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Posted by Community Manager
Community Manager

Updating to the latest and greatest version of TeamViewer.

Dear Community users,

We want our users, to have the best experience with TeamViewer with our latest and greatest products.

Depending on the localisation, users of old versions will need to update to TeamViewer 14 until June,18th 2019.

After the update, all private users of the free version will still be able to use TeamViewer as usual. There is no change related to the personal use with updating to TeamViewer 14.

Paying customers are encouraged to update to the latest version but can remain using their purchased version along the lines of the product lifecycle policy

Updating just takes a moment and runs mostly automatic.


How to proceed?

You have many ways to do it, here are the easiest options:


Some more details:

Industry-leading security, performance and user experience are at the core of TeamViewer’s design. Our team is very proud to offer the most powerful product in the market with constant innovation above and under the hood. And the best part is: for personal use it is completely free.

Given this background, it has high priority for us to ensure that as many of our users as possible can use and enjoy the latest product with its features and security provisions that are packed in the latest major release of TeamViewer. Therefore, we decided to kindly ask all free users to update to TeamViewer 14 over the next couple of weeks till the February, 4th 2019. Of course, licensed connections to or within older versions will continue to be supported even though we obviously encourage our customers as well to regularly update their software.

As off December, 4th 2018 TeamViewer users may experience an awareness pop-up informing that their partner still uses an older version of TeamViewer. This call-to-update will only appear on the supporter-side that inexperienced users can be guided through the update process right away. It will be shown repeatedly over the course of several weeks in order to allow everyone to update outdated versions as conveniently as possible. So should you, while providing support to friends and family, connect to one of these older versions, just click on remote update and enjoy the latest features. 

Should you experience any problems or inconveniences from this measure in the best interest of all users, please don’t hesitate to turn to our fantastic TeamViewer community here. As a user-focused company, we strongly value every single feedback – we are looking forward to yours as well as your requests for the next cutting-edge TeamViewer feature.

Happy connections,


Community Manager

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