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    Actually, my account has been suspected for commercial uses. I have submitted a ticket and consent form for using the TeamViewer for personal uses only.  They sent me an email that they have reset my account for free(personal use), but when I tried to use the software the problem of commercial use is still exists. How long it will take to reset my account??? 


  • I have received the same email, but still I have the problem. How long it will take from you to return your account for free???

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    Months minimum.

  • Thanks for your reply, they will inform me that now you can use your account or I have to check from time to time to see if they switch my account to free??
  • Still having problems with connection timing out, even though I got the email saying my account was no fixed and marked as private use. I reinstalling the program, but the warning still appears and I'm now timer blocked. How can I fix this?

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    There are so many people who have been affected by the "commercial use" issue that it's impossible to respond to everyone. But once again, I will reiterate, the best thing you can do is find another program to use. I have installed a program that begins with **Third Party Product** which works very well, and unattended access is a part of that program. I was "granted" access to team viewer, once again, but have simply gone into the computers I assist and install the new program. In this world, change is inevitable and if you just go with it, it becomes less stressful. I also like the built in version in Chrome, and I intend to have at least 2 of these apps on each computer I help. The most difficult issue I have had is talking my 87 year old sister in Florida thru the installation of "**Third Party Product**", which wasn't bad at all. I would give it a try if I were all of you as there is no telling when TV will pull this stunt again.

  • Team Viewer locked me out because I'm supposed to be using it for business. What could be the reason? I may use it 1-2x a month to support my family. That can't be it? Is it because it starts automatically with Windows?
    Thank you very much for your help!

  • I have been using Teamviewer for almost a year to log into my home (personal) computer from my work computer to do non-work-related stuff. But today I got a message saying there was commercial use detected.

    To be clear, while I log in daily through Teamviewer to my home computer I do NOT engage in commercial use with Teamviewer. I use it to check my email and Facebook and news websites I cannot access from my work environment. 

    Is there any way to get this restriction lifted? Is there a cheaper subscription for personal users like me who log in frequently? Otherwise I'll have to find an alternative.

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    There is not another program that does the same job for free I looked at them all.
  • Dear TeamViewer Team,

    I use TeamViewer privately to connect to my second PC (which has no monitor and no mouse / keyboard) in my own network.

    Since I often connect with the internal PC for a few minutes now a professional use is suspected and prevented the connection to my own second PC in my apartment (see picture in the appendix).

    Is the private use of TeamViewer not useful for a private connection within my home between two PCs? Or how can I fix this wrong decision of the software?

    Best regards,


  • The same is happening to me, I think is a scam to start charging personal users, I know they lie when they say I use commercial.

  • I wil give it a try.

  • I do not live with my parents and they do not know how to use the pc well sometimes I help them, this use is for private use only, I do not profit because they are used team viewer only in the family
  • I suddenly have same issue with a suspect commecrial use issue. I'm using teamviewer only on my PCs and family members PCs if they need help or sometime if I need something to do remotely on my PCs. I'm using teamviewer for years without problems. Do they change something? So should I have to find some alternative because they are going to shut down my account?

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    I'have the same problem, i'm particular but TW say and block me to be a professional.... Thanks
  • I use TV from Canada to help my old parents in Italy and this is a NON COMMERCIAL usage that has been running since years. From today, after a few seconds, the connection always drops with a message like "this was a free session sponsored by TV. TV sessions are free only for a non commercial use" and then another message like the one in the object.

    I noticed there has been an updated that I did. Is there any bug?

    !!! PLEASE HELP !!!

  • I have had the very same issue for the past month. Finally got a release to FREE for my 'master' computer, but still the 'COMMERCIAL USE DETECTED' message kept coming up and the connection would shut down after some 30 seconds.

    Then I read somewhere here that I have to apply for both master and slave to be released – they have different IDs.

    Now that that has finally been approved I'm back to normal and working (non-commercial!) across the two without an problem.

    My next move is to update to today's new version. Fingers crossed!

    EDIT : Yes, after updating to 13.2.5321 my free connection still holds. Phew!

  • Hi,

    How can apply for master and slave to release my account?

