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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • If their algorithm to detect commercial use worked as well as their algorithm to detect competitors’ products, we would not be having this conversation…

  • Lol... their moderators are defintely on a power trip to keep this forum in check. 

  • Glassdub
    Glassdub Posts: 79 ✭✭

    No one at TV knows or cares about any of this its just bot scrubbed for unwanted content.

  • Disagree, his name is Josh. 

    I got a slap on the wrist. 

  • stevep
    stevep Posts: 18 ✭✭

    Ha! I stand corrected. They nobbled my post, so it seems they are read by a human eventually.

    So, would that human like to let us know what, if anything, is going to be done about this situation?

  • CoolRaoul
    CoolRaoul Posts: 6 ✭✭

    @CoolRaoul wrote:

    About one week after having filled the form I received an email titled "Your TeamViewer ID has been reset to free" .

    Same day later I've then tried to open a session from my home computer (the one with the ID submitted in the form)  to my sister in law laptop  but, unfortunately, I'm getting that popup now:


    Filled the reclamation form again but I'm starting to lose hope.

    This time it worked

    Fingers  crossed...

  • Hello, used teamviewer exclusively private (my parents (at 74 years) ever 2 PCs, 2 mobile phones) my brother (1PC), at home between 4 PC's and a friend to help with problems.
    Now TeamViewer shows me that I should buy a license and interrupts my connections. What can I do to make the account free again?

  • Hi, 

    I am having the same problem.

    I am using the same account for a while by now and i never had any problem.

    Can you please help? 


  • Glassdub
    Glassdub Posts: 79 ✭✭

    There is no help, I haven't been "helped" in over a month.

  • I have been using the teamviewer in similar setting but now teamviewer wrongfully classifies my usage as commercial. Is there anything that I can do about it?

  • The ability to contact Teamviewer support has been removed for private users.  Looks like you can never reset the account anymore to Private if Teamviewer falsely claims that you are a commercial user.  The support email address has been removed.  

  • CoolRaoul
    CoolRaoul Posts: 6 ✭✭

    @Kito15 wrote:

    The ability to contact Teamviewer support has just been removed for private users.  Looks like you can never reset the account anymore to Private if Teamviewer falsely claims that you are a commercial user.  The support email address has been removed.  

    Use this form instead:

  • I use it private! 

    I connect to my home from school.

    I connect to the home to play online games from school.

    And use my mobile phone to watch the progress of the online game.

    Not used for any other purpose.

    Please check the connection records or data to confirm

  • peter-ro
    peter-ro Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Ich starte eine TeamViewer Session und (reproduzierbar) kommt nach einer Minute die Meldung "Verbindungs Timeout! Ihre TeamViewer Sitzung ist abgelaufen und wird nun geschlossen." Dieser Effekt kommt seit dem 13.08.2018, seit ich auf die Version 13.2.14327 aktualisiert habe. Ich habe einen Laptop Inspiron 15R SE mit Windows 10 Home.

  • peter-ro
    peter-ro Posts: 2 ✭✭
    Ergänzung: Ich habe TeamViewer v13 deinstalliert und v12 installiert. Der selbe Effekt kommt nach einer Minute.
  • Kiet
    Kiet Posts: 1
    I have been using TeamViewer for quite a long time and never had any issue, everything was smooth. However since last week my account ID was blocked, supposedly it was used commercially! I use it to grant PC time to my kids as I have Microsoft family parental control on. Now suddenly my account ID is blocked.
  • Sitzi
    Sitzi Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Ich nutze Teamviewer zur Ünterstützung von Freunden und Bekannten bei ihren Computerproblemen. Ich mache dies absolut PRIVAT und auch absolut UNENTGELTLICH.

    In der Vergangenheit konnte ich die relativ schnell und problemlos lösen, in dem ich meine Log-Files an Teamviewer geschickt habe. Jetzt mit diesem neuen Formblatt warte ich seit über 4 Wochen auf Hilfe.

    Ich war mit Teamviewer sehr zufrieden und wäre sehr traurig, wenn ich zu einem anderen Produkt wechseln müsste.

    Ich habe heute nochmal versucht über die allgemeine E-Mail-Adresse mein Problem zu schildern und hoffe auf eine Reaktion.

  • GYW
    GYW Posts: 15

    Hi Steve...I have been having excellent results with a program that begins with A and ends with 'min".  It works similarly to TV but is a little less automated...but does the trick and is easy to set up on other people's systems.  I have had my two sisters, 89 and 87 years old, get it set up with some phone help from me.  They also have an address book where you can keep people's names and responding ID so you can just click on their name.  I like it...

  • so I just added a new pc to my home network and I got a pop up saying I was using tv for commercial use? currently I have 6 machines in the house and I never go outside the network. I was wondering if the old computer ids that were in the list of pc's was making it look like I was using the program for business purposes?

