Your ID missing on autostart

RonO Posts: 1

Teamviewer 15.2.2756 installed on LinuxMint 18.3, TV set to start with system and is setup as a trusted device.

On boot up of LinuxMint computer TV has no Your ID, hence can't connect to system remotely. I have to go the physical system to log in and restart TV to get the Your ID displayed. Then remote connection works great.

When the computer is first booted up and at the log on screen, the computer will display in the Computers & Contacts list of any local system, initiating a connection gets to Initializing Display Parameters for a minute or two, then closes.

Anybody know how to solved this issue or suggestions for a fix?

The remote LinuxMint teamviewer log file is too large to post, is there a way to attach it to a post?


  • Aaron_Antczak
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    Crickets... over 3 years ago and not one answer? I have the same issue.