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    I'm not sure what y'all are talking about with master and slave.  As far as I know, there's no such thing with TV.  I have been able to connect to computers I normally connect to, with no issues, but as I said before, I will be using a different program which is very much like TV and does most of the same things, as my primary remote program.  And they specify you can use it for both personal and business if you want.  The only drawback for some, depending on how much you connect to other computers is a time limit of 17hrs per month on the host computer.  For most people who help others, that should be more than enough time to do what has to be done.  Anyway, that's my two cents.

  • I think it is a bug and I hope they can fix it sooner! btw there are other free alternative applications that operate very similar to TV with no time limits. But of course after yars and year with TV,... :smileysad:


  • Same here. I've only ever used it between my desktop and observatory (never leaves my home network) and today it started declaring that I'm using it commercially and only gives 30 second sessions. This is a major problem and if not fixed very soon I'll have to move to a different platform (shame... I've been using TV for many years and really like it).

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    From those of us that spoke to someone from TV, it really sounds like it's meant to work this way. It doesn't seem like they care, since it seems they don't consider us "paying" customers anyway.

    But I did notice something!
    Team Viewer ads are appearing on my websites' Google Ads! I encourage all Web Masters to BLOCK teamviewer from their Google Ads. Why support Teamviewer when we're clearly not being given any support?

  • When I mentioned master and slave, I was referring to my MacBookPro (master) and iMac (slave). Master and slave are not technical terms, but merely indicate how I'm using my setup. I use my MBP to access my iMac.

    Each machine has a unique 9-digit ID (which shows when you open TeamViewer on that machine) and I had to request both unique IDs to be released for free use – a separate request for each.

    Hope that helps.

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    @AlexisJane wrote:

    A quick follow up to my last post. I have emailed TV support by replying to the email I receieved stating that my usage has been set to personal. We shall see what happens next. Definitely something strange going on if you ask me. 

    I'm in the exact same situation after having received the same email (problem still there).

    But I do'nt understand how you have been able to reply to this email, the return address of the one I've received is "" . I'm afraid that a "noreply" address has few chances to be read by anyone.

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    @CoolRaoul wrote:

    But I do'nt understand how you have been able to reply to this email, the return address of the one I've received is "" . I'm afraid that a "noreply" address has few chances to be read by anyone.

    @CoolRaoul That's interesting. The address I replied to wasn't a "noreply" email. In saying that, I have not yet received a response either.

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    "Another brick in the wall"  It would seem that this change in return address is to prevent free users from contacting support.  Note that the page that provides the "Declaration of non-comercial use" does not tell you where to send the declaration. :o,

    My industry exerience is that there has been a shake up of management and some new, hot-shot manager has sold this ad-hoc program of getting free users to buy a license to upper management.  What do you think?  Was the loss of good will vs a few more shekals worth it?.

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    I'm referring my clients elsewhere...  It may take a while for subscriptions to run out, etc.  But after telling them what happened, most have no problem leaving.

    So my small impact on their business isn't much, but as you said, it might have covered the few true COMMERCIAL sneaks.  The rest of us that added all our relatives, friends, etc. to make our life easier is EXACTLY what they said the free version was for.

    And my guess is that even though it may be a new mini manager that doesn't get it, it's more of a change in TV's culture.  They think they're going to make megabucks because all of us that are locked out are going to sign up... opps...

    There whole pricing structure is out of date (circa last century) with the expectation of big corp. unlimited POs.  I had asked years ago if they could come up with a SMB pricing, even something for small shops.  But they couldn't be bothered if there weren't multiple zeros on the number of seats. 

    So I'm sort of guessing that's caught up with them and they're in dire need of cash and they're trying to get it any way they can.

  • Please, my team view to be limited 5p
    i don't to fix this :((
    tks so much

  • q quick link to the ticket insert would be nice / searching.....
  • Good morning  I've created a ticket about  Commercial use suspected.   I have 3 pc which I'm connecting all the time amongst them. Also from time to time I use a tablet. I created the ticket, added the log and not a single reply. I don't even know where can I check the ticket status. So 3 months waiting for a reply...

     Ticket ID: 41*****