Commercial use - Connection time out



  • Thanks for your quick response.

    But I understand that if the connection is from the work PC to the home PC, clearly the use that is given to the Teamviewer is personal, something else would be if the connection were from the PC at home to the work.

    I would appreciate being able to maintain the service as I have had to date.


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    I'm using TV since a couple of year. Unfortunatly since a few week my connection stay open only 1 minute. 

    I understand that is happening because TV think it's a profesionnal use. 

    I made an email for explanation and I received an answer telling me that my ID was reset to free. But since this email nothing changed. 

    Do i have to change something? or wait more than 4 days? 


  • Hi

    it's my first time.

    I'm a personal user with 2 pc (the first to control  the second one). How to send a message to support to continue in the use of teamviewer that in this moment is suspende because I'm considered commercial user?

    thanks and regards



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    Are you sure nothing has changed? When I was notified, after a month, that my personal use status was restored, a nag screen still popped up saying I was suspected of commercial use. I didn't bother to go past that point for quite a while, but when I did, I found my usage had in fact been restored. The nasty nag screen still appears, but all is still working fine.
  • Yes i have been trying every couple days since and sometimes i will get 1-2 minutes some times will not even connect. still no email from them about the reset i sent in december

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    I tried and I was disconnected in 1-2 minutes time... that's so sad!
  • Thank you your reply. But I just use Teamviewer to transfer the files beetween my computers. There is no payment in my activities. What do I need to dp to prevent this case happening again? I can't complete my work beacuse of problem. 


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    If you're just using TV to transfer files, it would be easier to use cloud services.  Google has one, it's called Drive.  You can configure it so that you use file manager to drop into a folder, and in less than a few minutes it appears in the corresponding folder of your destination computer.  I am confident it works with MAC, too.

    When I need to share files with linux devices (including Raspberry Pi), I use a network attached storage (NAS)  Most newer routers will allow you to attach an external USB drive to it and the combination acts as an NAS.  This latter is faster than cloud based services and can be used on to share files on all OS's.

  • Teamviewer is not responding. So I have to uninstall it? This is useless. I would have liked an answer before changing the product.

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    AFAIK, the file transfer speed was drastically limited for free users.

  • Incorrect choice of commercial use during installation, resulting in a trial period. How to restore the personal free version.

  • I have no problem with speed.

    "Teamviever group" is not responding about my problem (Commercial use, but it' a private use)

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    @AriannaMicrochi : no one from TV will respond in this thread, you'll need to look at the 1st page, there's a link to a form you'll need to fill and wait for an eventual answer... 

  • Yes, I have filled out the form. I'm waiting for an answer.

    But if it must happen often, I'll change product.

  • I'm wainting for a solution


  • hello my personnal account is locked because the system think that i am professional but i am not a professional i just use it to help my familly and friends a few times . 

    i would like to unclock my account. 

    best regards

  • Hi 

    I have the same problem.

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    Answer ✓

    Hi @mafede,

    Thank you for your reply. 

    As long as one of the devices is in a commercial environment, it is defined as commercial use. 

    You can try and fill out the form to request the unlocking of your ID:
    Why do I see 'Commercial use suspected' / 'Commercial use detected'

    Better to not use the devices in the company environment... Maybe you can connect from your mobile to your home PC - in the cellular network.

    Hope this could help. Wish you a great day. 

    All the best,

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    It's simple:

    Solution 1: 

    Buy a license

    Solution 2:

    Find the link to the form you need to fill out by going through this forum.  Fill it out and send it in.  Wait several weeks to several months for a response.  The response may be "send in a signed affidavit that you are non-commercial" but you are not given where to send it.  You cannot send it to customer support because you are not a paid subscriber,  So attach the image to your reply to the "send an affidavit"

    Sometime after that, again waiting weeks to months, if you're lucky, with notice or without, your account starts working again.  Or not.

    Solution 3:

    Use another remote control program

  • Thank's

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    every time i uninstall and download it keeps asking me to buy and my trail version already expire. The download says free for personal use which it is for my personal use but it’s not free. I keep looking at youtube on how to reset it but it got complicated. Is there an easier way?
  • Solution 1:  27.90EUR/mo to help family??? NO!
    Solution 2: yes. I've done. And now my account is again considered commercial.
    Solution 3: [removed per Community Guidelines]

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    @Stanislav : what's the TV official position on the ever growing thread of users being incorrectly accused of commercial usage ( Thank you!

    LE: I initially posted this for an upcoming AMA (Ask Me Anything) but it hasn't been accepted...


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    What a nonsense.

    What about this scenario:

    I'm self-employed and I have Teamviewer installed on my main pc, which is used  for business AND for personal purpose. 

    I'm doing some online support for a company which owns a commercial license and therefore gives me their special QUICKSUPPORT module. 

    So ALL (!) commercial work is done via the Quicksupport module.  The "full version" is ONLY used for connecting with friends I play some games with.

    Do you think I need a commercial license?


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     And btw I'm getting no "commercial suspected" message ... but I get disconnected after 5 minutes. I am using Teamviewer 12. Or is this maybe a "feature" cause this version is about to be deprecated.

  • Hallo @Natascha  @Esther @EstherH @Reyhan  @Bernd @afabi ,

    Ich warte nun schon seit mehr als 1 Monat auf eine Antwort bzw rückstellung meiner Lizenz!


    Ich möchte bitte endlich mal eine Stellungnnahme / Antwort!!

    Ich habe über das Formular einen antrag gestellt und nichts ist geschehen!

    Ich habe per E-mail kontakt aufgenommen , das Formular unterschieben und wurde aufs Forum verwiesen. Im Forum geht auch nichts weiter!

    Ich habe postalisch und auch via Internet Schlichtungsstellen Kontakt aufgenommen ebenso ohne erfolg!




    Ich bitte endlich um Stellungnnahme!!

  • I'm at home doing support for my mother who has printer-issues. But every 5 minutes I'm disconnected again. Only because I am using my works laptop. I am not even at my work environment, I am at my own home. The only thing that is commercial is de laptop is have from my work. and because of that, teamviewer is now saying I am a commercial user? What has changed? I never had this issue. And apparently, Teamviewer is not able to correctly identify commercial usage. 

    So Teamviewer demands I use my private laptop to do some home/private support? 

  • Hello
    I use Teamviewer every day privately and not commercially because on only one of my computers I have photoshop installed. Except that now I have an incessant pop up that tells me: Professional use
    Commercial use has been detected and my session will be interrupted in 5 minutes.
    I also got the following message:
    Your license limits the maximum session time with a partner, immediate reconnections are blocked. Please try again later or upgrade your license

  • I had the commercial version in the past but now i want to have the free version. Although i uninstalled team viewer (and the settings off the app) from my pc and installed the free version it didn't work. It does not allow me to connect with a partner, it still shows a message that i used the commercial. How can i get the free version (just for private usage) and get rid of the commercial? Thank you in advance.

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    Hello guys, some weeks ago I received an alert that Teamviewer thinked I use this software for commercial purpose and so locked my use in 3 minutes.
    I used the common form explaining my reasons and received the answer from Teamviewer support Team... they believed me and says they set my account to free again.

    But it still doesn't work. I still can't use teamviewer from my desktop to control my notebook on the same LAN. It is very sad. What can I do?