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TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!



  • none4u
    none4u Posts: 2

    Thanks,  I found some software that doesn't treat me like a criminal for using it.

  • PeteMc
    PeteMc Posts: 6

    Like everyone else, I was hit with the message today and can connect now for only about a minute after waiting the "timeout" to complete.

    I use the Free version for family and friends and use to recommend TeamVeiwer to my clients.  That's not going to happen any more.  A quick Google search of alternatives will show everyone options for personal use.

    As for the hit to TeamViewer... I don't have a huge client list.  But I will be recommending alternatives to former, current & future clients.  I'll simple explain the their bad business practice and how I think that may carry over to how much of the subscription fee may not really be going to the product.  I figure if they're forcing us free users to pay, there may be other issues.

  • SlickPDP
    SlickPDP Posts: 1

    What other software did you use?

  • [Removed by Moderator per Community Guidelines]

    Thanks to TV I'm having to a take a week off from my paying job and drive 2000 miles round trip to remove their ransomeware from some NON-PROFIT's that I DONATE MY TIME TO. What an absolute crock. Their awful attitude is driving potential paid customers over to better solutions that cost less or are free. 

  • PeterHah
    PeterHah Posts: 18
    I have brought the issue to the attention of a renowned german IT magazine.

    Let's see what happens, if the "strengthened" algorithm might turn into a very negative PR maybe ...
  • I use [Removed by Moderator per Community GuidelinesBy an by I change al my personal PC's to [Removed by Moderator per Community Guidelines], rather than opening a ticket and waiting about 30 days, till they have the grace to accept my private usage. I'll never install SW from a company which has such disgracing behavior.

    And I did remove TV also from my company PC and will refuse to install it again, even if I need IT support from our mother company. They shal use any thing else but TV.

  • tuli01
    tuli01 Posts: 2

    I get the message the a commercial session was detected. 

    I did not use this account for commercial purposes.

    Now all my sessions are  just a few seconds long.

    What I am supposed to do? I need to take care of my mother's laptop. She is 85 and leaves abroad. Is this considered a commercial session?




  • PeterHah
    PeterHah Posts: 18
    I'll see if that is available for me too and give it a try. Thanks for the hint.
  • PeterHah
    PeterHah Posts: 18

    [Removed by Moderator per Community Guidelinesseems to do the job, the culprit is to have an address book, I need to buy the pro version for 180 bucks a year. That's a major drawback as I need to keep all the IDs in some file, which won't be at hand in case of emergency.
    Anyway, better than being target of such rude behaviour.

    Quite obviously TV aimed at reducing the load on their servers, so mission accomplished, I'd say ...

  • gwbaker99
    gwbaker99 Posts: 1

    Same here... totally blocked because I access the home from work.

    I have had to prove non-commerical use about 4 times over the last few years.  Now it seems we cannot get resolution via email or any other method.

    Sad because as their model suggested, I spread teamviewer via word of mouth and know at least two corporate users are because of my recommendation.  Fix it, or I and others will move on and likely take recommendations with us!

  • Dayi
    Dayi Posts: 1
    I don't understand why I am getting the 5 minutes limit now. I have the free version and now its giving me less then 5 minutes. Actually I get about 40 secs and it tells me I have to wait another 10minutes to connect. I don't have a commercial account, only a free account. Can someone help me change this back please!!!
  • Still nothing from TV?!  really now... I know free users are not a priority, but how does this show product support?  I submitted the form as requested... and this is used from hom for a couple friends and my mom.

  • tazz411
    tazz411 Posts: 2

    This is the 5th time I have been blocked for commercial use and I do not know why nothing has changed I only use this for personal use. I continue to submit this why does it keep kicking me off. I love this product but this is so frustrating.

    I tried submitting a ticket and it keeps telling me to put my ID I do and it just keeps saying. What do I do now?


  • Bogmore
    Bogmore Posts: 8

    I get 

    "Your trial for viewing and checking policies of your devices has expired. Buy a TeamViewer 13 license now.
    Feel free to call us or send us an E-Mail to [email protected] in case of any questions."
    So it's actually a trial we have not a free use for personal use for ever account.
    I have made a request for all the data they have on me, hoping the answer will be in there, no doubt they will take the full month to send it to me.  I suggest you all do that too.
    My email sent 13/07 in by replying to the "we've sorted your account out" email I got has not been answered yet. I wasn't fixed at all.
  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 494 Staff

    Hi Bogmore,

    This message is not to do with this thread.

    "Your trial for viewing and checking policies of your devices has expired. Buy a TeamViewer 13 license now." appears because this feature (Policies and Viewing Them) is only for commercial users.

    It is not related to blocks for suspected commercial use.


    Senior Moderator
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  • KenHead
    KenHead Posts: 3

    See below.

