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QuickSupport Start Broadcast Button Problem

In the QuickSupport app, after clicking the "Allow" button, my client's phone display's animated instructions on how to start broadcasting the phone's screen.  However, in othre client's phones, instead of the animated instructions, a simple button is displayed that says "Start Broadcast".

Pressing this "Start Broadcast" button is much simpler and easier to remember for most clients.  So, I need the animated instructions to go away and be replaced with the simple "Start Broadcast" button.

Does anyone know under what conditions these different behaviors occur, or how to force the simpler "Start Broadcast" behavior?

Thank you



  • JeanKJeanK Posts: 3,086 Moderator

    Hello @kenttowns

    Thank you for your feedback. ?

    The display of the Start Broadcast depends on the hardware that is used and cannot be changed/customized.

    I thank you in advance for your understanding. ?



    French Community Moderator
  • JackM4JackM4 Posts: 1

    Can you at least tell us which hardware will behave in which manner?  I provide support and training for people with visual impairments, and need to be able to describe the steps they need to take to start the broadcast in such a way that they can perform them using voiceover and frequently without being able to see the screen at all.  If I don't know which method they will need to use, this is quite difficult to do. 

    On a related note, the actual button that they need to press to begin the broadcast is not correctly labeled for VoiceOver.  The item that says "start broadcast" is not a functional button, and the actual button that they need to press (the round bulls-eye button) is labeled "module icon" rather than being correctly labeled as the button that needs to be pressed. 


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