  • Da Sie bereits in Deutschland sind, könnten Sie vielleicht in ihre Büros gehen und herausfinden, warum sie das tun?

    Starten Sie einen "Go Fund Me" und bitten Sie die Leute, für Ihre Ausgaben zu bezahlen? Ja, genau! Die Ironie darin! ;)

  • Hi there,

    I've got a pretty big license mishmash on my computer. The corporation I'm working for added my corporate address to one of their unused license channels. So, I was able to do little administrative tasks. The problem was: this license was for version 11, I was using version 13 on my home computer. I wasn't aware of this being problem at all but I only used it rarely (about 3 hours in total).

    Some days ago, I tried to connect from a friend's computer to my home one and I got a popup that my partner (my home computer) would have used the software commercially. The connection broke after some seconds and I wasn't able to reconnect for some minutes because of the commercial license.

    Seems like my private computer is blacklisted now. I did never intend to use it illegally and the license of the IT department is still valid, but only for version 11. Am I doomed now? Will I get into trouble? Is it possible to whitelist my home computer again?

    Best regards,

  • stevep
    stevep Posts: 18 ✭✭

    Thanks GYW,

    I  will compare this one and the one beginning with ult - I think one of these two should be a good replacement.

    I'm sad to be moving away from TV, though, I've been using it for years to communicate between my home computers.

  • I have just started getting the same message and do not use Teamviewer commercially. I am one of the support technicians with a small I.T. firm in London, Ontario, Canada and we use a different remote management system for all of our clients whom pay the service of being monitored and/or supported remotely. I use Teamviewer with one of my systems downstairs, my parents computer, mother/father in law's computer, Sister's computer and 2 friends of mine whom are married to each other (I have both of their systems on here as they are older and sometimes have trouble with Kodi or outlook and stuff)

    Since I don't have a license, I can't submit a ticket. Any advise as to what to do here?

  • @MyAnime 

    The likelihood that someone in the community can help you is slim because your problem appears to be a subtle interaction.  That said, see if the problem occurs on a different OS.  For example, If your target machine is Windows, try a target machine of linux.  It could be the Host machine, too.

    In the vein of this thread, you'll have to buy a commercial version to get help from TV.  That's part of the EULA

  • jonss
    jonss Posts: 1

    I have contacted TV twice by their form, had a response telling me my account is now unlocked, however it is not. I called them twice, they refused to do anything and told me to wait or reply to the email (which is a no reply address!).

    So I can either log it again, or try some other service. Any recommendations ? I only use it to support elderly parents and relatives in another part of the country.

  • VicZ
    VicZ Posts: 13 ✭✭

    I typed this by mistake.

  • VicZ
    VicZ Posts: 13 ✭✭

    Last week I formatted my computer and reinstalled Teamviewer from scratch, but I forgot to select the option "Personal use" and since then my ordeal began. 

    It started telling me I had trial days, and I was trying to uninstall it and select the "Personal use" option. But as much as I did nothing was solved.
    So I started looking for solutions, programs that changed my MAC, changed the teamviewer ID, etc ... Nothing worked!
    In the end I contacted a moderator in the community and told me I have to  request a resetso I asked for the ID reset, but it says it could take a month !!
    Let's see, all programs that have a trial version give you a few days for free and when those days are over it automatically changes to free version, without needing to do anything else. or an option in the menu to switch to Free mode.
    Why complicate life this much by having to send a form and wait until a month to solve the problem? I find it unnecessary and frustrating for users.
    From here I want to emphasize that my use is, and always has been, personal, and I feel very upset by this uncomfortable situation.
    Why do not you help us to avoid this problem by making the default option during installation in "free mode"? It is making the user's life foolishly impossible.
    Now it tells me that this device can not be accessed because of "signs of commercial use" ... What signs?
    I never used it professionally, and if I tried alternative methods it is because you do not offer an instantaneous and effective option. I want my account available as it has always been up to now (and I have been using this program for several YEARS).
    How much more do I have to wait for this to be resolved and when will I get a specific answer?

  • VicZ
    VicZ Posts: 13 ✭✭


  • Hello, I've been using Teamviewer for a longer period of time. Now I always get the hint that I use this software commercially and will then after 1min. blocked. I use Teamviewer but really only privately. Can you put me back in private? Thank you.
    Wilfried Küter - tommyoskar

  • Today, after months, I tried to connect to my father-in-law's PC but it was impossible to help because the software stopped me with a message after a few moments. I was forced to take the car and go to his house. I have to be honest, for a long while I thought about leaving Teamviewer after years of (sporadic) use and looking for another software with basic functions (I do not need anything else) but reliable.

    What can I do to avoid it? If there is a solution is safe or the next time I use the software, will I have to turn on the car and go again?