Business licenses disappeared from the account (valid November 2020)

Business licenses disappeared from the account (valid November 2020). Now the type of license is specified Free. For this reason, it is not possible to create a ticket in support of TeamViewer and only the Community forum is offered. End user: UMAX LLC. Customer support is not possible, despite having a license. Please help.


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  • A day has passed, there is no answer, a paid subscription to TeamViewer does not work.

  • I am having a very similar problem. I have been a Business Teamviewer customer since 2013 and yesterday my license seems to have reverted to "Free" and I can no longer connect to any of my remotely managed computers. I believe my license should be valid for TV 12, which is what I am using.

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    Hello @sstadmin

    Thank you for your message. ?

    Could you please send me your invoice number via private message? I'd like to get a closer look at it. ?

    Note: Please send it in the format XXX-XXX-XXX so is does not get hidden by our security filters.

    Many thanks in advance! ?



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