyone found a solution???

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    To whom it may concern,

    Your **bleep** detection software is preventing me from using TeamViewer freely.  It is falsely detecting commercial use when I have done no such thing.  I submitted a reset claim ticket what seems like a lifetime ago and still haven't heard back from you.  This sucks.  Your detection software sucks.  You seem to have no clue whatsoever what commercial use is and yet you wrongly persecute perfectly innocent personal users.  Oh, and filling out that online form got me nothing.  NO reply.  Not even an email confirmation with a case ID/number.  I guess free users get treated like **bleep**  This whole experience has really left a very bad taste in my mouth.  You should remove the **bleep** detection software you are using to wrongfully persecute personal users like me.  You could do better.   Even using the honor system would do less harm than what the current **bleep** detection system is doing.  And there seems to be no help other than the online form which your people seem to basically ignore.  Oh, and here's how many people find your knowledgebase article entitled "Why do I see 'Commercial use suspected' / 'Commercial use detected'"  helpful, 47% helpful (56/121).  That means 53 percent of people who visit this page find it *UNHELPFUL*.  That is staggering.  Over half of the people who visit the page looking for help find it unhelpful.  So, you guys basically **bleep** at your jobs.  If I were paying for this product I'd complain to your bosses and have your **bleep** CANNED.  You sure know how to **bleep** people who are not abusing your licensing terms off.

    Unhappily yours,

    Nasser Simon Kazeminy

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    They are trying to bully people into purchasing a license.  It's the same problem with false commercial use detection.  They can get more money out of personal users by falsely detecting commercial use.  They make it impossible to get help unless you pay for a license.  Their online ticket submission does not create a claim number or ticket ID or number.  They are motivated by greed.  They figure we can give the software away for free, get market **bleep**, then hit people with false detection and poor support forcing them to pay for a license.  They are no better than a lowly drug dealer trying to get you hooked on their product.  Notice that you have to select ALLOW A SALES PERSON TO CONTACT ME now to get help on false detection?  If you don't select that option, they will basically ignore you as they did me.  I've been waiting forever for my fix, and they just don't care because I'm not a paying customer.

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    I was using TV to connect to my home laptop from a country house laptop. For sure both networks are private and no any business cases of usage. Also was helping my parents remotely with theirs PCs. Now I have a message "Probobly comercial usage" and time limit of 5 minutes. Filled a form for unblocking a week ago but no any reply. Can somebody check it out?

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    Dear sir, 

              humble to say and inform you we use softwar for personal perpose so please resolve my problem

  • What are you using instead, I need to do the same. It seems to think I am using it for commercial reasons but im using it for friends and family. I need another option

  • Goodbye Teamviewer, My home PC's keep saying they are commercially used. Done with you guys. If any of you don't need bells and whistles, just use **Third Party Product**, it works great. Uninstall this garbage as Teamviewer has become the latest **Third Party Product** and destroyed their user base.

  • never thought of **Third Party Product**, dont need any bells or whistles its mainly when the kids or other half has problems at home. will give it a go thanks

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    Hi all,

    Not only are they ignoring my repeated requests to remove the block (I am unemployed), but I think I know what happened.

    I was in the hospital for almost a week.  While there, I connected to my home system to check emails, etc.  Apparently, that one act (using the public, not corporate wifi) signalled to them that I was trying to use it commercially.

    What gives?  It would be nice if they would at least respond to my request to undo what they did.  

    It might also be nice if they posted a warning when connecting in a way that would set the commercial flags that, if I continue, I will be required to purchase a commercial license.  That way, at least we don't get **bleep** into this black hole.

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    TeamViewer Team <>
    Thu, Aug 16, 12:30 PM (6 days ago)
    to me

    Moreover, the ticketsystem is reserved for our customers.

    Best Regards,
    Krzysztof Organisciuk

    TeamViewer GmbH * Jahnstr. 30 * 73037 Göppingen * Deutschland
    Handelsregister: Ulm HRB 534075
    CFO: Stefan Gaiser; CEO: Oliver Steil
  • Same here, let me put a ticket in but not holding my breath. Think they’ve dropped the ball in this one. Got greedy and want the free users out. Going to give google Remote Desktop a try. Only really use it when the kids or the other half have computer problems, shame
  • What you using now, maybe message me the money grabbers will probably delete it
  • Same here. Does anyone the number of free users to paid users with TV?
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    **Third Party Product** is good