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Quicksupport customize, rename, download and use

Hi guys,

we upgraded from TV 12 to paid licence, now we use TeamViewer 15. Before 12 we used licenced 7 where you can customize your QS and give it your own name (company_qs.exe) without losing your graphics and texts. That QS was in our desktop application and in download section on our web. In version 12 we couldnt change the name of QS without losing its customization - it is almost useless. And now all the older version are not supported. So we have to use not customized QS 12.

Now, when we use TV15 and i try to customize QS in TV management console, it looks good but when i download it and run it - it takes 15 second to start and it depends on running teamviewer services to generate ID and pw. What the **bleep** is going on?

Now the filesize - the generated QS is 18MB - and no costomization is saved in there. Yeah, yeah, its not that much, but why is that?

Is there any way we can create customized QS of version 15 with our own file name (company_qs.exe)? We need it because all services connected with TV work with file name, even the upgrade service for our software. You know what i mean? We were able to spread new version of qs via automatic update.


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  • Update: the customization is lost/not loaded when ESET is used. IT blocks it from loading the logo and custom text and standard QS with ID and pw is displayed. I am definitely not going to disable ESET because of this - why is that?