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The remote TeamViewer is running an old version

When connecting to the other end teamviewer, the software prompts that the version on the other end is too low. But I tried to replace the 9-15 version of teamviewer on my side, and the prompt still remained unchanged. Since I can't go to the other end to update manually to eliminate this error, what other methods can I use to connect to the teamviewer on the other end.



  • Nadin1
    Nadin1 Posts: 422 Moderator

    Hello @WR1995

    Thank you for your message. 

    We are asking all our free users as well as the users trialing the software with older versions of TeamViewer to update to the latest version of TeamViewer, in order to continue using the software. 

    Licensed users can still connect to older versions. You have just to make sure that your license is activated correctly. 

    I am very sorry, but if you don't have a license you have to update the remote devices manually on the remote side. 

    I apologize for any inconvenience.

    Best regards, 





  • Even removing and reinstalling TV from the website doesn't solve the issue. Both Teamviewers reports 'all green'.

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