  • KenHead
    KenHead Posts: 3

    They are blocking me, too. I recently moved and had to locate my main PC to my friend's office and I have my laptop to get to it. Now it times me out after 2 minutes and says I must wait another ten. 

    I'm installing [Removed By Moderator as per Community Guidelines] on it, as fast as it will let me. I'm done with Teamviewer. I put a client on it a year ago with 30 computers because they were kind enough to provide a personal product (unlike that other major brand.) Now I'm going to pull them. They've always been paranoid, and it's just over the top these days.

    [Removed By Moderator as per Community Guidelines]

    I swear, TeamVeiwer must be run by the worst sort of busybodies.

  • epacurar
    epacurar Posts: 1

    they want to make money. So annoying right now. Trying [Removed By Moderator as per Community Guidelines]

    If they don't fix this, I am done with Teamviewer. 

  • KenHead
    KenHead Posts: 3

    Face it. They don't want you as a customer. No other company, except EA, treats customers like Teamviewer does. Try another product; if you aren't spending gobs of money on their over-hyped product, then you are just an annoying flea to them to be swatted and treated badly. I think they only provide a free teamviewer, nags and admonishments included, because [Removed By Moderator as per Community Guidelines] does not. I'm uninstalling TV on all my computers tonight and when my clients' licenses lapse next month, I'm putting them on another product. At least[Removed By Moderator as per Community Guidelinesis honest about their intentions, so maybe I"ll go back to them.


  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 494 Staff

    @tazz411 and @Closed account

    Please read the OP.
    We are moving the posts here for a reason.


    Senior Moderator
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  • t0mmyr
    t0mmyr Posts: 2
    Hi Scotty, I keep getting disconnected and blocked from my personal system I’m trying to access remotely with my cellphone. I can’t upload logs through my iPhone so I can’t submit a ticket. I’m not using teamviewer commercially please unblock my accounts and systems permanently.
  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 494 Staff

    Hi t0mmyr

    As it says in the OP, I cannot help you with this. I cannot remove the restriction and posting here will not help.

    Email the logs to yourself then upload them into the form, this is why it has an email function in the app.

    The form is the ONLY way to get reset.


    Senior Moderator
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  • g0ofe
    g0ofe Posts: 3
    Same issue here.

    I had the issue when on holiday in China in April, when trying to access my home PC, but after submitting the form, the issue cleared.

    It has now reared its ugly head again, and on reading this forum, seems I am not alone. And it also looks from others' comments like there may well not be a fix this time.

    It looks like, after a number of years of being a very happy user of Teamviewer, I will have to look for an alternative, as I simply cannot justify over £300 per year just for hobby use.
    A real shame.
  • joetaras
    joetaras Posts: 3

    The same issue.

    Tell us if you want to exclude free users or if this is a temporary bug.

    Because if this is a bug I'll wait for the next release otherwise I'll find another remote access software.

    P.S. I try to link only my PC (one PC) form another. I don't use T.V. for commercial use.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Best regards

    Joe Taras
  • andreas_f
    andreas_f Posts: 4
    Same here as well. Been a happy free user for >10 years and now unproven punished as criminal. Many years before I have suggested to offer something as a 'personal supporter' license for a few bucks (as I like to pay for usable & helpful software), but TV had rejected thats nobbishly generously.
    Now we know why
  • joetaras
    joetaras Posts: 3

    I suppose we must find another software for our personal uses.

    What a SHAME for T.V. management and staff.

    Joe Taras
  • waces
    waces Posts: 36

    As my previous post was removed due the violation of the policies I knidly ask where and how can the end user receive some in-depth information about the method TV flag someone as a commercial user. Not in-depth in the technical level as don't want to break any intelectual property but some high level information how the end users can make sure they won't be marked as commercial users. There are a lots of reports from various locations, with various way the end users uses their TV infra and I think none of us knows when and how we broke anyting and become marked as commercial users.

    Once again - just to make sure this post not breaks anything - just a high level information like (if you use your tv via your corporate VPN you'll be marked as commercial user even you connects only your home pc, or similar.)

    If this thread is not the right place to ask then please, please point out where these kind of question can be asked? (other thread, reddit forum, support e-mail, etc)

    I assume if we know what need to be avoided will lead much less false justifications.

    I hope this post doesn't contain any rumor or invalid information and not break any bit of the policy of the forum usage.

  • joetaras
    joetaras Posts: 3

    My dear, 

    thanks for your reply. I hope the staff tell us some infos because this situation is very hard to resolve.

    Joe Taras
  • PeterHah
    PeterHah Posts: 18
    It seems I had success in bringing this to the attention of our most renowned IT magazine, and they'll be looking into it.

    And likely be writing about it.
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